Ah, good day everyone and welcome to today’s video where I have myself A nice little dog toy that I’m playing with because these boys have a lot of energy today don’t they? Huh do you..up whoa you can jump high! Let’s see if Wolfy can catch it in his mouth Ready Wolfy? Catch! Oh okay bring it over here bring it here so i can play fetch with hey! hey! give me that so I can play fetch, ready? Hey…go get it! Oh tricked ya! Come on boys, come on boys Oh they always have to fight over something True brothers I tell you the truest of the brothers, give me that Oh hey, we’re playing fetch, not tug of war right now You’re cute You’re a cute dog you know that huh C’mon give me that!! Why are you so cute? Okay, ready? Wofly’s so polite and wait Sit, sit… Go get it! uh-oh, oh my gosh I thought that almost got on the roof or something Wofly 🙂 Good boy! Wofly bring it to dad, bring it to Daddy I’m daddy UH-oh , Storm found something-STORM Catch! Oh haha growl growl it oh my gosh Storm actually kind of looks like a wolf give it to me give it to me give it to me hahaha Go get it! Oh yes! Good boys, good boys 😀 So today was the actual day of the launch of crystal wolf Which I’m wearing You guys probably saw in yesterday’s vlog That’s why I’m in the same outfit had to finish it off But it seems like everything’s going well The site is up you guys are loving it Uh which makes me super happy It’s cool to see which ones you guys are choosing Yeah I’m just really thankful so thank you Everyone who’s got the necklace or glasses again I’ll put a link down below to where you can buy it huh yay! Alright, so now it’s later we’re in urban outfitters looking for some shopping for our boy Danny Me and Maria are trying to find something for him Hello It’s so hard to shop for him He’s very picky and he doesn’t give us any clue of what he wants What do you think? (I have no idea just gonna..) yeah we’re just gonna looksee I have no idea.. If you guys have any suggestions, let me know in the comments but i’m just going to keep browsing until I find something and Daniel if you’re watching Stop watching cuz I might show some things that I might be getting you So stop it And you guys, don’t show him what I’m getting him Shopping for Daniel I’ve been lured into a trap Maria where you taking me to? I don’t think this is a place for Daniel I mean maybe it is… who knows? Oh we got some Melanie Martinez in the background Hey girl, how are you doing? oh yes What’s your favorite color bra? I like the green one, it’s very festive The plum, plum for a plump boob Alrighty, so I ended up getting him so much stuff from Sephora I got one bag I got two I got three giant bags they’re so freakin heavy he is going to freak the F out over all the things that I got him in there I’m already out of breath from carrying so heavy But now we’re headed to Bloomingdales to see if there’s any oh she spotted something just kidding After this we’re going to Bloomingdales and then probably home Okay I think I found the perfect backpack for Daniel this one! No just kidding it’s between these two I feel I love both of them my eye went to this one first but I’m like the more i’m looking at this I’m like oh maybe he would like this one I don’t know, leave in the comments which one you guys think he would like more I can’t decide Maria what’s your vote? (I think I like this one) This one mm I don’t know, I don’t know I mean I do know because i’m about to buy it but I don’t know *gasp* Who’s got boy in the mirror? Oh it’s me, right haha Well hello there so it is that time of the night where I need to make these teeth nice and pearly white so I am using this product called White With Style, it’s basically a teeth whitening kit that is freakin’ organic and vegan So it’s good for you and it makes your teeth nice and white so i am going to show you the process of how i’m going to be whitening my teeth so let’s get to it shall we? We shall So it’s actually pretty simple basically you have these trays that you put this liquid whitening stuff into we’re squeezing on to here and these are vitamin e and cotton swabs to take off any excess off your gums because you don’t want to burn your gums and then there’s a beautiful gorgeous LIGHT Wow this just helps activate the product to help whiten your teeth even better so let’s get down to business ok do it i’m not going to be able to talk once these are in my mouth so once they’re in, you’re just going to have to see how it’s done so let’s put this one in and this one *thumbs up* so…let’s do it And just like that pearly whites, so a huge thank you to White With Style for sponsoring today’s video if you guys want one of these there’s actually a ninety-percent promo code i can give you and it’s just Joey so i’ll put a link down below I feel like this is a great Christmas gift to give to someone it’s only twenty dollars i feel like that is a deal haha Again the link is down below promo code is joey and let’s get on with the rest of the night’s activities shall we? We shall Alrighty so now I want to play a little game with my boys He thinks I have a t-r-e-a-t to right now which i’m about to , we’re about to play hide-and-go-seek boys so you guys have to try and find me okay cuz I have a treat, and if they find me they get the reward So i’m going to be taking these little things with me But they have to stay here and i’m going to go hide and then i’ll call for them sit sit stay stay there, so I just go and hide well this is little too easy they’re sniffing… I gave one to Storm cuz Storm found me first, now I’m going to bring it up a level, now I know what game we’re playing Wolf Wolfy Storm, good boy, you got it, you’re too late Wolfy, too late oh this is fun Christmas tree Wolf! You’re good at this Storm Wolf is so dumb oh poor guy Oh hey, heeey you got any extras? Got any extra food up there? Oh how good he is, give it to him because that’s too nice very nice Yeah yeah you can give it to me oh thank you nom nom nom I’m a good boy good boy good boy I am, *you’re drooling* yeah sure am Oh my god *so handsome* He’s handsome *I would I would love you* If he were a real man*if you were a man, i would love you, look at that chest* Yes a good chest *wow show off your chest boy* Are you filming me *yup* You filming ? I’m filming *laughs* she hates it Okay im done because i know you lie (I’m not looking) *alright, I stopped doing it* It’s over *more laughs* Evil! *don’t look what’s on my screen* porn *porn videos Like this video you think weshould get another dog guys *Cuz I am yearning for a third child* He’s yearning For a third you guys want a sis-oh, a sister? sister!! Get me a sister!! No fun and games, just reading everything you say sip it okay well I’m going to end today’s video here if you guys want to know what today’s giveaway is You’re in luck because I’m right here Daniel put together these lovely stockings *here they’re gonna SHOOK you* shaking a shot okay well you have lots off goodies this amazing stocking full of pampering moments and some bath bombs some face masks some of the some of these fifty dollar gift card to target in each of them yes so each of them are the same *There will be two winners* some fragrance ariana grande el Ariana Grande and yeah there’s a bunch of special little things gorgeous so if you want to win one of these there will be two winners all you have to do is be one of my subscribers and leave a comment down below and I will choose two random commentators and also like this video if you guys enjoyed it and I will see you all tomorrow Good damn bye~ *Outro music*


  1. I have Joey and I loveeeeeeeee dog's😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. My 9 year old little girl plays hide and seek with our 2 pit bulls. They love it, and it's so funny to watch! ❤💋

  3. a like your vidoes so much and escape the night now that I think about it your the only one I watch everyday and I like huskys too and I like your style because it's just like myne🙄

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