Quality and quantity: maximising athletic baseball performances for 162 games in 180 days

and it’s all part of the process so our
starting pitchers have got big value okay we have five of them in in every
team now these guys if you watch this it’s this super slow-motion it’s going
to take a while to get through but these guys are producing from a single stance
they’re producing a hundred or 95 to 100 miles an hour to throw a ball so that’s
what a fastball in the cricket it takes a 40-page run-up to generate they’re
doing it from a single base so single leg stability is huge okay hip motion is
huge and then he’s going to use this leg here so single leg drive is massively
important for this player and if he wants the hip mobility that he’s gonna
require he’s gonna open this up and his next job is to get this foot as far down
the mound as he can get it so that’s gonna get him as close to the hitter as
he can possibly get okay so we measure that let’s call this called the stride
length through here and that ground contact has to occur at the same time as
that hand gets to the highest point here now he’s gonna do this about 120 times
in a game okay he’s now retaining through the hips we want to generate
about 700 rpm here to get 900 rpms in the trunk to get 1200 rpm through the
shoulder okay so in terms of though that degrees of flexibility and the speed and
the velocity that that goes through typically a lot of focus has been put
here okay at the shoulder and the elbow and what we’re trying to work with the
guys to typically show them is the fact that at the the shoulder and the elbow
things only go wrong if we’re not doing the work lower down if we don’t get the
motion here at the hips they’ll compensate for it in the trunk
if they can’t compensate for it from the trunk
they’ll express it through the shoulder and if we get problems through the
shoulder they typically express themselves at the elbow and we have the
there’s a surgery now that you get called the Tommy John surgery which is
where the UCL ligament rupture is we call it the 14 million dollar injury is
typically a starting picture that’s the average salary and they’re typically out
for a year with it the scary thing is we’re now seeing those in 17 year olds
and the even scarier thing is that there are now some young pitchers who are
getting what they call elective Tommy John surgery ie they repair in the the
UCL before it’s actually injured on the grounds that they know it’s going to get
injured at some point okay if you can figure that one out and explain it to me
logically then then let me know we also need to develop these pictures to be
able to come off the mounts they need to be able to move well and work well it’s
not just about the pitching delivery and they have to be able to withstand
collision so our key role is to support the coaching process and as straining
auditioning coaches there’s often in a culture of strengthening in listening
coaches being great for the strengthening listening they say how are
you making this our fleet better well its squats gone from 100 to 150 okay but
how is he a better athlete I’ve just told you his squats gone 400 250 year
but that’s not it don’t make strengthing in this didn’t
look good how is he a better hitter okay so for Aaron Lube for example is a
submariner pitcher then how do we actually get this arm action supported
through this trunk delivery around here okay around some particularly mobile
hips and for salata how do we enable this explosive leg kick action to occur
through this single leg drive to set up front rotation to enable him to explode
and impact upon the ball and similarly how do we work with our coaching staff
to understand acceleration and deceleration around a base path and
which players do it well and which players don’t and which players need to
do it better and how do we work with our front office to actually say you guys
want fast runners but actually look where our roster is there’s the league
average and this is all our players than to the wrong side of the league average
in terms of speed so you know you want us you want us to produce faster horses
buy faster horses okay so it’s part of our recruitment strategy yeah we can you
know we can make donkeys faster but they’re only ever going to be fast
donkeys right so you want thoroughbreds get some
thoroughbreds and then understand where is that actually mean

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