Play Badminton With Just Your Hand!

0-0. 0-1. 0-2. Game! If you have trouble getting
a handle on racquet games, try your hand at Voli. In this unique paddle
game, your hand becomes your racket, making
a good hit intuitive and fun. The game’s flier
is designed to soar with a rubbery tip that’s
easy to bounce no matter how you hit it. The rules are easy to learn,
because there are none. So you can play any way
and anywhere you want. Test your range in the park. Find a net to play
competitively. Or make up a game. 5 points. We’re playing to 21 or getting
fired, whichever comes first. Play the easy and
fun Voli paddle game, and find hundreds
of other gifts we’ve discovered for you at [BEEP] [CLACKING] [LAUGHTER] [CLACKING] Yes! [LAUGHTER] I’m sorry. I was trying to record
Danny slapping his butt, but then he stopped. Oh, there we go. All right. Didn’t even have
ask for that one. (Singing) [CLICK]

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