PUPI & BAT♥ Malayalam pre-school learning cartoons for Kids ★Pupy most awarded educational videos

Shall I ask you a story puzzle? Somebody opened an umbrella at night And alas! flew with the opened umbrella Flew and flew, and plucked a fruit Plucked the fruit and closed the umbrella Who is it? Can any one tell? But our little Pupy found the villain Watch out this story you will also know who it is (Bird Chirping) (Door opens) Wow! Whats it? Fruits! Good ones! Who kept them here? (Yawns) Oh! Whats this? This might be done by that squirrel Pupy…where are you going this morning? Playing smart! Are you pretending that
you do not know anything? Hey! What’s the matter? Why did you put the remains of fruits you have eaten in front of my home,
it has become dirty What? Why were you trying to fool me placing fruits in front of my home? Dear friend, I did not come
even near to your house Why do you quarel like this, we will find out who has done it…ok! Take my word …
I will find out whoever it be. (Birds chirping ) Pupy, get up..get up… O! Its sparrow! Dear Pupy, I have also found a bunch of fruits beneath my tree Is it true? Did you see who has kept it? No, somebody is tricking us We should find out who it is? Friends…listen What happened dear squirrel? you look frightened Yesterday….yesterday Yesterday,
a bird was flying around my tree It was black bird, and had big wings I was… I was frightened In the morning saw
a lot of half eaten fruits beneath the tree The bird did not do anything to you, then why do you fear Now its sure that a bird is doing all this, a big black bird So… this bird might be able to see at night Do you know which bird is it? Only the owl can see at night Its owl..its the owl Lets find out the owl.. Who are you? I cannot see clearly What do you want? Well… Did you think that
we would not be able to find you? Why did you play trick on us keeping fruits in front of our houses and beneath the trees Fruits? But I never eat fruits..! Then who did it? (Owl hoots ) What shall we do now? I have an idea Shall we hide and catch this bird How? We will collect some fruits and place them under a tree Then all of us will hide We will catch the bird when it comes… This is the bird, this is the bird Shh…silence What a bird is this! It’s hanging with its head down Shh… Let me go..please let me go.. Don’t worry..
We will not harm you Tell us…who are you? I am a bat… I have come to eat these fruits Is it you who place fruits under the trees Please excuse me, I have plucked them for my baby I shall take them back at once We just wanted to know
who is doing all these tricks, that’s why we have caught you Now you can go… we are all your friends (Laughs) How do you fly at night? Can you see at night? I can find the way with the help of sound waves too Alas! You are a wonder creature (Bat laughs) How many babies you have? Do they fly? (Laughs )
I have only one baby he is only three weeks old Wow! Do birds give birth
to their young ones Bats are not birds,
but flying creatures We give birth to young ones and feed them with milk It’s a surprise! Where is your young one? Is it in your nest? He is with me With you?
Where is he? Where is he? He is afraid, come here dear… see these friends Hey…we have found you (Laughs ) He is like that; He hangs on my back, all the time Shall we leave, We will see again, dear friends Pupi…

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