Pitchers’ Mindset: Mental Training for Baseball

What’s up!? Dan Blewett here and we’re gonna
talk today about the doppelganger test which is a test I made up and it’s about
comparing yourself to another person in another universe
you in another universe and what this test means is if I did all these things
better if my twin another University everything better than I do
would he be a better ball player than I am all right so stick around we’re gonna
cover that today it’ll be fun if there was another version of you which one of
you be better right and so this was a mindset that I had throughout my time in
baseball and it was just predicated on the fact that I knew that if there was
another me in another universe my doppelganger what if he had stronger forms see better than me stronger legs
see better than me runs more see better than me so here’s
the thing with the doppelganger test you just have to be honest with yourself you
know a lot of people aren’t they want to I want to take a rosier picture of
themselves then really exists and when you’re honest then you can start to make
progress be like look there’s a lot of things I need to work on a lot of things
and let’s pick one of them and let’s get better and let’s just move forward with
just this one first step and something sometimes that all you can do but that’s
the first thing that it takes if he eats better if eats healthier food she better
than me he studies the game more she better than me
he’s more core strength if he’s constantly working on perfecting
something is he better than me flexibility speed and explosiveness
he’s more explosive than me if he Sprint’s more if he does all these
things he was better meter this guy right so
this is the mindset that I took this is a mindset that I took every day I was
auditing myself so what is the word audit mean what it means to take a
record of what’s going on you know you do with your taxes you’ve the IRS smells
that you might be doing things illegally and they might audit your taxes to see
everything’s in line is everything in line with you as an athlete that’s the
big question so if there was me and another youniverse and he runs more than
me if he eats healthier than me he studies the game more he studies film
right he keeps squatting 500 pounds in the
weight room versus me squatting 400 he’s got super strong forearms right he kills
his arm care you know all these things does he throw
him out mile-per-hour harder than me from this then from that he more
flexible as he transfer power better he’s more explosive does he get more of
his gym strength expressed into each pitch you know does his body recover
better does he sleep better you know does that help him recover does that
help him feel strong later in the season you know all of these things if you add
them all up if you and another youniverse did all these things well did
them better than you in this universe who’s the better player a lot of times
the big question is what is needed you know as far as any given thing
conditioning strength like what is needed it’s not to say that more is
always better because it’s not but you have to be pretty honest with yourself
and maybe ask others like what what is the demand of this sport and what how
strong do I need to be in any certain area how good do I need to be at what
kind of shape is optimal doing more you can always do more but doing more always
doesn’t always have a payoff there’s a there’s a plateau there’s a diminishing
returns so you want to end up taking the optimum dose of any given training thing
so it’s not always about saying oh I could lift more weight or I could do
this more I could run more I could eat more greens you might just get a point
to where like I eat enough or I am strong enough at this thing to where no
one could really achieve more if they did more of it that’s I think more of
the standard that we’re looking for

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