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[Music] Whom should I call to play with ? Who are online ? Let me invite Yogesh Yogesh..! Let’s play PUBG Are you mad ? Don’t you have any work ? I am not playing We will have fun No, I am going Damn he left Let me invite Sweety Here is my invite to Sweety She will definitely come Hi Pankaj…! Hi Sweety.. We will play PUBG together and will kill 100 Okay ? Now I will invite Yogesh Yogesh…! You again invited me I have already denied you, I don’t want to play pubg with you..! Look at that side See who’s with us today [Romantic music] It gonna be fun today Now whom should I invite ? I need one more Check if you have anyone online with you Not here Not here as well Let’s play with a random guy Who’s this ?
I guess he is a kid [Gibberish] [Gibberish] I guess he is from Nepal or something Okay Let’s start [Funny Song] Get aside My team members come fast Let’s plan Come here with me Let’s plan How we will gonna kill enemies He don’t even know how to play That’s why I don’t join him It’s okay He will learn soon I guess he knows basics Just let me get a Bazooka Then I will kill anyone Why not, your father left Bazooka here for you, Huh Who called this kid ? You go home and have your milk Get lost Stop this and decide where we have to land We don’t have much time Small kid, Anywhere you want We just gonna do Chicken Dinner No, Not Chicken Dinner Why ? If my mom gonna caught me having Chicken Dinner She gonna beat me A headshot on my stomach straightly Oh Man who called him, Just get him lost dude! Where is the most dangerous squad you think That sqaud is planning something Let’s go there Don’t worry, We gonna bill you wherever you go (Stutter) We don’t want any bill I can have my own That’s what I am saying (Stutter) Bill..Bill (trying to say Kill) Can’t you understand we don’t want any bill We don’t want to see you in game otherwise we gonna kill you That’s what I am saying
We gonna bill you (Stutter) He means He will Kill you What he said in english ? Let me handle You meet me in game (Bad English) With no guns in my hand (Bad English) I will kill you with my punches and kicks (Bad English) Wow baby you know english as well..! Oxford graduate English in Hindi (Bad English) I told you Pochinki, why you bring us Malta Haven’t you heard ? If you go to pochanki you will get headshot.!
[Bollywood Song Parody] That’s why I bring you here Let’s go fast and have loot Otherwise someone gonna come [Music] I will find granade first and gonna use it on my team-mates They were making fun of mine, Huh! Brother come here What happen ? Have you found any gun ? Either we gonna get gun or not, we gonna win this game anyhow Without gun how could we win this ? My brain works so fast , I can guess what gonna happen next If your brain really works so fast and you have this talent Then why don’t you install Nostra Pro App Play games there and win money Nostra Pro ? What is this ? You don’t even know ? See, This is Nostra Pro It is even powered by PayTM It got very simple questions And you can win money if you can answer them correctly And right now there is Indian T20 festival going on in this Like this Who will score more runs ? Dhoni or Kohli And if the result is same as of your answer in match Then you can win more than 50 Lakhs Not only Cricket, You can play for sports like Badminton, Football, Kabbadi etc There will be around 12-15 questions You need to tell about team and player And if you answered wrong, You don’t need to worry Because you can use lifelines like KBC Also Listen, If you have a poor knowledge of english Then you can play this in hindi and telgu as well Wow amazing app I will download it today itself Wait, download it from the link give in the description below You will get Rs 100 by that link Wow, I will download it from the given link in description Enemies! Run! [Music] Where are you running ?
Revive Revive You just joined and knocked out as well (Stutter) I fell from building Stay Alert Excellent work Enemies ahead Shut up (Stutter) [Music] Now I am revived Messing with pro player ? Huh Let’s see whom bullet can even touch me The whole PUBG is targeting on me Everyone shooting on me What happened? So ? No bullets can touch you Now you knocked by what ? Eye sight ? Huh I haven’t got anything except this If anyone has something extra then please give it to me Yes I have got so many things Here is smoke granade Another granade Have DP’s bullets Should I spit them by my mouth ? Atleast give me any guns like pistol or anything We are surrounded by a squad What should we do now ? I have an idea What ? Let’s dance [Music] [Gun fire sound] What a stupid squad it was Haven’t they seen the movie Sholay ? While dancing, no one will shoot bullets Cheating! They shoot while dancing Thank god No bullets hurted you Otherwise you will be on your knees because of knockout Come! Hold one corner Let’s go..! [Music] Do something, Why are you roaming useless Do something, We are surrounded by a squad What should I do with this ? Let me cook something for you guys [Music] The scent is good I guess he is cooking something so delicious Yes, you are right..! I guess before chicken dinner, we are having chicken lunch [Intense music] What happened ? Who shot you ? I just put this on flame to heat the pan and you got shotted It’s hot, stay away from the pan I am not cooking, There is nothing to cook there [Intense music] I don’t even need to waste bullets on you I can kill you guys with this pan Ah Hot ! Hot ! Hot ! Pankaj revive !
You have swear on your mom I killed one person by so much of difficulty Atleast let me loot Let me loot good guns then I will revive Revive ! [Music] I think there is a sound Drop is coming Cool things know as Dope Let’s go fast otherwise someone else will loot the drop And may be I will get granade in the same drop I will kill them first What ? What ? Nothing I guess he said something Drop is here! Run! [music] Killed ! Nice But where are we going ? I heard about air purifier but never heard of air drop Oh shit! Another squad there! You guys go, They will shoot I guess hahahaha
We three, You three Now you will guys ted (Stutter) Damn, Just tell us what ted you do ? Not Ted, I am saying Ted (Stutter) First you notice
We are not three , We are 2.5 See in basement I am a pro player, If you are 4 at place of 3 I will still make your grave here I am a pro player, Revive We can’t right now I am a pro player, Revive You are not pro player, you are cry player I am noticing you from starting You just asking for Revive all the time Huh How do I save them ? Let me throw a smoke granade on them I guess game is finish I am safe now Thank god I am still alive You ? You ? Please don’t fight I will go peacefully No killing Oh really ? You following me ? I already killed 10 people..! Do we have a deal here ? [Gun fire sound] Wow guns Glasses What else is this ? Hindi to English dictionary We both are safe You don’t have anything in your hand (Stutter) You?
You also don’t have anything in your hand I don’t feel to kill someone (Stutter) It’s PUBG, we come here to kill Not to cook food I am saying same, not feel to kill (Stutter) Listen..! There is one way on left And one way on light (Stutter) Light ? It’s day already [crying] Dude bill me (Stutter) (Trying to say Kill) Bill ? You was the one who spread bill everywhere This is the correct time now Let me run from here Don’t kill him Why ? I am in the other team to kill them already Mr Reviver and me are friends Oh! He is our agent Please someone give me a granade Wait, Let me give a granade of your size (Stutter) Take it Now I will fix them That small new player ? Oh you are here! I was just asking about you Okay we all are safe now What’s that blue thing ? Oh That’s Blue zone
We have to run now Run! Run this side! Drop! Wow
Come Wait , I’ll help you Loot it now! Wow we got everything Okay run! Fast, Blue zone is here!
Run! Brother let’s hide here Only 8 are alive Yes you are right Go down here! Let’s sleep..! Wait, Let me throw a smoke granade first Why you thrown that? Were there enemies ? No! There are so many mosquitoes I guess this is the right time! Should I drop bomb on them now ? Enemy Enemy! Where ? Shutup Silence We are already snipping Keep Quiet Save me Wait I am coming Revive Yogesh Only 5 are alive now We 4 and one someone else Now he is gone! Now he is gone! Sweetyyyyy…! Yay! He was planning to kill us.. We killed him …yeahhhh [music] Chicken Dinner! Today I got Chicken Dinner Chicken Dinner! Don’t you feel ashamed We are having holy festival Navrata Right now And you are dreaming of chicken.. I will fix you now! We are having a festival right now You Idiot! [crying] Hey guys! If you really like this video then Do hit the like button Comment as well Share And do subscribe our channel BakLol Video
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