POR QUÉ EMIGRÉ DE ARGENTINA | “Nuestra Nueva Vida en Nueva York” | Historia de Daniel – Part 4

well good morning everyone from one day
a little rainy here in Colonia del Uruguayan sacrament a little bit therefore it is
a gray day raining with everything and so we think maybe today is a nice day
to film the continuation of the story of your life and why they came out
Argentina today we continue with the part number 444
there is no time yet I do not know I do not know afflict but if we are here in uruguay
in colony tomorrow we are going to montevideo also the issue is that
we wanted to take this video a lot before because it’s been a while since
we take out the previous one not true we take it out from in tilcara but we are in trouble
internet every time we reach a new place where we stayed seems
be that the internet is super basic and not has enough strength to
get loaded do the plan do the upload the videos to the channel so that
you can see them then out there a lot of people are asking what’s up
what’s up where is the continuation where is the other video and that is the most
the biggest problem with which we we found in this moment now
we are thinking that we are recording it be here in cologne but not in cologne
there is enough strength to raise it montevideana next destination we crossed
fingers like that because that is totally out of
our control but as long good this is these past days we were
also in jumps we were in jujuy visiting a little bad personally to
I grabbed a gas one that almost had 45 days out of action and well
we arrived in buenos aires we were a night in buenos aires and the other day we
we take the bus ship here to colony and now we’ve been four days
in cologne and we go four days to montevideo to work four days to
montevideo later and then air advances another three days and
after her I go back to canada and they will go to the area of ​​the
patagonia another bit so good then we follow where we were from
that the fourth part of the story where we had left the
quarter of when we started already to run in new york the third
part was the different jobs that you had and how did you do to
pay the rent when I know things and then the income and the pola we reached
cover with the sale of that shawl of manila who had taken my mom
of course even though we were all working what he didn’t give us was
time because it was already the end of the month and and
we had started to work and you get paid at the end of the week
that was the problem we had to 100 dollars were missing and we were not given the
time to raise that money for that what had to be done is for sale
Salvador as well says good and good yes then we start to
work as I had told you in me brother and I were in this company
which was called the third eye was in 26th street in manhattan between
sixth and seventh avenue let’s see where we are going to work
we left queens every morning where we lived in corona
we took the subway which is the line to flying I think it was called a
underground that had some trains quite quite new has been a color
half green is the style and they go a lot for out for him by the high success
until they approached manhattan they crossed below him
The Hudson River and the East River agreement and then if it changes we go on the
times square and we took another one that we carried down not tasting but that
they were already underground well that new era york we want your three years very old
the cars were of a medium color I think that neither
they were even painted it was anti rust they had given him the right thing but they were
wagons of the 30s such time and ugly squares like that with that color
Red antioxide saw this that average color
rusty reddish and at that time they were all riveted outside looked the
rivets is not true of the plates where they were joined and squares of a
thing that seemed out of a movie from al capone verón and the noise
in those underground because I don’t know if the the day would be uneven socks but
when those trains were coming it was a squeak and a sizzle and they were like
some white light explosions when the wheels with the paste that touch the
third rail that gives current saw and all the columns they held were
those iron columns that nothing already they say ay bean all the columns like this in
the platform and everything edged with rivets or those rivets they will
they put the boats for when they armed the hulls of the ship were about
round rivets and all riveted but it seems that the Americans
when they built that they were in love with the rivet because there was no
almost welds but it was all riveted and it was dangerous we
we always stood against the wall waiting for the subway to arrive and
when the subway arrived to open the doors just there we got
because an agreement that there was accident of that kind day was a very city
dangerous of that I stress them constantly because the new york that
at that time in 1970 it was a jungle a really good jungle
according to the platform where were those columns holding her the
ceilings all those riveted columns there they had little machines that sold
chewing gum for a penny put a coin of a penny called a penis and you
clicked to the handle and a bit of rubber fell
chewing gum for people ate bubble gum the things that one remembers them are
they agree the three had no air conditioning in the summer was hot
in those tunnels and two by three stood the training saw one was going the blow the
train stood in the middle of the tunnel dark and sometimes it even went
the light was all dark and yes so we went every morning
we started working at 9 o’clock get up early and get up
Manhattan at 9 we went to work famous cards were marked with the
watch the punch card that was called and yes and there
our day began our business day always with psychedelic posters
those the company was growing was the era of logic that they saw was everything
this was fashionable let’s say not true I don’t know what the man was selling very well
he started selling the our products for all
united states to all companies big
farmers net stores and well I later when I put on a
a little more practical with the whole system I was upgraded then
and they put me to pick up the orders concert so orders arrived
to the offices to go they prepared all the paperwork was sent to the part of
back where we were and put all in a kind of basketball basket
there in one like a basket they were leaving stacking the orders that arrived and
we grab the orders and we had to fill them out
we had to arm the box that we needed that we had them too
stacked the boxes stacks of boxes but cardboard sheets then one more or
least looked at the order how many items had to send and based on that
calculated the size of the box the we had to arm with those machines
they were paper ribbons with rubber ones big rolls so they were in the
machines passed through a part that had water and they had a handle that
one gave the handle according to what long that one needed that tape
They already gave us the labels with the place where they had to send was
there were also places where I couldn’t take out this woman the label for
stick to the box once the order it was complete the box was closed and now
was preparing to dispatch them and when they came to pick up the orders that was the
famous yupi is united parcel service or some trucking companies then
we have to load all the boxes on these carts that one pushes to take them
down the elevator to the sidewalk and load the trucks with all the products of
that was basically the dynamics of of place the truth was a time that as
I tell you it was a dangerous time or whatever
the city could not walk very well dressed because people who walked more or
less well dressed was always with a white to be robbed or to avoid
the blow not so that you were finally that problem then we who
we decided with my brother we went to a house of these that sell items
of army lags and we bought ourselves two army jackets of that color
olive green that came from behind vietnam because they brought up names
of those who had used it in vietnam line had a Hispanic name I didn’t
agreement if it was as I will remember and had some
how many holes do you see that they had all recognized I don’t know if they will have
been shot that will have hit the the one that used it at that time and the thing
is that they sold it super cheap then we were dressed in
a jacket of l’armée and in that vintage were fashionable pants is
campaign down not the Belgians and of lamb and that or some were lamb and
others were corduroy which is like a velvet that was fashionable all
we put on the pants of lamb today with the bottom
bell is not true jackets army and I remember that I had
bought a razor of those a switch play of those that open in two no and the
he carried in his pocket he carried the knife and in the other pocket I had made a
roll of that what where the 25 cents coins come
that are put in those songs as of paper when one wants to pack it
to take them to the bank and change that it’s 10 dollars ok and there was good
grated all with electrician tape then on one side in a pocket
he carried the blade and on the other pocket carried the coin roll by
if you had to fight to put it on hand and hit harder they saw
thank god i never had it but so we walked and well little by little
he also armed in the apartment we were buying some furniture in what
well it was that in that inclusive To this day I also think of the United States
one was paid weekly so that everyday
I think Thursday or Friday on religiously check was there and we
they gave the payday they gave us half an hour more at lunchtime
they gave us an hour and a half because in that time you had to go to the bank to
queue up and get the check cashed in the window true they were an agreement
that were the company’s checks this one era of chase manhattan at the bank
chase manhattan from new york so we went out for lunch and
we got the check and that one felt so well imagine 80 dollars a week
they paid us and of course it was but
had not reached from heaven with the practically hands
having left behind an Argentine where surviving for us was a
nightmare upon reaching a place like this where one was paid weekly where one
I saw that the effort was fine paid where one saw that you could
live with dignity with a living wage and reached the money and little by little
as we worked and passed them time began to raise money
something unpublished for us because when we would have spread money on
Argentina we lived at high I remember the surprises of going to
supermarket in usa in new york and can buy gave be able to buy what
that one would like and see that everything was accessible that nothing was impossible for
nothing was that machine didn’t exist that existed in Argentina and when they
I speak of Argentina I do not mean territory
to the ground the poor country has nothing to see I mean the organization to the
political part to the governmental part that meanness is not true that always
there was the Argentine Republic until today today that perversity that has had
always governments in the Argentine Republic towards their
citizens although there are governments perverse all processed none all
that is, instead of being an ally of citizen is an enemy the government that
it seems that all he wants is make it so to burst it to the human being and
one takes the tremendous
surprise that it wasn’t like that in the usa the thing that they tried from beyond
help you stay see you progress let’s say true then those
they were one of the blows and the changes that one noticed so sharply so brutal
is that one said but as in this country there he is trying to shut you up as if
go one and take away the gold how little has this order art with taxes
anyway and well and we are going to supermarkets and clearings
one carried the little monkey in the cart to do the shopping they gave and charged
and there was no problem in buying what that one had the desire to consume in that
moment I remember that the first time we ate ice cream like crazy when
we got to the usa we put ice cream like crazy because of course when we were
In Argentina my mother could not buy an ice cream many times I drive
to this fence famous ice cream shop and pee or his name was and did not pass in front of him and
they saw that smell that particular lord that have the ice cream shops inside that
when one enters it feels like that smell to fresh water and one passed through the
street and I felt that smell and stomach long gastric juice of desire
eat an ice cream and when we could buy one was the youngest they saw
he so of course we get the usa and
We bought the ice cream there and they sold in buckets of a gallon in four
kilo or one thing but it didn’t cost us nothing give him the side bucket I think
something out of 99 cents something that tastes and varieties and
ice cream mixes I remember there one that was called Neapolitan which was
that came in a kind of brink they gave a square box like that from a gallon and
he brought three stripes an era of vanilla another strawberry strawberry era and the other
It was chocolate and it was one thing that we ate ice cream but day and night
we one was like a despair to eat ice cream the same with donuts
I remember selling some boxes some donuts like this one letter nyan 6 donuts
round but admire this size round white with that flour
impalpable outside and inside They filled it with this jam of
raspberry well I ate them but no I know how many because of course the
cookies we were not in Argentina my mom bought us bought cookies
but they bought upstairs and charged 100 grams
those boxes that came from terrabusi that were square boxes of sheet metal and
ahead they had a round glass like that it seemed like the scuba
the divers down the water gave that they take that round thing and one looked
so the store signal well online and I looked you had three or four
varieties nothing else was not that they had a lot and one looked at the
cookie were all online like that and between the lines and I opened paper like
butter paper and my mom bought 100 grams of cookies and when we arrived
home we were all at the table and I started the delivery to see so one by one I was distributing to each
one if there was any left and had broken or it was an odd number that you couldn’t
split ate her or ate her to my foster moms
because if it was not distributed like this in a battle imagine you could fight to
death for an extra cookie in that same time with peaches in
can the grains in syrup was bought one can also once a year with
luck and you also had to distribute the and in the compoteras there or that a
peach one peach the other last two tablespoons of juice say for one or two
tablespoons of kilos all militarily shared and divided and one of the
usa and that but it went out the window they could eat could eat
it could another world world the world
that we had left behind us was that world of Argentina in which the
Argentine businessman and taxes government always forced that
either one must be sold and at a price but that nobody can practically
buy and on the other side we arrive at world that the American has the
say policy you have to sell five million and with a minimum profit and the
money we will do in the amount of sales but that everyone can
buy one of that product then of course one of them leads to
supermarkets and I told you buy one you we give others buy half of average
a pound of ham and we give you a pound of ham buy a piece of ice cream
and we gave him a tacho side was era one thing that mass consumption what
they encouraged one to consume the same happened with the theme of clothing
and the clothes for the first time we could go to the stores and
choose and buy and put on what one wanted
put because when we were beyond Argentina I remember that I never
they bought me nothing new was always everything recycled refused and recontracted collected
of something old that someone had left no
and that was the other the other thing that it also struck us a lot
is to see that we were living now in a country where
people were not considered say so much for what I feared for what I know
they put what they drove because nobody cared about that
we had left an Argentina where it was all of
you are for what you become true that is you could put one a shirt that had crocodiles and
others looked at them like a quasi god look what you saw or if you could wear
a a chin
the vat is a lee it was like that one or the car he drove was not what
drive look what they drive so typical of Latin America that they saw and one led to
the us and who cared if everything the world could buy what it
I would like to buy if you wanted to wear the that of the crocodile that of the penguin
the other with the two laurel wreaths or whatever that
that is a part of our america Latina who is so nasty saw
so disgusting to be considered people so maybe the way
what did you wear or what you have or what that you don’t have or if you drive a high car
range as they say around here and all that there
nobody cared and it was a surprise really because it was another country it was another culture no
was that tilinguería saw how typical of here of our countries that there are
If I am more than you because he can put on a pair of rayman ibor glasses
you don’t have a concert It’s something that shocks me to this day
When I come here to South America and see it it really shocks me for example when
describe in some event that there was for example a car accident of
someone who was driving a car high range and description of when
talk about the accident there says it all in instead of worrying maybe so much more about
the victim or what happened did not focus on the vehicle was not one that
took an audi here i don’t know how much with polarized glass motor both and they give importance to all those things
and that is because they are countries as I say are petty countries saw
then society is like that the only way maybe to get noticed
or to be done but to distinguish is by giving the dike
that look what I have and you don’t you have
that way those are the big ones differences
at 4 and referring we were still living we were still working there
the weeks went by the months went by we had to go a couple of times to ask
extensions to stay longer as we were as tourists until
I remember one day we were working in the company and a hippie appeared to
work there they had taken it and it came from he must from california
and he had a car that wanted to sell it then I was finding out to see if
someone was interested in buying him the car and with my brother we say that
self is this true and I had it parked down let’s see it and there was
been a pontiac le mans model of the year 1965 a medium color this borravino
so clearly a certain the car was of sheet metal and paint was a little
lazy because the sun in california looks which is strong and quite burns the
paint didn’t shine much but it was well and I wanted 175 dollars for the car
then we said good if you look at this we would be interested that this than the other
we went we asked my sister who was the one who spoke english better come
that day with us I think we we found a saturday day with this
seller and we bought the car 175 dollars and he
He took a small piece of paper like that and what signed and says well here’s the
registration for transfer to name of you and we don’t
we could believe we thought this guy he was trying to trick us because in
Argentina the only car we had bought us had been a thing
so cumbersome of paperwork and paperwork until you put it in the name of one inclusive
to remove the patent plate the plate from car had to go find a person
that will specialize in making sheet metal patent because the government do in
Argentina did not give you the patent at that time you had to look for a
type you imagined I did the patent plate with the objective number
correspond to you one of the they ran and this boy says no no no
is this all they need to go to the transport ministry and
transfer the car to your name and we didn’t believe it so we went to
see the neighbor this to knock on the door and says look we are wanting to buy
this car and this is the only thing that this man wants to give us a thought we don’t
is wanting to cheat and man we says the one who lived under the American
who spoke a little Spanish married with the lady of puerto rico says is
all they need that’s all they have to go with this the department
Juanma’s rich department of motor vehicles and transfer it to
name of you so good my brother as he had had taken out a
international driver’s license Argentina who could buy it with that
license so that’s how it was bought the first car of the pontiac le mans a
model 65 but inside a v8 engine with a carburetor of
you provoke model I think they had 350 cubic inches of displacement inside
it was all black this leather with chrome everywhere they saw the era of
Americans made those cars they still looked like aircraft carriers and a
trunk where they could put five dead at least you saw because it was a thing
gigantic that there is automatic never we had an automatic car
good if that was the first vehicle that we bought everything worked but at
perfection with radio heating intermittent windshield wipers and
U.S we remembered with my brother when
We had bought the famous Estaciera the reindeer girl in argentina in the year
67 model strong that car 0 kilometer in Argentina I’m going to
explain to see the difference to see what was always the
national industry in the republic argentina el curro towards people what
happened the factory left the factory first day entry never
the windshield wipers worked ruled
the lines of the zero kilometer turn lights the car
the stop lights when one squeezes the brake and you have to turn on the light
back never worked is the ceiling by the outside was all the lighting
I practically rotted a car zero kilometer had not been put
antioxidant when they were painted they painted in paint
the distributor to that engine in the would have put it down in
instead of taking it up as they had these american cars already almost back
when the engine finishes well above the steamer had put it down
that is, every time I stepped on a puddle or it was raining the dealer got wet and the
van stopped we told him the mechanic that we can do and the type we
said to grab a sheet of paper from daily make a swab so screw the
Pledge in the fire and get sealed by down to the engine until the
distributor and dry inside imagine like this a year stop them are
the planetariums of the differential back shattered the
Pickup truck attached to highs won loose pieces his diaphragm broke
of the gasoline pump and filled the crankcase instead of oil with oil he walked
with gasoline the truck the first trip what we did of necochea cordoba
our battery sank because the alternator did not cut and gave load and
charge and charge the battery so the battery we felt pain inside the car
this and it was that the battery was boiling the
melted never could start with the battery because it was melted
to start pushing it we always broke the elastics forward to
the few months and the two sheets of elastics ran sideways
that is, the address collided and I don’t know could bend to the right side only
you could turn left that you wanted to go somewhere and
you had to think two blocks that turn left two more blocks
turn left to the left to the left to left to left
from the left to get to the point that one wanted to arrive
I don’t know what that vehicle was zero kilometer that national industry that doesn’t
we bought that touched us and well in usa they were airplanes practically not
true at that time also my sister the one of the mónica half job change
he went to work at a store that I was there on the street at 34 in
Manhattan once they sold everyone already worked
there and there he met a Peruvian girl who
I was also working and I was looking for a place to live that
turned out to have been the sister of what she is today
my wife so she came to live in the apartment with us my
mom and moon rent a room and why in new york it is very very common that the
people have to live in houses where they share the bedrooms gets with
part of the kitchen to the bathroom because nobody You can pay a rent for your own
half let’s say it’s not true then there are to live like this she came to live too
there home with us be in that time my mom decides she was going to
return to Argentina because there was already my foster mom stayed with both of us
little boys and the dog alone and had to prepare all the paperwork the
passports and everything for them too they could come to live with us like this
good my mom left took the plane He returned to Argentina and we
we were alone in the city again york
a lot of boys just there with enough fear and uncertainty this
one felt vulnerable unprotected what was missing in my family was that that
father’s picture they saw that supposedly the one with the strength that
always solve things the one who protect and of course as one did not have everything
that was my mom but my mom too the poor she alone two by three will
broke and grabbed those attacks of crying and one did not know what to do and one
felt with a lot of guilt because of guilt
our being born she has had to go through all these
situations and well it is believed to be this insecurity was growing even one chases him until the day
of today because when one has gone through so traumatic situations of so
young and with that constant fear and with that then one like that grows up
today I am always thinking that at any moment everything comes
down one is always thinking the worst one is always prepared for this in
any time it rots and I have to be prepared to make the leap and
saving me is not true because like one reads
it has been developed with a sixth sharpened sense of
what is it that produces the human being the survival factor they saw
have to survive under conditions adverse and one is left
a leave there always of what to be always prepared not true
always prepared always like that not only insecure but also
distrustful I find it hard to trust in people because I always see it and what
I analyze and see where the big surprise so good my mom is
return to the US states of the Argentina we were alone and there
the problem of almost everything begins not of almost all the emigrant who leaves without
a legal situation and clarified let’s say to another country how
we do to stay the legal part how we solve the
legal part the status part let’s say the migratory and well we started looking
everywhere because as it goes spending time the country of origin of
emigrant is getting further and further little by little it goes away it’s as if
one was on a raft and leaves moving away from the coast is not true and
begins to want long roots in the new land but if you are not
legally enabled is like it was always
also walking on thin ice they saw when thick ice like
will have seen the videos of canada one can walk up to jump when
the bases are solid when one has the legal situation fixed no problem but when
one is in that limbo situation is how to walk on ice but and one
he doesn’t know at what point he is going to leave the ice and the water is going to fall down
the current takes it and with this subject it was the same one was always with him
heart in the mouth of thinking and what happen if they grab us and report us to
where are we going we are doing Argentina now was for us land of no
return because we had already left precisely because of that problem then
let’s see how we solve this position to fix the papers I had been told that if one is
I volunteered at the army armed forces in usa le
granted residence then I I agree that on the street there in time
square in manhattan at 42 where joins broadway with fifth avenue and
there was the place where the ball goes down in year again they saw when the new year falls that
there all that celebration is done there was in one in a triangle of
streets like that where two avenues joined there were three cubicles
of glass that belonged to the forces U.S. Navy
one was from the air force army and the marina were there
then I say good if I can get into the army in the
armed forces and they give me residence with the residence you can help your
family to claim it at that time were the sponsor plans and that one
could claim relatives and so on but for me it was also a middle one
I’m leaving and I say well I get in the air force I’m going to see if
I can dedicate myself to piloting airplanes of home airplanes
good these boys spoke in Spanish
that they have there because of course they are trying to recruit people and many are
Spanish speaking so I’m going to force I tell her if I would like to join
the air force if there is no problem tell me come and come sit you
I explain the subject of what I was in the place where they were training
I was in Penscola in Florida and everything this and when he explained well that I
I am from Argentina but I am here as turista y ahí ya cambió la cosa me dice
no entonces no la fuerza aérea tiene que ser este ciudadano residente no no
podemos hacer nada me dice él lo lamento mucho pero me dice anda a hablar con los
del ejército de tierra me voy a ir al lado de viste el ejército
entró el mismo tema le digo mire cómo es el tema para ya es ella de entrada le
dije yo estoy interesado a ver si puedo tomar la residencia americana si me dice
no hay ningún problema me dice y le digo bueno a ver cómo es el tema me dice
bueno mira el boceto yun jong
para ser voluntario en este momento dice te mandamos durante tres meses a un
campo de entrenamiento que estaba en el sur en georgia el fuerte no me acuerdo
el nombre fork sanfic y me dice ahí te hacemos el entrenamiento este durante
tres meses y me dice y después el día que vas a estar en el avión volando
hacia vietnam me dice ahí el oficial de turno te va a llenar todos los papeles
para que te otorguen el green acá no es cierto la residencia de eeuu y claro en
aquella época los norteamericanos estaban peleando en vietnam la guerra de
vietnam y los los viejos le estaban dando una paliza bastante seria a los
gringos vieron o sea que este tipo prácticamente lo que estaban haciendo
era reclutando gente para mandarlas a vietnam a pelear y yo digo trillo que
tengo que verlo con los vietnamitas no es cierto que tengo que ir a ir a matar
vietnamitas o que me maten a mí en un conflict
que me importaba muy poco porque no tenía nada que ver con mi persona no es
cierto y por otro lado no había ningún tipo de garantía que uno le dieran la
residencia porque llegaba a vietnam y te pegaban tres tiros y volvía de regreso
en una bolsa de plástico o sea que me iba a ayudar a nadie porque mi intención
era decir bueno tal vez si me da la residencia a mí yo puedo poco a poco
podemos ir esté reclamando nos unos a otros así que por ese lado se cerró esa
puerta y esa posibilidad de 17 años y me preguntaron qué edad tenía la carne de
cañón era lo que buscaban ellos de la carne de cañón este voluntario y grupo
número de gente para mandarlos allí y que los surgieran a balas o los
vietnamitas en el vietnam así que eso tampoco no resultó y había que buscar otra forma de cómo
solucionar la parte miren los truenos la parte legal en eeuu
y cuánto hace que estamos hablando llevamos casi 50 minutos entonces lo
paramos ahí así que lo paramos ahí y después en el
próximo seguimos contando como finalmente se hace para ver de tratar de
solucionar los problemas de migración y good
el de hoy for más o menos un vídeo que explica las diferencias como uno se
sintió al llegar a los estados unidos saltó el salto la llave térmica y avisó
de que hay un rayo en las líneas d de alta tensión o algo ahora vamos a ver
si la experiencia esa de haber llegado of the
vivir a los altos de no tener prácticamente nada de estar siempre con
el corazón en la boca económicamente hablando al llegar a un país donde era
todo floreciente donde había trabajo por todos lados donde
las cosas eran super económicas comprarlas donde el dinero rendía donde
se podía trabajar y vivir con una dignidad pero ya empezó a dejar de lado
esa preocupación constante de cómo survive
eso ya se empezó a no considerar porque todas las semanas entraba dinero a
dieron entraban entraba entraba entraba y habíamos hecho un pozo en común en la
familia o sea que todo lo que ganábamos iba a ese pozo para hacerle frente a
este íbamos al citibank que era el que a través del cual le mandábamos a mis
papás los giros bancarios para que él pudiera pagar los pasajes que se habían
comprado a crédito también se le mandaba dinero a la parte de la familia que
había quedado en argentina para que ellos puedan ir sobreviviendo
se ahorró dinero para que se les pudiera comprar a mi mamá al pasaje de regreso a
la argentina porque los pasajes de regreso a nosotros que habíamos comprado
los perdimos porque nos regresamos o sea que para entrar a eeuu hacía falta
pasajes de entrada y salida o sea que cuando salimos de argentina compramos
pasajes de ida y vuelta pero la vuelta nunca se usó y en aquella época creo que
no te devolvían dinero no me acuerdo cómo fue la historia pero creo que lo
perdimos y bueno se le compró el pasaje para que pueda regresar a la argentina
también se iban haciendo los pagos se compró el auto se amuebló el apartamento
slowly así que nos íbamos estabilizando no es
true faltaba la parte de ahora legal que era
lo más importante lo más lo que más nos preocupaba si estábamos trabajando y todo pero
supuestamente no tenía que ser así era a
ahí se había producido una especie de fisura en en eeuu de que lo que decía la
ley que el turista no tiene derecho a trabajar y por otro lado le daban el
sociedad a todo el que lo pidiese entonces uno decía pero no pensaba decía
pero estos tipos son medios tontos porque te ponen una ley que dicen bueno
podéis hacer esto y por el otro lado te dan todo lo que necesitas para poder
hacerlo y uno decía no los comprendía vieron era
difícil de entender así que bueno si esa fue esta parte espero que les haya
gustado y yo ya había cumplido mis 17 años así que podría trabajar a tiempo
completo y bueno sí 80 el fogón as me pegó en la cara dieron
escucharon la casa y lo escucharon estamos una cuadra del río de la plata
esperemos que no suba la marea y nos inunde a este sí y aquí bueno en uruguay
como ya le decimos un poquito de tiempo vamos a estar el problema más grande es
of what el internet no nos da para subir todo
esto en todos los lugares que visitamos así que les pedimos que tengan un poco
de paciencia que se siguen haciendo los episodios y el tema es encontrar el
lugar donde tengan la fuerza para cargar los conciertos así que bueno los dejamos
with this para la próxima si pensamos que para la
semana que viene saldrá el episodio número 5 así que esperen lo y espero que
les guste y que sigan interesados en el tema y si ahora los vamos a llevarlos
los dejamos con la incógnita de cómo como hicimos para tratar de solucionar
los problemas de inmigración y por supuesto después está toda la parte de
la inmigración a canadá y bueno mire no sé si debe haber tal vez 30 40 o 50
capítulos pero poco a poco se van a ir finding out
así que hasta el próximo

99 thoughts on “POR QUÉ EMIGRÉ DE ARGENTINA | “Nuestra Nueva Vida en Nueva York” | Historia de Daniel – Part 4

  1. Para todos aquellos interesados en ver como eran los subterraneos de New York en 1970, les encontre este link, espero les agrade. Abrazos familia,Daniel



  3. Realmente estas historias son conmovedoras. Daniel narra con total veracidad los hechos. Argentina lamentablemente es asi. Se vive con mezquindad y calificando al otro por lo que tiene. No cambio en el tiempo. Aguardamos el siguiente episodio de esta apasionante odisea. Desde Bs. As. los queremos a todos entrañablemente. BESOS para todos.

  4. Yo vivi en California hace 2 años durante 6 meses, y es así tal cual lo describe Daniel…y sin ver o saber lo que el pensaba siempre lo digo. Los gobiernos nos llevan a ser mezquinos, a ser cada vez mas "ratones", mas pobres de mentalidad. Vi en USA un pais donde te quieren ayudar a crecer, y todo es circulo virtuoso, porque al otro también le conviene. Nadie te dice " no te quedes", al contrario te hablan de las oportunidades que se te abren. Que sigan los relatos.

  5. Aunque parezca de mal gusto cabe aclarar que ese estándar de vida en USA es a coste de la pobreza y sufrimiento de otros. El combustible que utilizaban esos grandes autos salía regalado porque ese país lo conseguía a precio vil. El sistema te da la posibilidad de comprar todas las estupideces que quiera pero en Argentina cualquier con un poco de sentido común podía comprarse una casa cosa que en Usa con suerte pagara:30

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    (He estado esperando este video por semanas. Saludos desde la ciudad de Córdoba Argentina!)

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  9. Hola me encanto el vídeo, cuéntenos sr. Daniel , por que estaban en Uruguay ? estaré esperando el siguiente episodio # 5 (que tormenta !!!!).. 🙂

  10. Hola familia !! Ay Daniel nos sentimos identificados , cuando vos decis del sexto sentido , es verdad siempre estamos alertas e ir un paso mas alla para salvarse economicamente , para que vamos a negar que es la base principal hasta para tratarte medicamente la salud , todo es dinero y en Argentina vos lo decis bien , son todos tranfugas los politicos , yo tengo 68 años , asi que mira si no te comprendo . ay que hacer lo que crea bien para la familia y listo . Les mando un abrazo !! genial el video !

  11. Pero como no fuiste a Vietnam? Si EEUU te dio todo y es un país en serio como decis y criticas tanto a Argentina donde no viviste los últimos 50 años

  12. Somos contemporaneos Daniel y es tal cual como lo contas.
    Yo provengo de una familia numerosa de 9 miembros, donde solo trabajaba mi papa( trabajaba mucho, en 2 trabajos)y era asi el reparto del postre. Justamente cuando vi q tenia tu video dije me voy a servir durazno en almibar para ver el video y vos hablas del reparto y si era tal cual. Hoy me doy cuenta q solamente podrian comer 3 personas de una lata, con porciones de dos mitades y su
    almibar. Y sabes, creo q me vas a entender, siento un poco de culpa, porque no la puedo compartir( como soy creyente en Dios, oro antes xq sino me cae mal)
    Yo tambien creci y hasta hoy siento esa sensacion q en cualquier momento se pudre todo; sera x las crisis economicas q hemos vivido los argentinos, las dictaduras militares, y los nefastos gobiernos democraticos q hemos tenido …y esa sen sacion de q todo vuela x los aires, cuando en los años '70 nos decian "en cualquier momento apretan el boton rojo y todo se va a la mierda"

  13. Preguntonas! 1) podremos ver alguna vez a mamá? Me gustaría conocer a la mujer maravillosa que apuntalo a Daniel para concebir tan maravillosa familia!
    2) nadie usa motocicletas en Canadá?

  14. Extraordinario relato. Soy emigrante colombiano en Australia de ya 20 años y me fascina como él cuenta su propia historia en Estados Unidos. Me gusta mucho cuando se refiere a la mezquindad del gobierno argentino, es la misma historia de los demás países latinoamericanos: una mezquindad que muchas veces emulan también los jefes de hogar con su mujer e hijos. Ese sistema de salvase quien pueda; insolidario, egoista y miserable tiene mucho que ver con nuestro subdesarrollo

  15. Me siento muy identificada con lo que cuenta este video y otros. Con mi familia emigramos a un pais de habla inglesa, es dificil al principio por el idioma, pero estamos muy contentos con la decision que tomamos con mi esposo, le pudimos dar un mejor futuro a nuestros hijos y hemos logrado muchas cosas que en Argentina nunca hubiesemos podido hacer. Muy lindos videos, muy reales y verdaderos.


  17. Todavía no se puede consumir nada hoy el helado sale carísimo las latas uff un atún 170 pesos …egoístas y perversos..siguen igual..y seguimos reciclando la ropa..yo tengo 2 niños.

  18. Saludos de nuevo.Otro gran episodio,como los anteriores.Me ha hecho recordar,cuando en mi infancia,allá por los sesenta,pasaba por delante de las panaderías o pastelerías/reposterias,y te envolvían esos maravillosos olores,que por otra parte,era a lo único,a lo que uno tenia acceso,aparte de quedarse un buen rato en los escaparates,contemplando embelesado,los bollos,pasteles y tartas,que uno se comía,con la vista,porque no había con qué llevar nada de eso al estomago.
    En fin,ya sé de las dificultades,pero no se hagan de rogar mucho,para el próximo video.Un abrazo de un español residente en USA,(PR).


  20. Muy exacta las palabras es así Argentina . Hay gente de Argentina q todavía no sabe desir q no sirve ninguno . Es la verdad son todos corructos . Les gusta q la gente sea pobre para después seguir robando

  21. Yo conozco algo de la historia argentina y pienso que es de los países que más daño le ha causado a sus propios ciudadanos. Gracias por compartir.

  22. Daniel, lo que contás de Argentina es lo que no se cansa de repetir el economista que se postuló y no votó casi nadie, José Luis Espert. Tal vez ya habrás visto alguna de sus intervenciones en programas de tv argentinos. Un saludo.

  23. Que bárbaro…cuanta verdad!!!! Tan linda la Argentina pero si acostumbrados a todo ese egoísmo!!!! Gracias por la libertad que te deja ser sinceramente así te quiero mucho Daniel tu verdad es la mía un abrazo

  24. Daniel, Audrey, qué bueno escucharlos de nuevo, es un placer enorme. Nunca mejor descripta la sociedad argentina, triste, pero real, y siempre se repite en un loop infinito, acá siempre se está en el mismo lugar año tras año. Todavía me sigo riendo de las anécdotas de la Estanciera jaja. Mi abuelo tuvo una y puede dar fé de que Daniel sabe de lo que habla jaja. Bueno, me encanta escucharlos, y con ansias espero la siguiente parte. Espero que estén disfrutando mucho de su viaje. Un gran abrazo desde Argentina!

  25. Hola Samuel, Audrey y Daniel! Somos fieles seguidores del canal y estamos viendo el episodio 4 de porque emigre de argentina, notamos que filmaron el video en colonia y mencionaron que venían a Montevideo. Tenemos una propuesta para ustedes en caso de que sigan por aquí, quieren venir a volar con nosotros? Nosotros invitamos 🙌🏻Si lo desean pueden seguirnos y ver un poco de lo que hacemos 😃. Sin robarles más tiempo los felicitamos por su canal tanto en inglés como en español, un tremendo contenido! Esperemos poder verlos! 😄🛫

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  27. yo creo! que es al revés …en las elecciones 2020 de Arg, un chico de 27 años fue convocado para presidente de mesa en una colegio, y lo discriminaron por "pibe ladrón" según la forma de vestir "humilde" evidentemente es al revés los que tienen alta calidad de bienestar, discriminan al humilde …porque nuestra sociedad esta infestada de liberalismo repugnante

  28. El tangaso ~Cambalache~ escrito en 1934 por el grande Enrique Santos Discepolo creo q aplica al relato d Daniel. La version q mas me gusta es del maestro Julio Sosa. Siempre contemporaneo es Cambalache. Saludos dsd Cordoba!

  29. Que aventura Daniel.Pero tuvo suerte al final de todo.No sé si hoy podríamos emigrar sin un peso en los bolsillos….Creo que Dios tenía programado que ud formara su familia en otra Nación!!!

  30. Lo mejor que dijiste es que hay como 30 o 50 capitulos como futuro emigrante Uruguayo me interesa mucho y me siento identificado con su forma de pensar, en que parte de montevideo van a estar ? seria genial saludarlo 1 minuto, saludos!


  32. No me pierdo sus videos, me caen super bien me siento en familia como si estuvieramos en una sala conversando con el sr. Daniel y Audrey 😄 les mando un abrazo y saludos desde Barcelona !!!

  33. Daniel dice que en Arg no podían comprar helado, pero contaban con un solo ingreso económico que era la madre, en NY ya eran 5 sueldos, obvio que las cosas eran más accesibles, si se hubiesen quedado capaz salían adelante igual con 5 sueldos.. en mi flia cuando éramos chicos no podíamos comprar casi nada y ahora que somos 4 trabajando estamos mucho mejor, es algo lógico

  34. Creo que ataca mucho a latinoamérica y elogia a EEUU. El desarrollo económico de los países latinoamericanos y europa o Canada EEUU no es una cuestión de que acá en los paises pobres somos malos y tontos y allá ellos si saben gobernar y son los buenos y eficientes. Hay muchas cosas detrás, entre ellos el complot por parte de los países desarrollados que no durante mucho tiempo interfirieron en las políticas de latinoamérica para mantener a los países en la pobreza. El propio Churchil en 1945 dice ante el crecimiento económico de Argentina "No dejemos que Argentina sea una potencia, pues arrastrará tras de sí a toda latinoamérica… La estrategia es debilitar y corromper por dentro a la Argentina. Destruir sus industrias, sus fuerzas armadas, fomentar divisiones internas, atacar su cultura en todos los medios. Esto se logrará gracias a la apatía de su pueblo y a una democracia controlable, donde sus representantes levantarán sus manos en masa en servil sumisión. Hay que humillar a la Argentina" Wiston Churchil 1945

  35. Como siempre me encantó la historia. Si Dios quiere no me perderé ni un capítulo. Muchas Gracias y si estuve inquieta que no venía este capítulo! 😭😢👏👏👏

  36. Doy fé de lo que es la industria argentina, muy berreta, muy mala calidad, pero eso sí caro, mucho más caro que en cualquier parte del mundo. Compré hace poco una cocina Ind. Arg. se oxido al año, dejo de funcionar el encendido al año y medio. Todo es así.

  37. Hola, realmente es un placer escuchar esas historias, sigan así! Lamentablemente en Argentina, todo sigue exactamente igual. Saludos desde Buenos Aires.

  38. Que bueno el relató, por fin me pude hacer un tiempito para poder ver completo el vídeo, el cual estaba ansioso por ver, Daniel eres un excelente narrador, espero la 5ta parte, saludos desde Misiones Argentina 👍

  39. Es increíble. Mis tíos se fueron de Buenos Aires en el año '68 a Maryland y las historias que cuentan suelen estar siempre teñidas de un triunfalismo arrogante. Si mis tíos fuesen la mitad de humildes de lo que es usted Daniel, quizás sentiría algo de admiración por ellos. Esto prueba que la grandeza no tiene nada que ver con la ubicación geográfica.

    Un gran abrazo desde Vicente López, Buenos Aires!

  40. Me gustan estos relatos, pausados y con detalles. espero que duren 20 episodios mas.
    noto cierto resentimiento en el señor, de eso que no pudo ser: argentino. saludos cordiales.

  41. La conclusión de estos relatos es que nos tocó nacer en un país del tercer mundo, chicos. No todos pueden vivir como un yanqui promedio consumiendo pelotudeces innecesarias. Si así fuera, explotaría el mundo. Se necesita que muchos paguen la fiesta de unos pocos yanquis y europeos, principalmente. Nos tocó nacer del lado equivocado. Sinó, tenes la opción de emigrar. Nadie te obliga quedarte. A mi este país me dió mucho y le agradezco. Una buena educación estatal secundaria técnica que me entregó todas las herramientas para ganarme la vida y universitaria que aumentó las posibilidades de vivir mejor. Todo me lo dió esta sociedad pero con tres premisas básicas personales de vida: trabajo, ahorro y austeridad. Este país tiene un 15% de gente de mierda, 7% de ricos y 7% de pobres. Los que mas joden son los ricos. Y son los mas perversos. Los pobres los arreglas con boludeces. No cuestan mucho en el aspecto económico. Los ricos en el poder se fugan 80.000 millones de u$s y te dejan un pais en default. El 85% restante es buena gente de los cuales la mitad a veces confunde el problema real

  42. Hoy la GRIETA en la Argentina es más profunda aún, los DEFENSORES DE LA DEMOCRACIA Y LA REPUBLICA contra LA CORRUPCION COMUNISTA K !!!!!!! Se vive nervioso, peleado con todos, ansiedad a mil sin saber que pasará mañana.

  43. Los gobiernos acá son mezquinos con nosotros, (todos igaules? dictadura y democracia… ????) y el gobierno hermoso del que él habla hace décadas que son mezquinos con el resto del mundo, guerras a cada rato deshumanizando pueblos a cada rato, exportando inflación, conflictos , subdesarrollo y armas. Incluso en la época horrenda que él describe de Argentina fue orquestada por ese maravilloso país consumista que describe. Y además deja de lado que él llegó con white privilege y algo de estudios igual, por más que fuera latino, si él mismo describe lo mal que lo pasaban las minorías en esa ciudad y ese país. Me duele tanto esa comparación tan sesgada…. Por la única razón que me contengo y no digo palabras más feas es porque me doy cuenta de que en realidad es para psicólogo, porque describe a los gobiernos de Argentina de la misma manera que describe al padre.

  44. Espero ansiosa el capítulo 5. Me encantó escuchar su historia Daniel. Es así. Tal cual, las comparaciones y las emociones. Un abrazo grande y se sintió los truenos… Claro que siiii. Hasta la próxima…

  45. Hola querido Daniel cómo estás? siempre es un placer escuchar tus historias. Esta vez, noto cierta bronca para tu país Argentina, en donde queda claro que no te fueron fáciles las cosas. Debo reconocerte que algunos datos o cosas que contás en este video no las comparto del todo. Soy bisnieto de inmigrantes Españoles e Italianos, pero ellos llegaron en condiciones de pobreza, no eran europeos de clase alta, eran pobres y vinieron con muy poco.
    Pudieron con esfuerzo y trabajo surgir y tener dignidad en mi querida Argentina. Entiendo que se trata de tu experiencia personal, pero me queda un sabor amargo a que tengas cierto resentimiento por mi país.
    En el 2018 tuve el privilegio de viajar a los Estados Unidos (Arizona, California, Nevada y Hawaii) y pude comprobar que hay gente que la pasa mal viviendo en las calles y se ve una desigualdad total en ciudades como LA o San Francisco. Los latinos a los que pude conocer, contaban que económicamente estaban mejor, pero también el costo de vida es muy alto y con precarización laboral, etc. Creo que el "sueño americano" no es tal, pero aún así, hubo otra gente que pudo progresar en Argentina. Espero no tomes a mal mis palabras, pero justamente hoy me quedó esa sensación de que estás muy "enchinchado" con nuestra Argentina, y quería comentarte mi punto de vista.
    Creo que los gobiernos deben emparejar la cancha para que todos tengan igualdad de oportunidades.
    Te mando un gran abrazo y sigan con el éxito del canal. A ver cuándo se viene un video haciendo un lechón!! que podría ser lindo para ahora que se acercan las fiestas navideñas.

  46. Gracias por compartir sus vivencia, es usted una persona honorable y de mucho respeto. Saludos. Estoy en espera de la próxima narración.

  47. Es verdad, acá las leyes son para todos, menos para los que trabajan, ni que hablar de tener empleados que te hacen juicio y te dejan en la calle, éste país Daniel , sigue igual y peor también. Muuuy interesante tu relato, te sigo escuchando! Besos 😘😘

  48. Tal cual, es una sociedad mezquina con gobiernos perversos que responden a unas pocas familias dueñas del pais. Pero hay un dicho que se aplica muy bien aca, es que "cada pueblo tiene el gobierno que se merece". queda demostrado por el hecho de que cuando se puede elegir el modelo de pais que queremos, hay un 40 % de retardados mentales que eligen un gobierno de ricos para ricos.-

  49. Señor Daniel No culpe a un país y a su gente por las desdichas pasadas A veces el destino maneja el barco de la vida de manera cruel y despiadada , y cualquier deseo de darle rumbo hacia aguas más favorables resulta en vano Soy Argentino tengo 54 años trabajo como técnico y la mayor parte de ellos he sufrido los avatares de la economía propias de estas latitudes Podría estar mejor en otro país , pero jamás abandonaría mi amada Patria Mi padre era un simple empleado bancario , pero trabajaba duro y aunque a mí y a mis cuatro hermanos de niños nos faltaron algunas cosas JAMÁS nos faltó para comer , y comíamos bien Ya he visto varios de sus vídeos y comentaba con beneplácito sus experiencias Pero en este video veo que mostró la hilacha Y si los argentinos somos miserables , comparto ese punto de vista Quizá esa costumbre de resaltar lo que se tiene se copió de los Estados Unidos , país que arrojó dos bombas nucleares entre otras cosas por pura soberbia Miles de Argentinos se han ido a otros países en busca de fortuna y quizá la encontraron Yo creo que la mayor fortuna es ser feliz en el sentido amplio de la palabra De nada sirve tener dinero y después andar llorando por qué " se extraña " y la amargura de estar en otro país , de ser uno más ( o uno menos ) les carcome el alma Acá siempre hubo inseguridad , pero nunca fui a trabajar con una navaja por miedo que un infeliz me robe lo que gane con sacrificio Le agradecería más respeto al hablar de mi país No le digo de SU país por que usted ya no es más Argentino Ese es un privilegio que se pierde cuando se abandona el barco Mejor ser esclavo en el cielo , que rey en el infierno …

  50. Hay una contradicción en sus exposición ya que dice que no tenían para galletitas pero al mismo tiempo se compraron un auto cero kilómetro, que a ustedes les haya ido mal en esa época por mala administración de sus padres no quiere decir que todos andaban mal, yo era muy chica en esa época donde todos tenían la posibilidad de tener una casa propia., muy distinto ahora.

  51. Cuánta verdad Daniel!! No cambio nada .. los políticos la misma mierda de siempre.. y acá cada uno se cuida el culo !!! Te dicen buen día y agarra el paraguas… Lo bien q hiciste en irte hermano!!! No cambia más papá !!

  52. Daniel, con todo respeto, Ud en Argentina fue clase media alta. Era propietario, aun hoy posee propiedades, iba a colegios privados etc, pero no le daba el bolso por expectativas que no estaban a su alcance. Lamento la desición de sus padres de hacerlo pasar por esas experiencias de emigrar por un futuro mejor? Tengo una edad similar a la suya y siempre alquilamos y fuimos a escuelas públicas y hospitales públicos, algo de lo que carece EU. Nunca debí portar una navaja y esperar pelear por mi vida. Mi padre fue verdulero y vivimos y hoy tengo mi casa, mis vehículos y no debo extrañar el desarraigo. Nací y moriré aquí. No se olvide que el terror de Sudamérica son justamente los norteamericanos que ponían y sacaban Dictaduras militares en complicidad con la Burguesía de cada país. Hay veces que las decisiones de nuestros progenitores nos marcan y uno a esa edad se termina convenciendo que fue mejor. No, Ud visita Argentina para comer mejor, la extraña y trata de seguir convenciéndose que estuvo bien. En su país hubiese sido igual de feliz y prosperado si la desición de pelearla acá hubiere sido suya. Lo sigo cada capítulo de su historia y veo amplias contradicciones propias, propias del que no decide el rumbo de su vida. tengo amigos que emigraron a EU y han generado mucho dinero, pero volvieron a vivir a Argentina con el dinero como coaseguro. EU es una peste mundial, donde si no se tiene dinero se muere, consumista y contaminador mundial. Son los mas fuertes e imponen por la fuerza su razón, si necesitan tus recursos te invaden y te los quitan. lamento que valore esos métodos y los avale. Somos un país jóven lleno de traidores foráneos pero mas justo, tenemos vacaciones pagas, indemnización por despido, licencias laborales, aguinaldo, salud y educación pública y mucho más derechos que cualquier trabajador de EU.Para sufrir a 10000 Km, sufro acá. Un abrazo.

  53. Un abrazo a la distancia Daniel, el padre o madre ausente física o emocionalmente, nos marca de por vida es muy cierto y un asunto creciente, mucha fuerza y un Cordial saludo desde México.

  54. Ja, Ja, Ja…Ay Daniel, me trajiste recuerdos con el helado Napolitano de chocolate, fresa y vainilla…lo comí mucho de niña en la casa de mi abuela. Qué coloridos e interesantes tus relatos, las descripciones apelan a los sentidos…acá me llegan los sabores, los olores y hasta los sonidos del subterráneo…eres genial. Un abrazo cordial.

  55. Como siempre, impecable el video, me quedé con una cosa, eso de que en nuestros países no nos tratan como ciudadanos, es una gran verdad, pero también es cierto que muchas de las empresas que nos tratan mal, no son locales, hoy por hoy en la Argentina el 80% del consumo interno lo proveen multinacionales extranjeras, y tienen ese doble estandar. En el primer mundo incentivan el consumo, en el tercer mundo incentivan el lucro, dos cosas bien diferentes. Pero la verdad es que desde los años 70 hasta ahora, muchas cosas han cambiado, al menos tenemos conciencia (buena parte de la población, no todos, los tilingos siguen existiendo) y de alguna manera luchamos por tener un país mejor. Por algo se empieza, el primer paso es saber que tenes un problema, saber que tus condiciones son anti naturales.

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