Post Practice Baseball Conditioning

do you want your players or do you as an athlete want to be faster stronger and more explosive I’m talking some post conditioning practice stay tuned hello welcome to baseball player university we enjoy coming into your homes talking this wonderful game of baseball i’m talking about the physical component today a little post-practice conditioning coaches check this video out you’ll see how to set up stations that’s going to help your players to develop their core to get stronger faster more agility this game is what I call a strongman games you don’t have to be big but you’ve got to be strong so we’re helping you with the development of the physical body as well let’s go ahead and get out here we’ve got some guys doing some work man let’s get it on alright we’ve been talking about team practice now we’ve got a little post conditioning practice hey i love it because you know what the good baseball player we need to be flexible strong explosive quick and fast so we’re gonna combine all those components last time I look I didn’t see many baseball players running a marathon all our conditioning it’s fast explosive the same way that we perform on the field first drill we’re going to do with these guys boys will be fast and furious these guys are going to a work out this is the same way you can run yours you do it a couple times you got you conditioning done first one is a zigzag what they’re going to do I got to cones set part about six yards so when they get done by the time they finish about 30 yard sprint you could set them out about 10 or 12 make it a 40 50-yard sprint he’s going to sprint to that cone back pedal to that one with sprint to that one let’s go alright go the job go Brandon all right good now you see it getting good foot work in here good explosiveness good now don’t let that sniper get you now they’re going to return back good TC good come on a baby’s good notice their legs are underneath their not dropping all right now we’re not done come on over here now we move to the scissor jumps we just had some sprint work going there now we’re gonna focus on the bottom half the legs explosive legs scissor jumps medicine ball right out in front of about nine to ten-pound resistance what I want to see him do a cycle keep his legs underneath him keep a tight core go now what we don’t want to see is the head bouncing up and down so boy we’re getting a lot of legwork leg drive in there very good 10 to 12 seconds very good job your off your on Brandon come on big man working working good baseball is played away from the center body but we got to create strength away from the center of our body when we hit when we throw all right come on over here boy now we’re on the hurdles whew as fast and furious now we’re going to do some plyometric work and what we’re talking about there’s a lot of explosive jumps lateral go boom boom hit touch off the ground get in there brandon new next well alright and we’ll come on down here we’re going to finish with good footwork alright because we’re an athlete we take all of these component put together good footwork keep chest down the center ladder in-in out we don’t want to move way out here we moved from our hips that’s where we create foot speed alright go that a boy TC don’t let that sniper get you these drills right right here we have to start them under control but boy we move them up and get our feet faster that’s what we’re talking about we talk about conditioning that’s the way I love to condition my athletes you know I don’t know how long this long-distance running we like that quick explosive stuff that’s going to help us out there on the field we’re going to keep all working we’ll see you back here next time alright guys let’s go back over to the zig zag let’s work it how you feeling TC all right come on that a boy good they’re working good these guys are athlete’s man very good nice alright good on this channel we try to provide great information that is useful for the baseball community hey take your time puruse our channel make sure you hit the share button to spread the word around some of your friends if you haven’t subscribed subscribe now give us a thumbs up so we can keep bringing you this great information until next time His Peace Always remember this is baseball player university where the field is your clasroom

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