Playing Lachlans 100 Player Hide N Seek! w/ Lachlan (Winner Gets 10k V Bucks)

yo what’s up guys this BenBGamer
here and in todays video I’ll be playing with Lachlan hide-and-seek who got a
hundred players and he put a custom matchmaking key that I entered we are
actually in his game right now hop into a discord and we’re basically doing hide
and seek so we’re gonna trying to win this guy’s we’re getting like 300 ping
because we’re probably on Oceana servers and this is the hill that he wants
everyone to go on basically we’re gonna try and win this and if we win this we
get 10 kV box all right so we’re gonna try this we’re gonna head up here guys
and we are like super laggy we got like 300 ping everybody circle around circle
around unless you got a gun come forward alright let’s get this party started
round number 2 I’m gonna give you guys a minute and 45 seconds you better leave
now I’m looking down I’m counting guard guys we’re gonna go hide in shifty
alrighty round number 2 study in 5 4 3 2 1 ready or not here I come we’re
starting a little earlier this time to 7 more time to find you guys they problem
is you guys took all my guns and left me with some pretty bad this is our hiding
spot right here at shifty I actually just made it up in this score hopefully
we’re gonna win this we’re getting 300 ping but we’ll try our best Laughlin is
at tilted towers and the zone is in our favor we’ll probably have to move to
tilt it but for now we’re safe there’s 88 people left which is insane the last
server was probably gonna be super duper like guys we’re going to be in the storm
we have to move to tilted we’re gonna go right now hopefully he doesn’t see us
I’m just praying Welkin doesn’t kill us he’s killing so many people I know oh my
god it’s actually gonna be a tilted ending you’re kidding me oh my god alright guys we are basically in the
zone right now I’m going to be hiding probably near this tree and if Lachlan
comes we’re going to have to rotate over there got one in a room there alright
everyone’s probably got their own separate rooms
we’re still in Seoul he’s just killing people left to die we really need a hide
this rock is probably yeah I think we’re gonna hide behind this one it’s the
safest spot oh my god dude the crap out of me 64 63 people remaining where are
they now guys we have to move to zone it’s literally in tilted 64 people who
have footage is insane oh my god guys Lachlan’s right over there he was just
shoot I hear building guys were hiding in here
he’s right outside the house that’s here those shots that’s him the dust yeah
they just uneven all we’re gonna be able to it’s gonna go down to the zone again
100% there’s so many places to hide guys Lachlan is right on top of this house oh my god it’s right on top of me as you
guys hear those shots that is him yeah we are literally screwed right now he’s
just shooting from these stairs tried to make me a snowman well nice um joke to
you guys we have to move into the circle oh no this is not good
I know he’s gonna find us this is like there’s 51 people left oh my god I hear
his SMG run my pretties run well you will be found he’s right on top of there
oh my god I’m out I’m out get me out of here awesome news if the guards are
illegal or if tea goes are illegal oh my I’m feeling that’s him right here yeah
if you need to build together the design that’s fine if you like a hill or
something that’s fine oh no he killed us my god here comes the
RPGs no he killed us he has 43 kills oh my god that’s insane he’s literally shredding everyone right
now okay you know what sure nice I see those balloon BOTS up
there you think I don’t see you I see you I definitely see you what’s up gang
I said how long is that Burger lip for you all think you’re gonna win huh y’all
think you’re gonna win you with your balloons
I got another thing for you guys you know it’s coming up to the finals there
we go yes 67 kills are seven people left the zone is super duper small guys it’s
coming down to the last five right now he he might get caught into a storm oh
no he’s not I’m gonna show you guys his reaction I know I’m gonna I mute in
discord and I’ll let you guys hear it okay well the blue got one how the
balloon guy watch congratulations you won Wow
damn here one all’s coop Gee Gee Gee Gee to that guy man
try to see that’s the problem with that one Ike there was too many people at the
end with that zone yeah that’s Benny if you guys enjoyed be sure to give it a
like subscribe if you’re new and I guess we’ll catch you guys the next one B so too many cousin my mind I can’t sleep at
night so I just keep writing I don’t need no help

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