Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (5) King and Servant

When you play against lower level player you can beat play clean beat your weak opponent, beat him clean that is your respect rather than because he is weak play like that I am the king I can reach you like this like that like that do all kind of silly deceptions and play with him and making fun of him that is not good in badminton if you can beat your opponent play sincerely beat him clean in resepected way that is real player and the other way round when you play against better player do not give any excuses and fight and then especially when you play doubles and you are better one and your partner is weaker one then do not blame your weaker partner take every blame to yourself because you are better player but there are so many players behave the other way around

25 thoughts on “Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (5) King and Servant

  1. Hi Coach,
    should we also play seriously when we play against fellow club player that is far weaker than us?
    wouldn't it let them down even more?
    your opinion and explanation is highly appreciated.

  2. Very good point. If you play a very weak opponent then you can help them by play their level but not they feel that they are treat as a baby or a mouse in front of cat.
    Do not deliveratly let them know you play soft it will make them feel bad, You should play soft but looks serious. I hope you understand. All the point is to help them. Lee

  3. Dear Coach Lee, I shot a video of mine in playing Mixed double, would you mind providing some comment on my skill (esp on my footwork) and suggestion to me improve?(e.g. focus on which of your clips, kinds of practice to do more?) thank you very much. link is shown here:

  4. Hi There, I sow your clip. You have good steady badminton skills and I understand why you would like to look at your movement. You may feel you are low moving around court. I can see why. Please try to improve your start step(step one) and then the recovery steps. Especially recovery steps. You made a shot and it takes too long for you to be ready for next shot because you remain there too long due to you are not doing the recovery step. View the footwork skills clips.

  5. Two more small things I would like to mention is that (1) when you serve you were bit too close to the net so you have too much emty room on your rear court. It may be better you to one step backward when you serve. (2) your lady partner should move to cross direction when your opponent is attacking but most of time she is staying at the T and hiding. Both of you have a lot of room to improve with very basic skills. Keep it going. Lee

  6. Dear Coach Lee, i just cannot use any ordinary words to express my gratitude to your instruction. i determine to improve in accordance with your guidance to pay tribute to you. i would upload my match video again later, thanks very very much!!!

  7. Hello Sir, Do you have any videos of your competitive games uploaded here? This is not to judge, I respect you too much to do that. Just want to see.

  8. Dear Lee,

    I wish you were there in all badminton stadiums and teaching manners to everybody! I am saying this because I made this mistake myself (lecturing as well as playing easy against a weak player) and also on the receiving end of such bad behavior. On a daily basis! Ever planning to visit India?

  9. I am very pleased to know that this clip helped you to play better and sincerely with other people. I am delighted. I think you have warm heart to see your self and be able to change it. I would very much visit India as I have never been there before. One day the time and opportunity would come to visit tghere and meet you in person on a badminton court. Thank you. Lee

  10. I am very pleased to know that you see the point and meaning of this clip. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  11. I am very please to know you see the point of this clip and thank you very much for posting your comment. Lee

  12. Yes I will upload more clips. I am very happy to know that my clips helped you in such way. Thank you for taking time to post your comment and it mean alot to me to know. Lee

  13. Traduction en français : voir plus bas

    Hi Lee, here is my french translate for this good lesson ! A lot of french player became the kings too ! Thanks you.

    Roi et Servant…

    Les joueurs qui se comporte comme des rois contre les joueurs plus faibles et qui sont tels que des « servants » contre des joueurs plus fort.

    Quand vous jouer contre un joueur plus faible, jouer fair play ! Battez votre adversaire, battez le de manière « clean ». Là est votre respect.
    Et surtout pas, parce qu’il est faible, je joue comme ça (*coup droit entre les jambes) Je suis le roi…(coup derrière le dos…) Tout ce genre de geste ou je joue fun avec lui…

    That is not good !

    Au bad, si tu peux battre ton adversaire, joue dans les règles. Bats le proprement par une conduite respectable.

    That is real player ! ça c’est un vrai joueur !

    Et dans la situation inverse : Quand tu joue contre un joueur plus forts, ne te donne aucune excuse et bats toi !

     D’autant plus lorsque tu joue en double et que ton équipier est plus faible : Ne te plains pas contre lui. Gardes toutes les plaintes à ton encontre parce que, tu es un meilleur joueur.

    Mais il y a trop de joueur qui suivent le mauvais chemin.

  14. Dear Coach Lee, I have started playing badminton from last year and I am continuously watching all your videos to make myself a better player. But this behavior related videos are urging me to conduct myself in the best possible way not only in the sport but in life as well. You are truly amazing. May all the best things come to you.

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