Pressing Issues 空穴不来风 EP 11 – Bonnie Loo VS Loh Kean Yew 罗美仪 VS 骆建佑

Hello -Hi -It’s so strange to be barefoot on a show
-Left foot, yeah Do you want to ask me first
or shall I ask you first? Ladies first -Okay If someone says that you are ungrateful,
representing Singapore… instead of Malaysia,
what will you say to them? I haven’t forgotten about my coaches
in Penang I wouldn’t have been successful
without them I came to Singapore to seek
better development and improvement So I’m not ungrateful I’m grateful for their help I’m grateful to both
Malaysia and Singapore We haven’t seen you host any variety shows
since SPOP Sing! Why is that? Maybe it’s because I didn’t do well
on SPOP Sing! So no one wants me to host other shows -It’s about Desmond Ng
-What’s the question? I think I know what it is
after hearing his name You can choose
whether to answer it or not It’s okay for me today Because I’m very ticklish,
I won’t give the masseur any chance You said to the media that
Desmond Ng is your ideal lover Were you trying to confess your love to him
and see his reaction? That’s not true I don’t need to be ambiguous with him, because we’re just like bros We know each other too well -Bro-zone When we were filming romantic scenes, the directors would say,
“That’s more like bromance than romance” Okay -Okay This one is also about Desmond Ng -Why? It’s… It’s said that Desmond Ng likes
girls with big breasts. Do you think it’s true? You guys are so mean Help me, Desmond. You answer this yourself I don’t want to answer that Masseur, press harder, please Press harder. Make her feel itchy It hurts He pressed the… It really hurts If your boyfriend suggested you get
plastic surgery or breast implants, would you do that out of love? Then I would ask my boyfriend, “Do you love me for my beauty, “or do you love me because of your needs?” When a girl says that, the guy… Yes. I’ll be the one undergoing the surgery
and suffering the pain, so you should be the one paying the bill When was the first time
you kissed your girlfriend? Do I have to check the date? That’s a good answer Who checks the date when kissing?
You kiss when you want to, right? So when I kiss her in the future, I will… But when was your so-called first kiss? -I’ll skip this one
-You didn’t… Oh, you’ll skip this question? (Masseur, press harder!) (Signs of pain) -He’s showing mercy
-Okay. I can deal with the pain As the young athlete who defeated Lin Dan, have you suddenly become
an idol to many boys and girls? More and more people started knowing who I am
after I defeated Lin Dan A lot of fans -“You’re so handsome! So cute!”
-A little bit like that Are you happy? -Yes. That’s my motivation Okay What do you miss the most in Penang? I miss my family the most because… family comes first When people talk about Penang,
they talk about the food there -Yes. Char kway teow
-There’re too many delicious foods Rojak, popiah -We’ll be hungry if you go on with the list
-Chendol Okay. This one sounds like I’m bragging I’ve been dubbed by the media as a handsome
young badminton hunk. Do you agree? Yes. I already told you straight up… that you’re a cute boy Yes Thank you You’re making me happy. I’m on cloud nine Your elder brother is also
a badminton player, but you did better than him Do you think he feels more envious of you
or happy for you? I’ll have to call him to ask Growing up, we were asked a lot
about who played better There’s bound to be comparison -It happens a lot to siblings
-Yes I played better, but he taught me more So he feels happy for you He feels happy for me. Yes -Okay Subtitles: BTI Studios

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