Prime News’ Eric Young, his love for cricket and his penchant for disappearing

Eric Young is perhaps best known for anchoring Prime News – First At 5.30 for the past 13 years Beginning his career in print and radio, he has spent more than 30 years covering sport and current affairs stories Recently, Young has been presenting Prime’s ICC Cricket World Cup Breakfast Show He shares what he loves most about the game, his favourite travel destinations and his annoying house visitors What have you enjoyed most about presenting the ICC Cricket World Cup Breakfast Show? Mostly, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the panellists I’ve always admired Mike Hesson and Frankie McKay, Grant Elliott and Mitch McClenaghan but I’ve never worked with them It’s been great to be able to tap into such fantastic cricketing brains. These guys know everything about cricket READ MORE: *Newsreader Eric Young recovers from open-heart surgery *Eric Young drops f-bomb live on Prime News *Eric Young responds to the rumours How big a cricket fan are you? Like a lot of kids when I was growing up, I loved and played cricket to a reasonable standard, nowhere near good enough to consider it a career in anyway So I did what some would consider the next best thing – I got a job where I could follow it and have been lucky enough to manage to do that What do you like most about the game itself? The strategy of it. The way it can change in a minute, in a moment, and you might be going along thinking you’re having the best afternoon or evening of your career and then a couple of deliveries later, you’re gone, your team’s in trouble and the team that you used to have by the throat is now on its way to a stunning victory I love the drama of it. Very few cricket games bore me. Why did you decide to become a broadcaster? I didn’t really decide It was decided for me. I was a newspaper journalist essentially doing my job and one day I was interviewing the man who would go on to be TV3’s first programming director (Kel Geddes) and at the end of me interviewing him, he started interviewing me A few months later I started at TV3. That was 30 years ago. Over your years as a broadcaster, what do you think is the biggest lesson you’ve learned? Always present a moving target; always make sure that the job you do is the best you possibly can Television, like a lot of journalism over the past few years, has been under threat I’ve always felt that the best defence is ability. What I’m loving now, that several other generations (of broadcasters) have come through, is seeing the talent in the new people in newsrooms and sports departments and television in general It’s so encouraging for someone like me to see that this industry that I’ve loved for so long is going to be, and already is, in incredibly good hands You disappear from our screens from time to time. What are you doing when you’re not working? I like to travel with my wife We’re really good travellers. We know how to do it now and we can just go somewhere and park for a couple of weeks That’s something we really like to do or the gentle meander through foreign countries is also something we’ve done quite a lot of in the past We love eating, we love drinking, we love embracing new cultures. We love history What is your dream trip? We quite like the cold. I know that sounds odd, but you’ll never find us on a tropical island We spent Christmas at the ice hotel in northern Sweden and that was an extraordinary experience That’s been something I’ve been dying to do since I first heard of this hotel made out of ice To go there and embrace a little bit of the Sami culture and live, if only for a couple of days, inside or above the Arctic circle was amazing Can you tell us about the resident peacocks at your house? They come and annoy us We’ve got no idea where they came from. We haven’t seen them for a couple of weeks, which could mean one of a couple of things – they’ve either found someone else to annoy or they’ve just moved on for good The cats do not appreciate these things . taking over their patch. How often do you hear from people who watch you on TV? Quite a lot because there’s a real base out there of people who appreciate (Prime News) being on a little bit earlier and being a little shorter than the news on the other channels That’s where we’ve pitched ourselves anyway. We think we’ve found our place and it’s really lovely to get feedback from people who really appreciate what we’re trying to do What current affairs at the moment are resonating most with you? I am a politics junkie I love politics of any flavour and in almost any country I love following the politics of madness There’s a lot of that going on internationally at the moment. I love from a distance being able to follow Britain’s beating up on itself with Brexit I love American politics . not necessarily American politicians. What is something people don’t know about you? I’m unbeatable in Pinball I haven’t played in a little while but I’m unbeatable. You’re just going to have to trust me Prime News –  First At 5.30pm, Prime, daily 

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