24 thoughts on “Police: Child, Man Shot At Pleasantville High School Football Game

  1. Camden… a city that is so murderous, corrupt, and lawless, the state police had to take over the police department… it’s a joke that people still act like such animals and can’t bring themselves to value human life.

  2. Hmmmm…new Jesey…tell me, Robert Francis o’rorke/o’dork/whatever…since new Jersey has some of the most strict gun laws in the country, what type of gun law should New Jersey pass to guarantee that such an atrocity would not happen again?

    Do tell!!!

  3. My cousin was there she was texting her little sister and I was with her little sister we where crying and my cousin who was in the high school her name is titi

  4. Stop the slaughter from guns?

    100,000 killed per year with kosher pharmaceuticals


    Thousands of lives destroyed/ended via the kosher vaccine scam


    480 thousand deaths a year caused by cigarette/tobacco products


    88,000 deaths per year from alcohol


    At least 6,000 veterans suicides per year


    Central bank wars caused 100's of thousands killed in wars for the kosher central banks


    Yet kosher dual citizens are working very HARD to disarm us for less than 100 “mass shootings”, (how many of these “shooters” were on or trying to come off of kosher psychotropics?)

    Sorry, I haven't found any objective lists on that number, has the kosher media "forgotten" that count?

  5. My sister was there and my dad picked her up and she came home crying and I didn’t know what was going on. My mom then told me that there was a shooting at the football game. I couldn’t believe it because I go to the middle school right across the street

  6. Well now, how did that happen, seems like I remember something about strong gun control in new Jersey hummmm, I bet It was a citizen with a right to care permit after all there surely isn't any illegal gun on the streets with all those gun laws they put into place.

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