Preah Bat Kao Dagn and History of Preah Khan Reach

At that time, us Khmer, used to have this statue at PheakThyneang to pull out the Preah Khan (sword) Yes, in there, the 4 Preah Neang received a Kingdom each The Kingdom on the West was called Metalay Kingdom on the North, the Kingdom was called Mouta the Kingdom on the East was called Karena and the Kingdom in the middle was called Obekkha This latter was the daughter of Preah Ang Preah Neang Sar Soriya Preah Ang was not included as at that time, no man has been able to pull out the Preah Khan for her So, the Khmer land was divided in 4 Kingdoms And in there, Preah Ang’s child who used to be the bravest out of the 5 daughters he had, it was Preah Neang Obekkha Preah Ang assigned her to be an Obiyou Reach at that time Then, we used to perform this ceremony of pulling out the Preah Khan until nowadays And so Preah Bat Kao Dagn has been workshipped by the Khmer Especially, in India, where there are millions of people workshipping him today How is he called? Preah Bat Kao Dagn is naked. He has no cloth on. And in India, he is nowadays called Kodel And the Khmer people call him incorrectly A Gel In reality, the religion which workships Preah Bat Kao Dagn is practiced all over India I found out that the Khmer Kings originate from the marriage between Preah Bat Kao Dagn and Naga Dynasty Therefore, these 4 Preah Neang are the proof confirming that our Khmer country used to have 4 Kingdoms which the Vietnamese took over one, the Thai took one, the Lao took one and with one remaining, the Kingdom in the middle, as proof He’s naked. That’s true I also want to say something about this French document saying that Preah Bat Kao Dagn fought Neang Neak with his army It’s all wrong story because Preah Ang was only naked And Preah Ang was abandoned by his father and mother on a raft by the sea And we have Chrouy Marika in Chvea country as proof And nowadays, to say that he came to fight against Preah Neang Neak and take over the Kingdom are lies and there is no proof , because Preah Bat Kao Dagn was naked only. I want to ask about the ceremony Preah Khan, which you told us about earlier What does it consist of? The ceremony of Preah Khan meant to pull out a special weapon when ever a man succeeded in pulling it out, people recognized him as King And this special weapon, if you remove its cover it interacts with the light of the Sun and can be used to kill people And you said that we continue to perform this ceremony until today? Yes, we still do it. When a King is crowned, even for our today’s King They organized that ceremony of Preah Khan also, but This ceremony follows the Monks but it is still performed Really? But, I’ve never seen they organized that ceremony? They do!. They place a knife on a stand and they ask the King to take it for coming to the throne But it’s not pulled out of the ground… That’s what is called the ceremony of pulling out the Preah Khan Here is the Preah Khan Reach to become the King Here is Preah Khan Reach? Yes, that’s Preah Khan Reach but it’s broken… So, what can we do, as even the face is broken How many Preah Khan do we have? We have many. It is divided into 3 types: Preah Khan Reach, then Preah Khan Sdach Somon Reach and then, Preah Khan Chey Varman, and then, Preah Khan Sla So, Preah Khan which Preah Kao Neak Komono used to hold was? It was Preah Khan Reach. And in the hands of that Preah Neang was also Preah Khan Reach There are a total of 5 Preah Khan Reach There are 5 of them? Yes And where do they come from? Us Khmer, we had them forged with the technique we know since Sdach Pchong Neak, Preah Ang when his daughter had her 5 children Preah Ang came to forge these 5 Preah Khan to reign over the Kingdom And the Neak Lovo Pothisat didn’t have any Preah Khan? They used to. Preah Neang Neak. The Preah Khan is stil there in Sras Pitou It’s near here, in the water What was the name of the Preah Khan for Neak Lovo Pothisat? It was called Preah Khan Reach There were many Preah Khan Reach? There were 5 There were 5 but there were 500 Neak Lovo Pothisat We call Neak Lovo but there are 5 who were leading So, these ones had Preah Khan and Preah Khan Sla were for Preah Neang Preah Metrey other Preah of smaller ranks In summary, there were 3 types of Preah Khan: Preah Khan Moha Reach and There were 5 of them And then, there were the Preah Khan Chey Varman which are Preah Khan Sek Sankream There were many: 7 of them and also 8 of them coming to a total of 15 And for Preah Khan Sla: there were many Nowadays, we use them for a marriage It’s the different swords we use for different purpose In summary, so many…

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