Playground Hide and Seek Matching Colors with Sign Post Kids and Mommy!

Katie is going down the BIG slide! Hi! You’re watching Sign Post Kids! With Hannah Carlei Emy Jojo And Katie And Mommy! We are playing Hide and Seek at the Playground I will count Ready?
Let’s go! Count to 10 with Katie Ready One I have a red shirt on I can hide behind this red pole Two Katie will never find me Can you see Hannah behind the pole? Three Four This is a blue ladder
I have a blue shirt on Katie won’t find me because I am in blue Where is Emy going to hide? Five I am going to hide on this side of the wall Jojo is really good at rock climbing Are you a good rock climber? Six Seven This purple matches my shirt If I stand like this maybe Katie won’t find me! Eight There is a purple oval
and a purple triangle Shhh! What do you say when you are ready to find someone? Nine Say it with me! Ten Ready or not!
Here I come! I can find my brother and sisters
because of their colored shirts! Hmmm?
I don’t see anybody Let’s go look for someone else! She didn’t see Hannah! Can you see Hannah? Shhh! I see a green shirt on gray wall! It’s Jojo! You found me! Jojo, I found you because your green shirt did not match the gray wall Aww man! Let’s go find everybody else! When you see a Sign Post Kid Say, “There she is Katie!” I don’t see anybody Say it with me, “There she is Katie!” Hmmm! Let’s look over there! I don’t see anybody here Say it with me, “There she is Katie!” Let’s go down the slide! Do you think they will find Hannah? Let’s watch! I can’t find all the sisters Jojo! Why not? Because I’ve been looking for their colored shirts Ohh! That makes sense! What are we going to do? I have an idea! How bout we look for our Sign Post Kids stickers! That’s a great idea Jojo! Let’s go on top of the playground so we can
see them better That’s a great idea! Shhh! That’s much better!
Let’s go! Look!
I think I see a sticker! You found me! Yay! Let’s go find someone else! Let’s go find another sister! Come on! Wait a minute! I see another sticker! It’s Carlei! You found me! We have one more sister to find! And that ‘s Hannah! Let’s go! Come on! I see another sticker! It’s Hannah! You found me! We found Hannah! That’s all the Sign Post Kids! Now let’s go play Follow the Leader! UP the ladder Come climb the ladder Ready? Put your hands here Hi! Up Up Up Up Up Up Up Down the stairs! Come down the stairs Hold the handrail Down Down Down Down Down And across the monkey bars laughing I couldn’t do it! Aww! Come on Jo! Come across the monkey bars Hold on and across across across across Yay! Through the yellow tunnel Come through the tunnel Through Through And down the slide Hannah and Carlei are going down the little slide Okay, let’s go this way! Up the blue ladder Come climb the ladder Ready? Put your hands here Up Up Up Up Up Up Up Katie is going down the BIG slide! Let’s go Katie did such a great job! She found Jojo Emy Carlei and Hannah! What a great day playing Hide and Seek! Thanks for watching! Bye! Thanks for watching! Bye! Carlei and I match! Can you see me?

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