Plate Discipline with Bryce Harper – Baseball Pro Tips

Baseball Pro Tips: Plate Discipline with Bryce
Harper [INTRO MUSIC]>>BRYCE HARPER: From the time I was 10 to
12 years old I had to figure out what pitches I could hit and what pitches I couldn’t. It’s something that, I think, growing up
has helped me a lot. When I’m walking, I’m at my best. And when I’m not walking, I’m struggling. You try to go a whole year, [CRACK OF A BAT HITTING A BASEBALL]>>BRYCE HARPER: And do the things you can
to not strike out as much, to see certain pitches and understand what you can hit, what
your strengths are, what your weaknesses are and try to build on top of those.>>BRYCE HARPER: There are certain guys that
I hit well, there’s certain guys that I don’t hit well. You want to get on base for the guys behind
you. Understand, like I said, what works for you,
so what pitches you want to see and not chase their pitch. You know, every single time a guy comes in,
you don’t want to chase what they’re doing. And just try to stay with your approach, stick
to your approach and just have what you, [CRACK OF A BAT HITTING A BASEBALL]>>BRYCE HARPER: Want to do and stick with
that mindset. [OUTRO MUSIC]

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