Porsche Cayman GT4 – Fahrbericht / Review [ENG SUB] / Sound / Test – HIGHLIGHTS 2019

We were just having so much fun, but now it’s wet on track And combination of rain and Cup-Tyres is a rather bad one But let the rain not spoil the fun because we’re sitting in a very special car now the Porsche Cayman GT4 With its highlight fitted right here in the center the 6-speed manual gearbox from Porsche which like no other manual gearbox has such a precise throw and an incredible mechanical feel to it It delivers an awesome shifting experience Porsche will add the PDK to the GT4s Option list soon but to be honest, this car needs the 6-speed because this car is primarily made for fun, it can do track work perfectly too But it’s more of a fun oriented car Also because of the great N/A-engine, as you can hear A 4.0 l flat-six which has nothing to do with the 4 l-engine of the GT3 It is a new development that shares more similarities with the 3.0 l Biturbo of the 911 Carrera-models It’s a very interesting engine with beautiful linear torque delivery especially from 5000 rpm upwards the engine really comes alive. Engine sound is a little muted due to the particulate filter but the best thing about it isn’t just the raw engine noise it’s how mechanical everything sounds i can hear everything working behind me the valves, the clacking of the engine mounts if you suddenly apply throttle and also the shifter which rewards every shift with a solid “klank” The car has an auto-blip-function, that rev matches for you but you can also deactivate it if you want to do it on your own It’s a good assist, you can deactivate if you like so it’s not paternalising the driver These set up possibilities are important to make a car work for different driver levels The chassis is very playful with a little tendency to understeer but it’s really no problem as it gives you more confidence with the car especially if you consider the rather short wheelbase and this also helps to please drivers with different skill levels, just like the auto-blip does too. There will be an even spicier GT4 soon – the GT4 RS It will be exciting to see how far Porsche will push the Caymans because you can get the feeling sometimes, that the Cayman is deliberately dialed back just a little bit The car for example has very long gear ratios if we now rev out 2nd gear… it goes all the way up to 140 km/h The car could do even better with shorter gearing because the engine has a broad powerband and it revs so nicely Anyway it’s so much fun to drive this car as it’s relatively easy to control but still delivers this very mechanical feel everything feels so natural nothing’s fake, the sound is real, the steering has tons of feedback the manual has such a beatiful throw and it’s the whole package that makes the GT4 a machine of pure driving pleasure Full story in the new Auto Bild Sportscars

9 thoughts on “Porsche Cayman GT4 – Fahrbericht / Review [ENG SUB] / Sound / Test – HIGHLIGHTS 2019

  1. Ein tolles Auto! Definitiv sein Geld wert! Schade nur, das Porsche aus einer Selbstverständlichkeit (Sechszylinder im alten Cayman/Boxster) etwas Besonderes (=Teuer!) machen muss… Die Wahl zu haben zwischen 2 Motoren wäre die bessere Entscheidung gewesen. Das ist aber auch der einzige Kritikpunkt an dieser Baureihe. Der GT4 ist über alle Zweifel erhaben!😎

  2. Immer die selbe Leier. Fährt spazieren mit einem GT4, nimm einen Ford Fiesta. Dann das er mit PDK kommt und noch ein GT4 RS. Das Video kann man sich sparen.

  3. Schönes drittAuto kann ich da nur sagen , fürs Wochenende am frühen Morgen ohne Frau und Kinder … 🤤🤭🥰

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