PopularMMOS HIDE AND SEEK! (Minecraft Animation)

So today we’re going to be hiding as little tiny ice cream pen- pengoins. I checked every single room where are you? You didn’t check everywhere! *giggles* Wait! *screaming* No! No no no! No! Oh my God that was you! No! I didn’t think you were gonna find me. That was a brilliant spot in there. I was hiding behind Santa. It’s over! Where are you!? Okay, teleport to me. Okay… You’re gonna cry. You are gonna cry. NO! I’m in here! Why would you go in here!? I have to pay- really close attention, to where Jen might be this time. Okay maybe I put one in the- PFFT! *intense laughter* Oh no! Oh no! Here we go, so I have a minute and a half For me to hide. And then I have one minute- Excuse me little penguin… You’re kind of blocking the way right now. NO! No don’t do it!

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