Playing Ping Pong with a Cricket Bat

What’s up guys! Welcome to another episode of Challenge Pongfinity Today we will try out this cricket bat. Leave your ideas and comments in the comment-section below! I thought that you would be serving! No, you are going to serve! Let’s try playing with a cricket bat! How did you miss it? That was alright… That’s a scary shot! First base! Okay, we are going to play a game of table tennis cricket. You have to start running! Do I get a point from hitting your shoes? No. I did it! One point! I think I broke the ball. I think I was the winner of table tennis cricket! I don’t think so. I was clearly the winner. You can believe it yourself if you want to.

100 thoughts on “Playing Ping Pong with a Cricket Bat

  1. you should do dizzy ping pong: every time you hit the ball you have to spin once, and whoever loses the point spins 5 times

  2. If otto were born in america he would be obese for sure. He has the body
    Type but being brought up in finland he stayed lean

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