Rahul Bose Charges Rs 442 from Two Bananas

Rahul Bose is a Bollywood actor. In Chandigarh, there is a 5-star hotel named JW Marriott. Rahul was staying at this hotel. He ordered and ate two bananas. When he saw the bill, he was shocked! It was very expenisive! Guess what was the cost. It was Rs 442 for only two bananas. How strange. He took a picture of the bill and posted it on Twitter. When people saw how expensive the bananas were, they started sharing it and it became viral. People wondered how could a banana be so expensive. People started making fun of JW Mariott on Twitter. Three Income Tax officials from Chandigarh carried out an investigation. Hotel can not impose 18% GST on fresh fruits. But they still added GST. The Tax officials fined the 5-star hotel Rs 25,000. Now the Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India said that the fine imposed by Income Tax officials was completely wrong. Why? Well hotels do not sell only fruits and vegetables. A hotel is in the business of providing accomadation and restaurant services. When fruits are ordered, you get very good quality, cutlery, ambience and many other things are included. But when you buy vegetables from a shop you do not get all this. Hotels provide this. The quality is very different. Coffee at roadside stall could be ₹10 but in 5-star it is Rs 250. There is a different level.

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