Radar the Bat | Buzzly’s Buddies | Cave Quest VBS

I’m Radar and I’m a bat! I’m not usually up
at this time of day. Me and my friends are usually fast asleep
right now. If the sun’s out, that means that me and my bat buddies are cozied up in our caves catching some “ZZZ”s. Then when you’re asleep in your bed, that’s
when we come out to play. We come out of our cave to eat delicious mosquitoes. Mmmm-mmmm! And enjoying flying through the moonlight
under the razzlin’-dazzlin’ stars. If you ever have to find your way in the dark, you probably use a flash light to see where you’re going. But bats don’t need light to know where we’re
headed. We use this cool thing called echolocation. It helps use know where we’re going in dark
caves, and it helps us to see at night. Echolocation means we make small noises! Then we listen for how those sounds bounce
off of things. Those sounds tells us where we are. It’s pretty awesome! Just like bats call out and listen for direction,
you can call out to Jesus! The Bible book of Proverbs, chapter 3, verse
6 says this about Jesus: “He will show you which path to take.” That means that when we talk to Jesus, and
listen to him, He will give us direction and help us know what to do, like sharing what
we have with others and being kind to people. We never have to find our way alone because
Jesus gives us direction!

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