Porter Spartan Baseball Playoff Preview

The Porter Spartan baseball team has caught
fire and is heading into the playoffs. Coach Wayne Ralph says his team has for the
first time in Spartan history come out of regular season with 21 wins. Those wins put their record in the district
as 14 and 3. Ralph says for this team it’s about work
ethic. “See these kids, they are out here every
day. One thing I keep telling them is that we have
not taken one day off since it started in the Fall. Since Christmas time we didn’t take a day
off, we were out here pulling sleds we are out here running, we’re out here to work. are excited, they want to change and leave
their legacy.” The team is scheduled to play Port Neches
Grove on Thursday with the second game at PNG, and the 3rd and final game of the series
on Sat. May 5th. Ralph says his Spartans are ready. “ It’s the best out of three and the first
one is a big one for us. I think when you get that first one in and
we will be lucky enough to be playing here on Thursday night at our home field. That will give us an advantage. We have already played em once this year. We know exactly what they are going to do
and it will be a real close game so we are excited to play PNG again. “

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