Pro Touch – Tricot Configurator – Pimcore Case Study

The Pro Touch tricot configurator is a web based
Pimcore tool to design personalized tricots. It can design tricots for soccer, handball and other
sports. Key to the configurator is its user-centered,
responsive interface that adapts to the screen. Via this interface users can freely personalize tricots
with colors. The solution integrates a 3D rendering engine with
Pimcore to give the customer an even better
experience when working with tricots for different genders and age groups. One highlight are the patterns. Pimcore allows 180 Million pattern combinations that
result in a dynamic pricing. Complex patterns and colors can cost more than
simple combinations. A seamless process provides the web-to-print
templates directly to the sewing machines in
production. An exciting impact was delivered. 90% time reduction
in the sales cycle. 43k tricots sold in 2016, optimized ordering processes
due to SAP integration and a new, digital business
model for Pro Touch.
Selling personalized tricots online.

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