Professional Tree Removal and Stump Grinding – When it pays to hire a pro

Hey should I move my car? Like is that
gonna…you think I’m alright? Right about now you’re thinking: “Why
would they take out that beautiful, healthy tree?” Unfortunately, that tree was planted right next to their water meter and the
main shutoff valve, which means that the water main line going into their house
was right underneath. And after close to 20 years of growth, the roots had grown
around that pipe and cracked it. And it them several thousand dollars to fix that. So if you’ve got one of these sitting right in the middle of your front yard, there’s a reason. Don’t mess with Mother Nature, ’cause she will kick your a$$. A few days later, the tree service sent out a stump grinder, and being me, I had to go check it out. The cost to have that tree removed and the stump ground down was about 500 bucks in this case, but it’s very important to note that this was a very simple removal First off they had a very wide angle
that they could allow the tree to fall without danger of it hitting anything.
Also, all of the utility lines in this neighborhood are buried, so there was no
chance they were going to knock over any power lines. And because this was right
in the front yard, they could just pull their trucks right up to the curb and
get to work. If they’d had to navigate between houses,
or worry about power lines, or maybe climb the tree first and trim down some
of the limbs before they could bring the whole tree down, it would have cost a lot
more. Now, y’all know I love a chainsaw… but if it had been me, and the tree
didn’t fall on my house first, it would have taken me weeks to chop that sucker
up and get rid of it. So in my case, I probably be willing to spend the money to get a tree service. But whatever you decide to do, just be careful where you plant your trees. you

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