Quickplay Sport with Mark Hawkins (Team GB Handball Olympian)

My name’s Mark Hawkins I represented Team GB in handball at London 2012 We’re here today to use the Quickplay goals at my old school in Turnbridge House Obviously I came here when I was younger and now I come back and deliver handball on a semi-regular basis It’s a great opportunity when I’ve been here in the past Using 5 a side football goals and things like that Now we can give a greater representation of a full size handball game with the authentic looking goals And hopefully give a better experience The Quickplay goals are fantastic when we come to different schools Especially when we are doing development work and giving people an example of the game for the first time Visually they look like a handball goal Which obviously gives them a great feel for the game and a great feel for the experience playing in general But also on a personal basis you can go round from school to school They sit in the car, you can put them in 2 minutes before the start of the session There’s no difficult assembly There’s no dangerous parts They don’t fall apart They’re very affordable We have a big problem with facilities, halls and goals in this country The very expensive full size metal goals can obviously be very costly and difficult for start up clubs And for community clubs to be able to have them right away This offers a perfect, affordable alternative For clubs to be able to give a real, genuine experience of handball And a really professional look as well The full size metal handball goals can be very costly These are a very affordable and cheap alternative Whilst still looking very professional and being very durable We have an issue obviously with leisure centres and different schools facilities where we try to start up handball But sometimes it’s difficult for the storage It’s difficult for the full size goals if the leisure centre has nowhere to put them It’s difficult for staff to move them. They’re not so keen to have them straight away These can easily sit behind a reception desk A coach’s car, in a cupboard. They can be easily stored and easily set up at the start and end of every session

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