Praia da Cordoama Paragliding Site Guide

These beautiful cliffs are locatated in the south
west corner of Portugal. Our dear friend, Nelson is the local guide from Flytrip Algarve will help you discover this amazing place. The scenery is breathtaking from the air but you need to respect the terrain and the tide. There are 2 main starting places, up
at 100 meters for weaker wind, and further down at 25 meters.You will find an easy beach
landing just under the ridge. This site is best suited for west-northwest
wind. Use lower takeoff when the wind is stronger than 20
Km/h. After your flight you will find an easy beach landing spot just under the ridge, but be aware of the venturi effect around the parking lot
as it will slow you down a lot when you turn into the wind. Most of the time it’s better to lose height
above the water and make the last turn towards the cliff and approach landing from the side. Check out our website for more information! Happy landings!

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