Proper Bat Grip – Baseball Rebellion

Hey guys Tyler Zupcic here with Baseball Rebellion. Today I want to talk a little bit about how to hold the bat and the grip that it takes to do so effectively. We see a lot of kids come in here with a bunch of different back ribs And it’s usually not one of the first things that we detect we usually work on movement and footwork and different stuff like that but as we get into the hitting phase of our progressions we start to see a lot of different packets. And one of the most common I see and one of the most common I see taught is Kids right here lining up their door-knocking offal knuckles and let me tell you why that’s not very effective You see right here. You can see how the elbows can get really close together when these knuckles are lined up right here All right, it can lead to a very pushy swing or it can lead to a very arm dominant swing. The other grip flaw that we see here is where they line up. They’re punching knuckles like this All right, and they get their elbows really wide out you’ve heard that you know get your back elbow up, all that stuff and it’s just not very effective. What we teach here and what we have a lot of success with is Having them line up their knuckles where they can get really flat you can see right here So I’ve got the punching knuckles on my left hand because I’m a righty Lined up with the door-knocking knuckles on my right hand. Alright, and this is going to help in a stand in the hitting It’s gonna help the hand pivot back here better. It’s gonna help the barrel work back here It’s gonna keep your wrist loose and it’s going to allow for a more effective swing plane that goes against kind of the pushy Swaying or the knob to the ball swing that some of these other grips Can help cause. So what we teach here as you can see, I’ll get a little closer You’ve got the punching knuckles from my left hand lined up against the door knocking knuckles on my right and like I said it helps The barrel pivot back here. It helps your hands and wrists work more freely together. Thanks guys

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