Planet Para Bassano Paragliding Trip 2019

All right, so it’s a beautiful morning
today. Going paragliding for the first time on a big hill. That’s where we’re going! I’ve only done the training hill so far so this should be some fun. (music throughout) Wooo! (laughing) Yeah! Woo hoo hoo! Oh yeah! (laughing) Tschüß! Tschüß! Ahhhhhh! Uhhhh! (panting) Woohoo! Tschüß! Last flight! Clown car. Clown car. Clown Car. Ha Ha! (laughing) Clown car! Hallo! (German conversation) Everyone in. No room! Don’t post it on WhatsApp or Facebook or anything else because it’s illegal what we are doing here. Yeah. (laughing)

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