Preparing Girls for College Hockey Careers with Kristi King // NSCtv

Hey guys, I’m Kristi King and I’m putting
on the Collegiate Girls Prep Hockey Camp. It’s the inaugural year of it and I’m the
camp director. What inspired me to come up with this camp
is the fact that not all kids get the opportunity to work with college coaches and to have that
opportunity that’s kinda open to everyone. And so, my goal was to make this so each kid
could, could come in, get a chance to work with these coaches. My goal for this camp is for these kids to
not be so afraid of these college coaches. Know that they can develop relationships with
them, both on and off the ice and uh, take what they learn from this and apply it every
single day cause, I mean, not everyday do you get this level of coaching and ultimately,
it’s what you do on your own that determines your success as a hockey player. It’s been really fun meeting a lot of new
people. It’s definitely great meeting all these new
coaches. I’m Elli Tammi, I’m a freshman at Andover
High School. I’m Madi Peterson, from Princeton High School
and I’m a Sophomore. It’s definitely great to get some input from
college coaches and how they think you are doing and how to get there and improve on
what you need to improve on. So what’s all included in the camp: is dorms,
the same dorms that the Olympic team stays in. Then they get three meals a day. Some team activities, team bonding, four games,
five practices, and they get two strength and conditioning testing. What I learned the most is how to read plays
and look for people that are open. The drills are really helping us, like where
we should be without the puck, and when we should be there. What I like most about the camp is, meeting
all these new people and just playing with other people besides my regular season team. I’m just really excited about this opportunity
for the camp and it’s super fun for the kids cause they get something extremely different
than they do at any other camp. We’re excited for future years of the Collegiate
Girls Hockey Prep Camp and we’re also extremely excited to see where these girls go with their
hockey careers.

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