“Please watch my hand, Bro!” – Reus, Hummels & Co. wrap a football | BVB Boxing Days #2

OK, let’s go. Shall we? Shall we make it a bit bigger? It’s not that difficult. Should we turn it a bit? No, not like this. Yes, go.
Cut straight. Yes, this way! Wait… You’re blind, give it here. I really am blind, you’ll
have to do the looking! It’s a complete mess!
-No, look, it’s the exact same. Turn it like that – not the
ball, the paper! So, there you go – perfect! Mo, this isn’t looking very good. No? Isn’t this bit too big? We
don’t have enough here. Try to roll this part… you’ll see it’s impossible!
It’s not in the middle, man. Yes it is. Can you do that? This is getting tricky. No. We want it right now. It’s ripping again. This one is better. A bit more force. Let’s put it like this,
and get it secure. Great idea. This is working, right? Now that’s what I call force. Now we use the scissors…
can you do it? It’s not like that! You have to take
the scissors and do that. Never mind, bro
-Ok, just wind it. We have a few rolls left,
don’t we? Like this… and then like this…
how does it work again? Yes, just like that. Yes! It’s just impossible to wrap a ball…
you just give it! Watch out for my hand, please. Crap! That could do… well, no we
can’t really give that. Come on, just give it, man. Even better than the example. Stop, stop, stop it!! I was scared I would break it. There you go – hold
the other side. You did a good job. Just give the present now! That’s just the same
thing as this.

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