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Hey guys, Jess here! And I know some of you are curious about the recent changing schedule. And are wondering what is going on? There’s a vlog that will be going out on my vlogging channel with more information And down below in the description, you can find a link to it. You’ve all been sooo patient during these past couple of days And thank you so much for that. Now, enjoy the Mini-Game and Celeste is in it and she’s the cutest little puppy.. EVER! hehehe Enjoy! Byeeee! Aphmau: Hey guys! Aphmau here and welcome to another tropical hide and seek ADVENTURE!! Aphmau: Today I’m joined by Kawaii-Chan~, Zane, Travis and- Aphmau: What is that… in the water? *Aph and Kawaii-Chan gasp* PUPPY!!!!!!!!!! Zane: WATER DOG!!! *squeal* Travis: It’s Celeste!!! Aphmau: Celestia!!! Look at chuuuu!!! Zane: That thing certainly loves to swim, doesn’t it? *Aphmau giggles* Aphmau: My little puppy! Kawaii chan: *Inaudible squeaking* Travis: Well we might as well brace ourselves, dogs are a lot faster than humans, I think Celeste is going to be the champ in this episode Aphmau: Do.. Do you wanna play? Do you wanna play hide and seek? With us- Awww yes you do! Yes you do, yes you do!!! *Aphmau’s inaudible noise* Aphmau: Okay! Anyway, anyway, guys, remember if you enjoy this episode, be sure to leave a like, especially if you love puppies, leave a like cause I love puppies! Anyway, leave a like, a comment and check out the description down below! Without further ado let’s go ahead and begin! Aphmau: Huh. Aww…Travis: Oh it’s a baby! Look at you! Look how cute you are! Travis: Puppy Zane :How adorable. Zane! Come back! Zane: I wish I *celestia* could, but unfortunately I’ve got other things I need to do… Aphmau: Like watch ponies Travis: I remember last time where you… Zane: Besides that! Travis: *Inaudible* Aphmau: AWH! Kawaii~chan: Oh no! Kawaii~chan: No! Zane: I’m- *Aphmau giggles* Travis: What’s the matter didn’t have enough *inaudible* Zane: I was too big to fit… Zane: …through the hole Zane: Yes. Aphmau: *laughs* Travis: Uhhh Travis : Did all of you mess up? Aphmau : *continues laughing* Kawaii-chan : NO!! Travis: Yeah ! It sounds like you all messed up . Zane : I’m starting to think that maybe that’s what happened. Zane: Yep, AHHH Aphmau: You’re so cute as a baby Aphmau: Ah! Zane: You fell in the water too?! Aphmau: *giggle* Zane: We failed.. Travis: Aaand we win! *Aphmau and Kawaii-Chan squeal* Aphmau: It’s ok, lets- Aphmau: Let’s hug each other Zane: What does she mean by that? Travis: Oh, was that your little diary that you
kept all the memories of high school with?
No. Travis: all right as ever had Aphmau: swiggity swooty, I’m coming for the booty( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .
Travis: Ah no, don’t bring that up. Travis: No don’t.. don’t *Kawaii-Chan giggles*
Aphmau: No, I’m talking about Zane.
Zane: What?? Ew.. Zane: What ew! Aphmau: *uncontrollable laughter*
Zane: What-What are you doing here?! *high pitched* she’s after the booty!
Travis: Ooh no..
Zane: Really… it’s a bad time. Aphmau: Now you get why I was saying that, ’cause I was staring at your butt.
Zane: Yeah, yeah. Zane: Now, like, 1. Why?? and second, it’s really a bad time to be thinking about that. Travis: Probably to find the Hot Topic label, mhm!
*laughter* Do you shop at Hot Topic, Zane? Zane: *sigh* I mean, they’ve got… nice things in there, sometimes.. Kawaii-Chan: That’s a yess.
Travis: You have a loyalty club card. Zane: Ptshh.. Look who’s talking, Mr. American Eagle. *giggles*
Travis: HEY, hey… they make reaally good pants. Travis: OHH.. hey, behind you. Aphmau: *shriek* Celestia, Run! Travis: Why am I stuck… Uh-oh why am I stuck.. Travis: Oh nooo wh
*laughter* Zane: Victory, then Defeat *laughter* Aph: C’mon Celeste! Travis: Oh! Yeah seriously what is my oh yeah
sorry in case you have to hang out the baby
puppy your video give it so i had to pick up making me sick all right we’ll talk about you are and I
can make this haha I did it they were in the water you have it this
may not go so well for me she is like telling any of it I guess Celestia’s wait why she growling oh you
know she doesn’t like many people she was all over you a second ago I mean aside from me I mean I pretty
much the only person she’s in love with that didn’t look that way when Aaron was
close by what puppy puppy , don’t tag me girl come here oh don’t go totally tagger I want me to I committee evil ogre ogre I’m gonna give you belly belly I’m gonna I’m gonna blow your belly that
dog is quickly turned into a little traitor oh I like that was the cutest and also
the weirdest thing i’ve heard and seen all day ok I you can tag me you take me go ah
good girl I’m gonna get someone find me again oh
I’m not only one you love right so yeah oh who do you love more selected you
love me or erin moore hmm Jessica I’m like I think I think
Celeste has been found out she doesn’t want to answer what you learn as a area
just to give that it oh the poopit real is thick the ice to
love you I mean well for a chance been treated
translating right oh now she’s a baby so she possibly
change well Celeste is now Oh rod I lot of reading to find you see how it
is yeah yeah yeah yeah I know you’re
paranoid is he gonna feel like going down I’m
taking you with me now you know how it feels trapped I can
your calendar hey I’m gonna touch your hand throw it
into it ya know you grow every way so close but not close to having to
close our hands us to look at it stall didn’t know about because the ships are…DONT DO IT! the dangerous hole doesn’t have cooties
Travis just get over it yes but she also attracts track ship it
by kc ya happy oh and one puppy you need to work out more get up yeah i
guess i’m sorry/not that’s what i call karta and you let a girl get away bad puppy what we gonna do puppy? you know we did we’re just gonna go
swimming how about that,lets go swimming swimming here ok don’t think they meant to have the
baby swimming as well adding three more gym yeah alright this let me not do it around
saying it happen when*kawwai chan:toys, *aphmau*:ponys… is now taking a half miles ain’t this
big big show get me out again uh-huh I feel like saying is into that kind of
thing not 30 seconds 30 seconds left I didn’t realize you can’t make those
cookies no I’m up behind Travis and touched his butt chavez said Who and then they pulled off
his mask and kiss Travis on his mouth oh ok now i know that i want to come over
and die already Travis just like it quite finish the
rest what happened to that 65 or I all time stories over the years you card I wanted to hear have ascended victory
that’s what I mean to finish up that I’ll take ogre I get their faces were really close
together blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
blah blah oh right because i accidentally push Travis and Travis keep seeing us you baby kisser :Ohuh I thought we were going to have a
normal ending and an explanation that’s not possible oh alright we can have a normal ending
your hearts travis makes a cookie and it turns into a
gingerbread man and a gingerbread boy and they raised a son together and it
turns out to be the next president of the United States land what haha when I wasn’t looking oh no we only tried to learn it yeah i thought i had that 11 just stay in the tree and then I want to
get you so let’s do it watch Russia has no guess
I knew it i somebody pick up the phone because I
much for your you want the road for me you totally wanted for me Oh ahhhhHHHHHHHH!

100 thoughts on “Pudgy Puppy Celeste | Minecraft Hide and Seek

  1. it’s 2019 and you’ve come so far i’ve always been a silent viewer and it’s been a while since i started watching you, it makes me so proud to see you much you’ve grown i’m really happy for you

  2. tbh I kinda ship Zanemau as much as Zane~chan and Aarmau owo

    "sWiGgEtY sWoOtY i aM cOmiNG

    fOr dA bOoTy" *dies of laughter *

    "the betrayal is tHiCcCccC" *ded now from laughing so mUcH *

  3. Aph- "swiggity swooty im coming for that booty"
    Travis- "god no please don't bring that up"
    Aph- "I was talking about zane"
    Zane- "WHAT EW"
    Zane- "what?" Turns around "APH WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE AHHH"
    Kawaii~Chan- "Shes' coming for the booty!!"

  4. Remember when my street was all happy and cute? yea me too. Now we have memory loss, death, tears and depression. WHY

  5. 4:32 I’m confused, Aphmau says, “ Oh it’s my baby when she was a baby!” Isn’t Celeste still a puppy, because if she wasn’t she would be taller, considering she’s a husky.

  6. 2:55
    Aphmau: SwIGgItY sWoOGitY i’M CoMIn fOR dA BoOtY!

    Literally this:

    Aphmau 20whatevertheyeariswhenthevideowaspublished

  7. I keep going back to what Aphmau said when she was behind Zane and looking at his butt
    I think this was the 8th time I heard it
    I’m still laughing 😂

  8. … APHMAU I KNOW HOW TO MAKE CELETEA LOVE YOU! (Sorry for bad spelling) take Aaron's best dog dad ever shirt and hide it where hill never find it. And you order best dog mom ever shirt of Amazon. Boom. Love.

  9. {_/}
    (v )

    Foofy is hungry. What food should Foofy eat?

    French Fries🍟
    Ice Cream🍦

  10. God
    10:08 Jessica you broke the fourth wall not Moka Kawaii~Chan Jessica quit making people in yourself a break the fourth wall

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