Play A Top Wing Hide N’ Seek Game w/ Swift, Penny, Rod & Brody | Interactive Video | Nick Jr.

Ready to earn your wings in a game
of Top Wing Hide N’ Seek? Swift, Penny, and
Rod and Brody will hide, and you get to find them! Let’s search for Swift first. When you see him, shout “Swift!” [music playing] Where’s he hiding? [laughing] There’s Swift!
Nice work, cadet! Cadet Swift here,
ready to earn my wings! Penny’s up next! Call out when you see her. [music playing] Do you see Penny? [laughing] You found her!
Great job! Let’s celebrate with a kelp icer.
Refreshing and delicious! Now it’s time to find Rod and Brody. When you spot them,
yell “Rod and Brody!” [music playing] Where are they? [laughing] There they are! Watch me go! Go! Go! You’re a super seeker, cadet!
You’ve really earned your wings. Nice work Team Top Wing. Spot more Swift, Penny, Rod and Brody
everywhere you find Nick Jr. [music playing] You can find more Top Wing
weekday mornings on Nickelodeon, and everywhere you find Nick Jr.

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