Playlist Live 2020 Vlog // Recap as a Featured Creator

We are at playlist live! To be willing to find the light though You have to be willing to believe in yourself and to believe in your story and to believe that there’s more that you’re going through And that what you’re going through is going to bring you Further into who you’re supposed to be and your calling and find the good in it Good morning guys, we are at playlist live while we’re on our way to playlist live And so I’ve already been in Florida for three days. But today is Friday and it’s the first day my friend Sam. Come say hello This is your this is your moment man funny story I literally pretty much sent him the invite invite less than 24 hours less than 24 hours ago I booked my dig and I go to text message from Chrissy’s like yo you’re coming I was like I bet I poked my dick. Okay, but what do you do? This is an important part Um, I’ve been marketing. So we primarily do branding campaigns for tik-tok But we’re on our way right now. I actually checked in late last night. And so we got to go check salmon get my Hotel room and we’re gonna start the weekend. So let’s freaking go to playlist live. I’m so excited. Are you excited? Okay, you need to have energy for giving the blog. Are you excited? Yeah, all righty-roo Okay, so we just not all checked in and now I’m going up to get my hotel on the 18th floor Let’s go the 19th is the highest one. So it’s pretty swanky by dissect into the room and it’s beautiful I mean this is it when you walk in you get a nice spacious Nice bathroom then you walk in Nice full-length mirror which is a game changer because I can actually see what I look like King-size bed bless up buttercup and then look at this Wow Cool, that’s the pool of them We excited. Oh Okay, let’s go. So we’re gonna go get a coffee. Yes, and then we’re gonna see what’s see what’s going on. Let’s go I’m so free. I’m gonna get I’m gonna get what is going on. This is okay So I just found a new camera because Sam broke my other one, but this camera has color and it’s really embarrassing. I’m so burned So it’s incredibly overwhelming. This is a story shot copy Most important partners just like people everywhere There’s not looking a little bit were there just like many people Still kicking it still alive some food and triple-shot coffees later. Let’s go Okay, so we just took a couple hour break pretty much and just hung out upstairs in some silence because the day was pretty crazy But we’re gonna go grab dinner. And then we’re meeting with some business people tonight before we go out to the partay Getting wild dude. Are you gonna get well? No, we’re not we’re just gonna go. Oh look at the Sun we really can still see it from here Okay, guys it is morning – I’m about to head to my meeting great I’ve got that at 10 a.m. Till 1:00 p.m I’m so excited I literally have no idea what to expect because this is my first ever like meet anything or meet up or meet great Whatever they call these things. This is my first time ever having one of those so I’m super super excited and Yeah, kind of it’s super crazy. Like I just feel like it’s like crazy. So I just got it already. It’s nine o’clock Now I have to go check in no later than 9:30, but I have to get transported over to the building So I’m gonna head down here in a minute. I’m gonna take you guys all along Like I said, I have no idea what to expect but I’m super excited this all feels so crazy. I feel so blessed And so lucky to be here. So I’m excited to take you guys along. So let’s go into day to Meet-and-greet hang out. Look at that. We’re heading out to meetups. Let’s go Oh What we do What we love what we do to learn when everything’s said and done Why do we do to love what we do to love what we love? Whenever they said done what we do to love To learn Okay, so I just got home from the meet-and-greet he’s the cutest thing ever and everybody was so amazing we got so many photos and I got to meet so many of you guys and You’re just so sweet and I just wanted like this is just like I just love you guys so much and I am so Crazy thankful for all the support that you’ve given me and all the love that you’ve given me and seriously I just never imagined that I would ever be here like at playlist live or having meetups or having like it’s crazy It’s just absolutely crazy. I just want to say thank you to you guys. I love you So stinking much, and I’m so crazy thankful. So this is for you. I love you and Now it’s about. Midday. It’s about 2 o’clock 3 o’clock. I just had a business meeting after my meet and greet And so no, I just kind of get to chill for the rest of the day something. Okay? We’re on our way to go to the green room Sam finally arrived today everybody. He made it we’re gonna go check out the green room again, because Sam once pre marched and I went pretty much so that that’s that. I’m Lauren. Hi. Thank you so much. Ok, wait Where you going? The green room? Okay Thank you so much Was it it was so good? It is day 3, it’s Sunday now today is the day that I have my panel So I found out my panel isn’t actually like all of us sitting in one spot It’s pretty much we’re all going onstage for 10 minute segments and I get to go on and tell my story Kind of terrified kind of excited kind of more terrified but very excited and yeah It’s gonna be a good day gonna line the Sun try and relax a little bit go meet a few more people And yeah, I’m excited. I’m excited to speak again scared to speak but very excited that we’re gonna go out there now We’re gonna go check out the room. We’re gonna go check in and yeah last little bit of playlist. Let’s go get it They wrapped up my arm and it was the kind of this phase that you go through your life This isn’t real. This isn’t real this isn’t real. This is a nightmare This can’t be told and you realize nicely very rich Yeah, so from there, I got ambulance to the helicopter and then a helicopter to Children’s Hospital Buxom it into the hospital fun fact, they also found my hand So they pulled up the rope out of the tube and my hand Yeah, sorry a graphic image you guys but my name is still holding on to the Rope at that point my muscles here So all of it ripped out with the power Guys it is Monday morning Playlist 20/20 is done. Everything is done. I’m flying home today. I seriously I I cannot even put into words But I am so thankful. Okay, guys, I’m gonna travel home now and I’ll meet you in, Vancouver, Canada Playing this 2020 we’re out 2021 see you then. Hmm

31 thoughts on “Playlist Live 2020 Vlog // Recap as a Featured Creator

  1. I've said this before and I say again you have Amazing Friends good positive attitude towards life. You look wonderful have a nice evening kristie and enjoy the weekend.

  2. As always I admire your enthusiasm! From one amputee to another, do you mourn the loss of your hand? Also, I wouldn't mind seeing more workout videos that I can incorporate into my life. Love from Idaho!!💚💚💚

  3. SO glad I was able to watch before my flight! GREAT video today Kristie!!!

    Ready to see you in front off even more people telling your story! Just keep being the amazing woman God has made you!!! Your time is coming soon!!! 🙂🙃💥

  4. Hey kristie , I just came to see how u doing , well like every video u upload lol , have a good day , kisses

  5. Even though we don't get to see you naked I enjoy your videos they are way better than footless Joe she is a stupid bitch

  6. Good job! You are such an inspiration to so many people! Your so positive and friendly and you seem to be very outgoing! 🙂

  7. Your such a beautiful person inside and out .. I’m so glad I met you , I look forward to running into you again!!! ❤️🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

  8. Cool! I bet you didn't meet any of my @YouNow friends who were there, but I'm sure you heard the stories. What fun!

  9. Hey it's been a while! Florida, ah what can I say, it's my old stomping ground. I was just in Otown around Christmas. Good to see you enjoying my "home state."

  10. I love hugs they are Majical then I think Corona virus n oh no hugs are not Majical but then they are so let's have a hug 🤗

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