Hello, my name is Dwayne Blais and in this next video, we’re going to take a look at a one on one drill. Adding one-on-one
situations to your practice is a great benefit for the players. If you look at a
five-on-five hockey game, there’s a lot of one-on-one interaction that goes on,
whether a player’s attacking a defenseman or there’s a one-on-one battle in the
corner. So being able to add that to your practice is going to help your
players become better in those situations in a game. In this drill we’re gonna have a forward starting off backwards and a defenseman starting off forward. The forward is gonna leave the line with a quick backward start. Once they open up, the
defenseman is gonna skate towards them with a puck, and they’re gonna one-touch
pass back and forth two or three times. When the forward gets to the far blue line,
they’re gonna open up and glide turn and then attack that defender. The defenseman has to transition and backpedal back, control their gap and they’ll play out
the one-on-one to the net. In this one-on-one drill there’s a variety of
different skills that each player is forced to work on. The forward is forced to work on their quick backward starts and opening up to get a pass. Both players are working on passing. The defenceman is working on transitioning, controlling their gap, and then playing that one-on-one. The more we can add these one-on-one situations into a practice, the better your players are going to be in a game.

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