Que diabolo usar con Kalibrgun Cricket .25? / Which pellet is better with Kalibrgun Cricket .25?

Welcome to my channel on this occasion groups with Kalibrgun Cricket .25 (JSB, GAMO, SAMYANG AND H&N) What´s up friends in this video we are going to make some groups with different pellets, this with the intention of knowing wich pellet is the best with the Cricket The pellets JSB Exact King, 25.39 grains H&N Baracuda, 31.02 grains SAMYANG Domed, 37 grains SAMYANG Pointed, 43 grains GAMO Hunter, 21.71 grains Data The groups were performed at 50 meters (54 yards) in a day with little wind Wich you believe to be the best? 5 shots with JSB 5 shots with H&N excluiding the flyer the group was excellent 5 shots with SAMYANG Domed The shots were planed in the green circle 5 shots with Gamo 5 shots SAMYANG Pointed Results Fifth place The worst group Fourth place Third place Second place counting my mistake, 2.4 cm First place excellent group except for the Flyer Conclusion Definitely the JSB and H&N were the best, but in this test the H&N performed better, i always used the JSB for shooting long distance Secondly i expected more with the Samyang of 37 grains and i get surprised with the 43 grains Gamo are of very poor quality. If you like the video give it a like and subscribe

8 thoughts on “Que diabolo usar con Kalibrgun Cricket .25? / Which pellet is better with Kalibrgun Cricket .25?

  1. La marca que utilizas es muy buena prueba con los JSB exact heavy que son mas pesados.De ti no me cambiaría de marca o si quieres probar los H&N barracuda Match van muy bien también

  2. excelente video, con los barracuda hunter he tenido solo satisfacciones con mi airforce talon, saludos desde El Salvador

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