Preaching Selflessness: Baseball Coaching Tips

Baseball Coaching Tips: Preaching Selflessness [INTRO MUSIC]>>WARREN FURST: As a coach, managing expectations
for the players and the parents is tough in tournament play because it’s a mix of trying
to get the best players out onto the field but also mixing in a bit of fair play. Our players understand that this is the highest
level of baseball for youth baseball here at PONY and expectations have to be reasonable.>>SCOTT RUARK: I always preach selflessness. They [have] to understand, everybody is good
on that field, so if I need them not to play a game or sit a game, it’s all about the
team. And I preach team, every day.>>KEN GILL: The boys need to understand that
they’re playing for themselves, they’re playing for their family, they’re playing
for their teammates. It’s important for them to understand that
this is something bigger than themselves. Conduct yourself properly, play the game the
way it’s supposed to be played and have respect for the game.>>DAVE BARR: These kids are 14 years old you
know. It is not about individual play. At the end of the day when they’re older
kids and they come together, they care about did you win or lose. It’s a team game, we play for our teammates. It’s all about family and playing for one
another. [OUTRO MUSIC]

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