PJ MASKS Toys Bowling Game

Gekko, Owletts, Cat-boy, Romeo Cool the PJ Masks toys turned into bowling pins let’s play the PJ masks bowling game Yay Watch this one two three. Bowl Yes I got a strike Hey Dino pals this is Toy Rex here, let’s see what toy surprise we have today Hi boys and girls today We have the PJ masks bowling set And it’s gonna be the night villain team versus the PJ masks we’re gonna win because I have a super genius brain There’s all the PJ masks, and they’ve turned a bowling pin. That’s so cool. That sounds like fun It’s time to be a hero. Let’s open up the PJ Mask bowling game Cool it’s the PDMS Bullingdon there’s an outlet that’s red cat-boy does blue-green gecko a blue Romeo a red little girl Green manager, that’s so cool Are you guys ready to play that PJ Masks bowling game as bowling in we sure are Romeo Great because it’s gonna be cheating night villain versus the PJ masks cool. Let’s see the chains It’s time to be a hero on Team nazarath we’ve got room you night engine and Luna girl And then on the pgms team we have cat boy Alice and catch. Oh so cool. Let’s play The rules for bowling are really simple we’re gonna take this bowling ball and throw it at the PG Masks bowling pins Each team member gets to go one time and the team that can win two out of three rounds It’s gonna be the winner let’s bowl The first round is gonna be cat boy versus real new Not just any Romeo I’m gonna do my super cat bullying all right, let’s pull Cat boy gets to go first if he knocks her on the pins. That’s called a strike here You go cat boy one two three pull Well cat boy good job. He hit them all except for one Cat play got five points. I need to knock down all the pins to win this round I can’t do it because I’m super smart Romeo watch this one two three pull Yes, I got a strike oh No Romeo beat me, that’s it okay cowboy I’m gonna play next yeah, PJ masks are still gonna Win you can do it Jake Oh time to be a hero The next round is gonna be gecko versus light inja this is gonna be so fun bull I’m gonna knock down all the pins for the PJ masks team watch this boys and girls one two three. Oh, Oh No, there’s still two more your turn manager It’s my turn ha ha ha if I win then the night villian team wins watch me get a strike. Yeah One two three boom I Tied no I want it to win, but now that means me and Gekko tied It’s your turn nice if you can’t win. We’re gonna lose. Don’t worry. I’m gonna win for the pgms Round three is gonna be Allen versus Luna girl. This is so fun. Let’s bowl Oh, I get to go first you can do it one two three cool Well, I got a strike awesome Yeah, it’s over Luna girl to go here we go There’s still three left that means I’ll let wins Who won the game boys and girls in round one with cat boy and Romeo Romeo? Won the round so he gets a point and in round two it was light India versus ghetto But they both got the same score, so it’s a tie and then in round three. It was learn a girl versus. I’ll let The PJ masks so the PJ master Barrow have one point and then a villain have one point that means it’s a tie We’re gonna play one final match between cat playing Romeo. Let’s use the winner Turn for the final round cat boy. You can do it. Let’s get it straight one two three go Well cap boy. Did it catch up. There’s only one pin left Now it’s Romeo’s turn if Romeo can hit a strike and knock down all the pins, then the net villain team wins But if Vermeer doesn’t hit more than five pins PJ masks win here you go Romeo one two three oh No, really only knock down one pin That means the PJ masks win no Good shot PJ masks you guys won, but next time the night villain team will win, haha That was real fun. PJ masks that was awesome. Good job guys now. Let’s open up some surprise toys Which toy should we open at first? Let’s see how about we open up this a almost surprising? Wow Elmo looks super cute He’s got really big eyes uh orange nose, and he’s a red Furry Muppet Elmo lives on Sesame Street, and he loves to sing and he has a show called Elmo’s World So see there’s lots of toys inside this Elmo surprise egg. Let’s see what’s inside guys Whoa? Whoa the first toy is chase Chases from the paw patrol chase is the police pup and a spymaster? He’s a German Shepherd, and he’s one of the leaders of the paw patrol as a police pup He’s really good at directing traffic and his color is blue. Just like cat boy Chase is on the case Could we have met? Whoa, it’s Marshall. He’s the donation’ fire pup. He is a firefighter. Pup. That’s really clumsy Marshall is a white donation and he’s a jokester and loves to play pranks on the other paw patrol pups and his color is red Just like I’ll let Wow and this is Ryder Ryder is the leader up paw Patrol He helps the paw patrol on mission And he gives them super quick gadget Ryder has a motorcycle a helicopter in a giant paw patrol boats paw Patrol is on the roll And let’s see what’s in this egg It’s a memo elmo’s fries aghh. Shake. Shake shake. Let’s see what’s inside guys This is Zuma his book water pop Zuma loves the water, and she drives a hovercraft his color is orange And as the water pup he loves sea animals. Let’s dive in cream And this is Skye Skye the paint flying pop sky is really smart, and it’s a really really good memory And she wears these pink goggles because she flies a helicopter His pups gotta fly and here’s this Karina Chikorita is a little rooster Chick corea is always looking for trouble And we have one more Elmo surprise egg left. I wonder what’s inside this Elmo surprise egg Well we got a little kitty this Kitty is so cute She’s all orange, and this couldn’t last a drink milk, and she’s really good friends with four paw patrol pups And then we have wow it’s rocky rocky is the wrist I clean Joe Bob He loves to recycle and check all materials and built new super cool gadgets his color is green Just like gecko and green means go And who’s this guy Wow? It’s rubble rubble super cute He is a bulldog and he is the construction pup rubble drives a yellow bulldozer And he’s really good at digging scooping and building Rubble has a really big appetite, and he loves little animals like Kitty internal Revelers on to devil now we have three surprise bag. I wonder which one should we open up first how about we open up this? Thomas and Friends mystery mini Here we go Whoa Train guys he looks super cool. It looks like this is a firefighter Awesome he looks super happy He’s all red and there’s the ladder for firefighting and the homes for putting out water Wow you can pair up with Marshall Together with Marshall and this red firetruck. They will make the perfect duel to fight fire now. Let’s check out the collector’s guide Here’s the collector’s guide guys look at all the super awesome trails. We can get you guys see this train here. Let’s see Well there you his name is Flynn. He’s Flint the firefighting train. How cool Let’s go fight fires Wow this is a marvelous collector’s keyring how super cool There’s a bunch of awesome figures like IRAs butterman and doctors dreams snippety-snip Assistant here we go which one we’re gonna get Let’s see Baron Zemo he looks so awesome He’s all purple with the gold headband and check out his sword. It’s super super powerful He’s wearing a black suit with yellow gloves and yellow shoes He looks so cool, and he’s a Kiki you can put this on your backpack and show all your friends Let’s take Baron for a spin Wow one more time guys super awesome And we have one more surprise toy left super cool How awesome I see a fireman and I’m snow monster and a bunch of other super cool Lego Let’s open it up guys here. We go Let’s see what’s inside There’s a bunch of Legos let’s open it up There’s so many pieces let’s build this blue house Here’s his head, and he has a red body. Let’s put him on And he has a helmet Just like a space near him, and then he has his little spaceship and a yellow needle now I can fly Well this other guy looks really scary he looks like a zombie He has a white shirt and white pants There we go he also has a helmet. It’s a white one And he comes with this super big drill Do you have a cavity he should be a dentist ha ha Munir mater and llama not aren’t spaceman now together they can go into space Thanks for watching dino pals you guys are awesome For more awesome surprises with me click here and give me a big high-five to subscribe and join the dino club

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