Q&A – Can I Use a Ground Stump For Mulch?

– “I had a tree stump
ground recently. “Can I use the ground
stump as mulch?” And Booker, I’ve
heard you mention that from time to time. – Yeah, I had one
in my yard, a tree that ground up in there,
but you don’t want to put it right
into your flowerbed. Because what happen is
it’ll deplete the soil of nitrogen when it begin
to start break down, it’ll take the nitrogen
out of your soil, so you might wanna put
it in a compost pile and let it rot and decay
for a period of time, then put it around
where your flowerbed, where you want it to go. If you put it right
into your flowerbed, you might wanna add
you some more nitrogen fertilizer to it, and
just keep putting nitrogen to help keep that
nitrogen in your soil, ’cause as it rot and
decay, it’ll start taking that nitrogen
out of your soil, so it’s good mulching
stuff, but I did mine by starting it in
the compost pile, then I put it
around my flowerbed, let it rot and decay.

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