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Good morning. Good morning. Mornin’! Okay, luckily we’re not quitting our day jobs
to become singers so let’s get that out of the way. Haha. Alright, so guys we are in Pokhara (पोखरा)
and basically this video is going to be not chronological. Un-chronological. Yeah. Non-chronological. Non-chronological order. Today is our last day in town and it is our
first day of sightseeing. So we’ve basically been hanging out, shopping,
eating really well. Catching up on work. We haven’t done anything. No but you know what? We have waited until the last day but this
is the first day of really good weather. Yes. We’ve had a lot of haze, a lot of cloud cover. It has been super foggy as well. Yeah. But today it is just unbelievable. Blue skies. Blue skies. We’re seeing like snow capped mountains that
we hadn’t seen before. And today we’re going to go out by boat and
we’re also going to do a little bit of hiking so we can’t wait to show you around. So we’re by the lake. Yes, we are. There is the lake. We’re going to hire a boat next and then we’re
climbing to the World Peace Pagoda (Pokhara Shanti Stupa). And yeah, let’s get started. Kisses. Are you giving morning kisses? Morning kisses. Morning kisses. Morning kisses. Hiring a boat is easy. When you go down to the waterfront you’ll
find a large board with all the rates listed. You can either hire your own boat to row,
pay to be rowed to the temple in the middle of the lake, or pay to be dropped off at the
start of the hiking trail that leads to the World Peace Pagoda (Pokhara Shanti Stupa). So here is our boat. We’ve upgraded. We paid eight more dollars and that gives
us. Sam was afraid he was going to burn in the
sunshine. Yeah, this is for me the ginger who freckles
a lot. We got an upgrade of a roof and we got mats. This has been such a peaceful ride that I’m
actually feeling a little bit sleepy. I feel like I could just curl up on the boat
on the carpet and take a nap. But then I’d miss out on the views. And that would probably look a little bit
rude to our boatman. Just sleeping during the outing. Sam is filming baby cows. Baby cows. Baby cows. There have been some great opportunities to
film this morning. We’ve had some really good light. I know. Oh my gosh we definitely picked the right
day to come out. Well, we are coming to the end. Our very lovely outing. Yeah, that was a great outing and the weather
changed completely. It got really hazy again and foggy. So it is like a completely different experience
for half of the trip. The first half versus the second half. And now we’re preparing to go hiking. So yeah. Yeah. After our boat tour of the lake, we decided
to go hiking so we got dropped off at the start of the trail. There’s a small shop on that side of the
lake, so you if you need to pick up some water or a few snacks, this is a good place to do
so. So we are now hiking to the World Peace Pagoda. And it is meant to be forty-five minutes to
the top. It might take a little bit longer because
I’m doing this in Sam’s crocs. My running shoes got left behind. You don’t even have running shoes. Somewhere along the way. You wear my running shoes now. Sam ruined them. And my crocs. They were left behind. Anyway, Sam and I have been finding that we’re
really out of breath in Pokhara (पोखरा) for some reason. We’re just out of shape in general. We are usually panting after climbing two
sets of stairs at our hotel and well climbing two sets of stairs probably takes like 30
seconds and this is a 45 minute hike. So woah. You’re already out of breath. I have a feeling it is going to be a struggle. Status update? Status update. The hike is getting really steep. Out of breathe. Almost out of water. Out of shape. Womp womp. But in terms of the difficulty this is not
a difficult path. No. It is just the altitude, the fact we’re out
of shape and we got quite a bit of sun. Now it is shaded so that is nice. We’re starting to cool down a little bit. Onwards. This is how we feel. Yeah, it was a bit of a sweat fest and it
was definitely good exercise. Not a difficult path but now that we’re here
let’s actually check out the Peace Pagoda. Well ‘hey hey’ Aladdin. That was pretty fun. I have to say you missed out by not going
up there. Hey ‘shhh’ don’t tell people. It is true. You didn’t do it. Shoelaces are undone. We have visited the Stupa and now the grand
plan is food. Food and I’m going to have tea right behind
us. So we found a rooftop cafe with a great view
of the lake and Pokhara (पोखरा) below. And how did we choose this place? What question were you asking? What do you mean? Sam was going to the restaurants. Do you have the best view? Do you have the best view? And of course everyone is like yeah. I didn’t mean it like that. I meant like where is the best view within
your restaurant. I didn’t mean it like do you have the best
view of all of the restaurants. Everyone is going to be like of course we
have the best view. Come eat over here. Anyways, we settled on a place and I ordered
a Nepali Thali set and Sam is having tea. Yep. So yeah. Well good afternoon from Pokhara (पोखरा). Today we are going shopping. Shopping. Yeah. And the secret is we’ve actually already gone
shopping. We bought some cool stuff. Last night. Last night and now we’re going to talk a bit
more about what we’re going to do in terms of shopping but first don’t you need to check
out my pants. I’m wearing something new. Look at this. Hippie pants. Can you see that. That is a purchase from last night. Yeah, and Audrey got a pair too but she is
not wearing them now. I don’t know why but I’m rocking the new hippy
pants. Okay, let’s see what else we can find. I still want to pick up a few more souvenirs. So Sam found a shirt he loves? We’re going to design it though. Change the color. It is hilarious. It is totally politically incorrect but sometimes
it is fun to have some. You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need balls and a beard. Do you have a beard? I do have a beard. That is the question. Hahaha. I think I’m two for two. Alright, good stuff. So while we’ve been in Pokhara (पोखरा)
we’ve mainly been hanging out in Lakeside which is the area along the lake. Like the name suggests. And there are so many shops here. If you want to pick up souvenirs or clothes
or locally made arts and crafts. Yeah, restaurants, cafes. Also you can arrange a lot of adventure travel
from here. Yes. So if you’re into paragliding or what else
can you do? There is tonnes of stuff. Oh man. There is hiking. You can do micro-flights. A helicopter tour. There is helicopter tours. There is I think even like horse and pony
riding. So any kind of adventure stuff. Oh this is also where you would arrange like
for a trip to do the Annapurna Circuit (अन्नपूर्ण). The big hike trek. Yes. If you do the whole circuit it takes about
two weeks. 14 days. Yeah, but I mean we’re mainly here to relax
so we’ve just been hanging out, eating well, enjoying a quiet setting. Although it is not so quiet right now. You probably here a lot of honking going on. Um but yeah and today we’re shopping so let’s
go. Who is this Audrey? This is my pup friend. I met him like four days ago. So every time we walk past here we have a
little pet. Isn’t that right? Yes, it is. You’re the most chill pup we’ve met in a while. You just hang out, you like stokies, you like
attention. Yes. If you see us you’ll come walking over. Yes. Yes, to all of the above. Yes. So as we’ve already mentioned we did quite
a bit of shopping while we were in town. So we just wanted to show you guys what we
got so you have an idea of what you can buy in Pokhara (पोखरा). And maybe I did most of the shopping not Sam. Um, we did a lot of shopping. Since we’re going to India next I got some
clothes. I need something light and breezy so linen
shirt. Wooden blue. That is a nice one. I like that one. I really like this one? Oh you do? That one was like six bucks. Mmmhmmm. This one was ten. But it is longer. Alright, I forgot that you got two of them. Wow. So yeah. That will come in handy. Yep. Let’s see. What else did. Oooh, I got hippie pants because when in Nepal
(नेपाल). Yeah. Tada. That is something we both got. We both got hippy pants. Actually you know what is funny? When we were at the store Sam is like showing
my this pair. He’s like what do you think of these hippie
pants? And I’m like Sam that is a skirt. You should have noticed he was looking at
a skirt. Which is ridiculous but so Sam. Yeah. We got this. I think this would be cool like on a coffee
table or something. You can set like a teapot or a coffee pot
or anything warm. Or like even on the dining table. Yep. For the future home because we don’t actually
for the future home that we don’t have yet. Okay, I got some toys. I got stuffed animals. Hahaha. Oh my. I got an elephant. That is cute. I love its eyes. That is the best part. Sam picked out the color. Yep. I was like what there was a whole bunch of
them and you’re like pick one. I’m like definitely that one. I got a bunny. Yeah. Just because it is cute. Yes. It is cute. Are they going to be friends? Yes. Or will they be mortal enemies? Friends. Friends? Instant friends! That is good to know. Sam got hippie pants. Tada. This is not the skirt. These are the actual pants. Yes, this is the real deal. Yeah. They almost don’t fit me. They look fabulous. They kind of go down to my not quite to the
bottom of my ankles but. Yeah, the guy who was selling them. He just like rolled them up for Sam and he’s
like here you can wear them kind of like fisherman’s trousers. Thanks guy. Anything else? One more thing. This one is Sam’s as well. Oh right I like this one too. This one says Nepal (नेपाल) and
then it has the flags so. That is really cool. I don’t have a lot of long-sleeve shirts at
the moment because yeah we’ve been traveling in really warm places. I may borrow this as a pajama. No, I don’t think you will. I think I’ll actually wear this one myself. Anyways, so yeah that is all we got. Shopping in Nepal (नेपाल). When we weren’t out sightseeing, which was
most of the time, we were restaurant hopping and enjoying the food. The following is the best meal that we had
in Pokhara (पोखरा). The food is here and it looks amazing. Check it out. I’m having something called Chhwelā (छ्वेला). And this is fish from the local lake. It is marinated in secret spices. That is what it says in the menu. They won’t even tell you what is in it. I love that. And it is barbecue. That is the best. In the tandoor oven according to the menu
so I didn’t even see this being prepared. Secret spices. But it looks so good. If you look at that pieces of fish like they’re
so plump and oh my gosh this just looks fresh. Do some more dissections for us. More dissections. Here we are in the science lab. Yes. I am dissecting the fish. Exactly. Anyways, I’m going to try some of this already. It looks so good. Wow. Man, it looks like there is some tomatoes
in there and maybe cilantro. Mmmm. Is it good? Yeah? That is really good. I chose well. The fish it is so soft. It melts in your mouth. I just had some kind of insect bite my elbow. Oh my gosh. If there is a little shaky that is why. Sam’s being attacked. Bad camera man. The mosquitos want the fish. Hahaha. This is so nice. That is cilantro. Little chunks of tomato. Let me zoom in on that. It looks like a little bit of a yellow curry. Oh wow. Man, you can see that so well now. It is good. So the one that I ordered was a Pokhara style
curry. And it comes with fish and we had the choice
between chicken and pork I believe. And let’s stir that around a bit. Oh la lah. So you can see there is nice big chunks of
fish over here too. It looks really good. It looks like the same fish they used for
mine. Yeah. I’m sure it is. So it also comes with brown rice. Which is nice. We had the choice between brown rice and white
rice so we’re making the adult decision to get the healthier brown rice. The healthier version. I think brown rice is tastier anyway. I agree with you on that. So I’m just going to have a bite and then
I’m going to go for a bite of rice. So let’s see what dish comes out on top? You know what? They said that this was a must try dish on
their menu. Yeah. And I totally agree. Like that curry is just so good, so rich. It is like a thick flavorful curry. And then because the
fish has obviously been marinated and cooking in there for a long time it is even I think
it is even more tender than the fish from your dish. Wow. The fish from your dish. That kind of rhymes a bit. That could be a rap. The fish from your dish. Yeah, that is my bad attempt at rapping. But uh yeah it is so good I’m going to have
another bite with the rice. So don’t mind my thumb here. You do have a knife. I do. And a fork and a spoon. To make it work. It is more fun to eat with your hands whenever
you can. Yeah that rice really compliments it well. It helps sop up a bit of the gravy. We also enjoyed hanging out in the lakefront
bars. Happy hour may have been the draw for most
people but I was here to drink tea and play with the resident pets. I made a friend. I made a friend. Oh you’re sleepy. You are so sleepy. I’m getting sleepy too pup. I just had a big meal and I’m going to have
a glass of wine and I’m going to enjoy this fire that we are right beside. Hello kitty. Audrey you’re the animal whisperer today. Who do you have now? Oh, I forget her name. I forget her name too but it is a sweet little
kitty. Her name is cry baby. That is what I remember. Cry baby. Is she getting all snuggly. Is she getting all snuggly with you by the
fire. Yes. She’s cute. Tonight we’re along the lakeside because they
have a lot of little like cafes and bars where we can come and enjoy the views. Yeah. Have a drink. It is great for nightlife in Nepal (नेपाल). It is just awesome. It is really nice. And yesterday we visited a place called I
think Purple Planet. Yep. Today we were at the Bamboo Hut. Bamboo Hut. Bamboo bar. Right. And I befriended a cat and a dog. I know. .So sweet. Best. Especially that cat. That cat fell asleep on you. I know. I don’t think it would have left had you not
you know. Had we not left. Anyways, we’re going to now try to find a
place that has some live music. Apparently around this time of night between
around seven and eight they start playing live music. I hear it off in the distance. So let’s go check it out. Let’s follow our ears. So that’s a wrap for our time in Pokhara
(पोखरा). Most travellers who come all the way out here
generally do so to hike the Annapurna Circuit, but we had neither the gear nor the desire
to undertake a lengthy trek. Fortunately for us, Pokhara (पोखरा)
proved to be the perfect place to unwind after a few months of busy travel, and we still
got to enjoy views of the Annapurna Mountain Range (अन्नपूर्ण).

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