Hi this is Carl the landscape guy and today
we’re going to breathe new life into an old dead apple tree. Yes you have heard right. Even though everyone immediately thinks it
belongs in the fireplace, there’s actually something else you can do. This tree has grown beautifully and it would
be a shame to just remove. The angelic smooth, gray surface with its
traces of time. Look at this majestic trunk. We will make sure that the customer can enjoy
this tree for a few more years. But the old tree looks a little sad without
leaves in the middle of the summer, while the forest is abloom. Looking at our chosen power tool today, you
might think this is a firewood video, but wait and see. We use an electric chain saw from Dolmar,
as it is very light and handy. In addition, it is particularly important
that the saw runs well-oiled today, because we’re work on the old dry wood of the tree. We look at the tree closely and decide where
would be the best place to start. We also pinpoint the most suitable and natural
spots for the tree’s new purpose. And here we go, we cut holes in the tree with
the chainsaw. This knothole is already partly rotten, so
the chain cuts in easily. However, we want to preserve the branch, so
we don’t cut too deep. First, we make a small plateau further up,
roughly parallel to the ground. Then we also hollow out the wood here. And so we work our way through the branches. We distribute the holes evenly throughout
the tree. Due to the straight cuts parallel to the ground,
our little holes remain almost invisible from below. Here we saw the upper part of the branch off,
but leave the rustic knothole there. Then the lower section is hollowed out. We make sure that the holes are evenly distributed
on the branches. Here we just cut a little slot. This branch is not so thick, so it also gets
one slot, or two. With the flat cut area, we make sure that
the cut surface is as large as possible, so that as much wood as possible can remain around
the hole for stability. In the upper part of the tree we have cut
enough holes into the branches, now we look at what we can do in the lower area. This existing knothole is being slightly enlarged. We also use the knotholes on the main trunk,
so that later the holes look more natural. We are keeping this part that stands out from
the trunk, which will certainly look nice later. Between these two branches, we try to incorporate
a niche. I’m curious how that’s going to look like. Ok enough with the saw for now. We are on the way to the store to get some
Sedum. Here at Dehner they have a great selection
and they’re very good quality. We also picked up thyme. As you have already probably imagined, we
are planting the plants into the dead tree. The thyme has relatively compact roots, we
have to cut them a bit to get them into the holes. But that does not matter to the plant, as
long as you don’t cut off all the roots, obviously. The first one we put in here and stuff it
with some soil. So far, it looks good with the thyme sitting
in between the branches. And so we go from branch to branch like tarzan
and plant all the holes with thyme. Now we use the stonecrop Sedum ‘Chocolate
Ball’, which brings a darker color contrast and fits well with the wood. On this branch we want to put some blue festuce
grass. We stuff it in tight so the birds won’t
pick it out. The tree looks quite quaint already but we
aren’t done yet. We still have more thyme, which I personally
like, because it has a mossy character with its small leaves. And it’s small branches will grow along
the branch or hang down sideways. We will come back and do an update video about
that. Here is still some bark on the tree, which
looks really chic along with the new greenery. We also have some of the small branches of
the apple tree left, which later helps to create a more natural character. At the bottom of the trunk we mainly plant
the darker stonecrop. It will have yellow flowers, which will look
great in front of the nice-looking trunk. Overall, we used only a few different plants,
otherwise it would be too colorful and the rustic character wouldn’t stand out. We have completed our planting work and had
to cut back some of the stonecrop, but this way it can get started better. The plants are of course still very small
right after planting, but we will show our reanimated apple tree again in an update video
to see how it has developed. We are aware that the dead tree rots faster
with the holes, plants and soil in it. But the fact that the tree already looks better
and won’t be cut down immediately, is already really appreciated by the customer. In addition, a rustic tree covered with new
foliage is something rare and very special. I hope you liked our experiment and perhaps
you also have some dead trees, an old root or even a lying tree in your yard, that you
can embellish with plants. We linked plants and tools in the description
to make your job easier. On our channel there are many gardening and
landscaping videos so check it out. We really appreciate your support from your
likes, subscriptions and sharing our videos. Also please write your ideas in the comments
below, we’d love to hear what you thought. Thanks for watching and see you next time. Your landscape is your living space, I’m Carl
the landscape guy.


  1. Great idea! I have an old pine that slowly died after last year’s hurricane and I have to cut it down this month. This is a great use of the stump, as the tree sat in the front yard and i wanted some
    Ideas to make the stump a focal point. Thanks!

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