PUBG – Update #24 – Parachute Overhaul

So the new parachute and freefalling system is basically a replacement of the old one Freefalling and parachuting is a core element of our gameplay, it’s the beginning of the round We decided to overhaul the parachuting system, mostly for performance reasons A lot of movement of the parachute relied on the server performance and the connection to the server The server had to simulate 100 parachute actors and this caused a lot of lag and item pickup delays and rubber banding for players who had already landed With the new system we should see a huge improvement in the early stages of the game We did rewrite the whole movement system it focuses on improving the precision and responsiveness of the controls and it makes it feel more smooth, more fluid and more reactive We moved the controls to the client side to improve resposiveness We introduced new keys for full dive, maximum decent and gliding which allows players to cover bigger distances Both parachuting and freefalling have new controls, it feels much more realistic we did a lot of research on the reference side and tried to analyse how the actual parachuting looks like but also, of course, taking into account the fun component of the game. In the old system the parachute had a big collision sphere around it. Which made very precise landings impossible Right now the collision size is the same as the player so it is possible to land through a window, through a hole in a wall, through a hole in a ceiling The parachute will not disappear right away when you touch the ground and you will be able to see the parachutes of other players so for a very brief moment the evidence of them landing will be there We decided to implement different landing animations depending on the speed of the parachute and angle of attack at the surface that you impact with The moment you collide with the side of a building or the side of a structure then you’re going to fall down. You will not get stuck anymore. Going forward we would like to expose the parameters and in custom games allow players to set values for the height at which the parachute auto opens or disable auto opening alltogether which would make the players die if they don’t open the parachute manually. We’re definitely going to, first and foremost, look into players feedback and fine tune it so that the majority of players are of course happy with the result we have And we’re looking forward to seeing how it improves their intial game experience

100 thoughts on “PUBG – Update #24 – Parachute Overhaul

  1. definitely remove auto opening, i was discussing this the other day and would add alot more of a skill element to the dropping stage if you had potential to injure yourself.

  2. I haven't used the old parachute before, because I just bought the game (best game ever). But the parachuting feels very good, and the performance is pretty good. The game can sometimes freeze a little, but its doesn't set me in a disadvantage. Good job everyone who worked on it.

  3. i absolutely love the new parachuting system makes, the beginning of the game less stressful and a really nice start to the match.

  4. We are reaching 2019, we have had the same parachuting since the alpha release in March. This is one of the slowest developers ive seen.

  5. How about you guys fix bridges on vikendi not loading in the amount of times I’ve died from falling through them and getting stuck under the ice

  6. Will they ever work on their vehicle physics? By the way nice with the parachuting…
    ( T ʖ̯ T) <—VEHICLES…

  7. I think PUBG mobile is doing a better job with new updates,skins,new map. And the servers doesn’t have any lag issue.

  8. Are you fucking kidding me… you are changing the parachute algorithm… FIX THE DAMN FPS.
    I have a good pc and when I jump on vikendi in VILLA i have fucking 7 fps for 1 straight minute,
    I am a player who bought the game since it was released… please fix the fps and optimize the game. I play very low settings 45 fps on a gtx 1060 6gb… you made milions and milions and you still can’t give players 60 fps… hope other players can help me with this topic and get the.m to fix and optimize the game for PC USERS

  9. You guys are amazing! Keep up the great work! I play at least once a day and love the game! Don’t need to play anything else 🤣

  10. Terrible lags in the new menu, lags on the winter map – everything is still not fixed, why ??? and you wonder what lost players ???

  11. Great game on PC. Xbox not so much. Takes months to get the new updates and once Xbox players get them there are more issues. Wish you guys would start from the ground up. Character, then loot system, then gameplay etc. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great game but there is still so much work that needs to be done for the Xbox side. Rubber banding is still really bad, and there is loot that gets stuck in the floor on all maps. Servers need to be updated or given a boost. Sucks that you guys rely on the players to find the issues for you. But hey save time and money. For anyone who thinks this is to harsh criticism, they did release the game at discounted price but still made bank but seem to be years behind when it comes to new weapons loot, maps and character animations.

    Again it is an amazing game and it’s come so far but there is still so much you guys need to fix. I hope that you will come out with a major update soon to fix the still persistent issues on your game.

  12. Thank you so much for making our age beautiful and coming out with the best game to utilise the free time. Because of your hardwork and dedication we are able to enjoy our day.

    Hope you bring more advancements in the game.

    PUBG 👏🙏🏽

    Thank you

  13. Honestly I think the game is trash on ps4 ATM don't see how it is realistic the hand to hand is whack

  14. My character will not glide far while falling without my parachute. Tried everything and just can't go as far as everyone else. Anyone know what the issue might be?

  15. Since the latest patch I get so many landings that show no buildings or structures when I land, I mean, before, when I was on a normal first edition Xbox, at least I got marshmellow structures, now there is nothing but the loot which I can't access because the building hasn't textured in yet. Since Christmas I've been on Xbox One X and didn't expect this with the added processing power. What's happened PUBG developers?

  16. how about ya stop putting me in EU servers with high ping.. about to quit until PUBG gets it's shit together

  17. It's nice to see people gliding far from plane but HOW DO I DO IT? Would really appreciate the game to show what to do.

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