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Harbhajan: Since when did Number 3 become yours?Raina: Number 3 in mine too. Harbhajan: Since When?
Raina: Since many years Number 3 is also mine. Harbhajan: Check my History out. Jersey number 3 has always been mine. Raina: Brother leave the jersey
Bhajji: Listen to me. Leave the Jersey alone (Raina pleads) Bhajji: Hey, I am your senior.
Raina: You are taking advantage of your seniority. Bhajji: Agreed that in Chennai Super kings your jersey is Number 3, but we are holding the Indian team jersey of which i am Number 3 Raina: yeah but I have also played with Number 3 jersey
Bhajji: Since when? Bhajji: Welcome to Quick Heal Bhajji Blast on this show we will show you Cricket’s Present as well its Past, because me, your ‘Bhajji’ is bringing to you ‘Quick Heal Bhajji Blast’ Bhajji: Was that okay? Raina: Brother if its making you that uncomfortable then don’t do it. Bhajji: Hmm, It’s not about getting uncomfortable I have actually made a promise to myself, like the one Salman Khan made to himself Once I have made a commitment, I don’t listen even to myself” likewise, I have made a commitment to myself! Once someone had challenged me that I won’t be able to Anchor a show, So I pledged that I will anchor a show and blow everyone away. Raina: Brother, you are a large hearted Punjabi. Just be yourself and we are with you. Bhajji and Raina (In Punjabi): Let’s Go for it Bhajji & raina (Singing Together) : “This Friendship we will not break, I will die but will not leave your company or side” *Sudden Brake* Bhajji: Hey drive Carefully *Singing Continues* Bhajji: Raina My friend, , Since I wasn’t able to call any celebrity to my show I thought you can become a celebrity for me for this show Raina: Brother, I am your friend For the rest maybe I am a Celebrity Bhajji: No No you are a friend for others but definitely a celebrity for me Raina: No Bhajji, I am your younger bro Bhajji: Maybe I am speaking nonsense This anchoring gig is stressing me Raina: Dont take Stress. You’re doing really well Bhajji: Really? Am I doing well? Bhajji: Really? Am I doing well? Bhajji & Raina: Cheers *Raina trying to steal the Jersey* Bhajji: My eyes are on this jersey only this Number 3 is mine and I will tell you the story behind it. Ever since I have started playing for India, I have always worn Number 3 jersey of course in between even raina has also worn Number 3 But whenever I have not been a part of the Indian team, he has called me up and asked if he can use Number 3 jersey and I have always said Yes for Chennai Super kings Raina has always worn the Number 3 jersey And now I am wearing Jersey Number 27 because that’s my daughter’s number. Raina: Likewise I have always been with Number 3 During my childhood, when my father was in the Army, my address was house number 3 I played my first match for India when i was living there Number 3 has always been a valued number in my family, whether its special occasions for my day, my sister & my mother 3 has always brought Joy to my family So my thought behind asking for the Number 3 jersey when playing for India so that I can bring joy to the team and the nation. I even got married on 3rd April all my cars are numbered 3 Looks like we have a mutual connection with number 3. Bhajji: Its the Number 3’s charm that you have also become a family of 3. And I wish you become a family of 4 soon so the number 3 remains with me, though even I harbor plans to become a family of 4. And if that happens we will retire this jersey number 3 only (laughs) Bhajji: tell me something yellow jersey after 2 long years CSK has comeback to play after a gap of 2 years. How does it feel? Raina: It feels amazing And to come back is like a dream come true as we all had played together for 8 long years and its special. Raina: You have played for the Blue jersey of India and then the Blue jersey of Mumbai indians, How was your experience coming to South India? Bhajji:South India? Hmmm… Bhajji: Haan you are right. I’m playing for the yellow jersey for the first time Is the color suiting me? Raina: It’s been amazing to see you don the Yellow Jersey, be it shoots, meet & greets, the way you greeted people in tamil. Bhajji: You know what, the first match I played was a little Emotional & weird upon changing dressing rooms and starting to play for a new team. Bhajji: And everytime we used to play against you ( CSK) I used to feel like hitting you all as yours was the only team that used to make us work the hardest to win and Mumbai Indians & CSK always had the best hard fought matches. Raina: Yes, it always is a full packed stadium and Wankhede is a beautiful venue same place where we won the world cup. Bhajji: this was the first time when we were playing for the same team that won Otherwise we always used to be on opposite sides of victory & defeat. But now we are back together in the same team. Bhajji: Apart from our shared desire for Number 3, we have more similarities Like everyone knows Suresh raina’s real name but very few know that his pet name is ‘Sonu’ similarly many know me as harbhajan Singh but a few know that my pet name is also ‘Sonu’ Bhajji: And ‘Monu’ is the pet name of Ashish Nehra, and we will also call him on the show someday. But now we have Sonu here and coming to another similarity, our wives are NRIs who have been living abroad for many years now Gracia and Hinaya (Bhajji and raina’s daughters) are of a similar age and they even look similar Recently Priyanka took a few photos, and dont these two look alike? What a beautiful Picture! Raina: they are both very similar and were enjoying with each other. Bhajji: Check This Out (they both watch a video of their daughters playing together) Raina: Its great to have daughters Bhajji: True, whether you win or lose, the moment you come back and she says “Papa” you forget everything else and thank god for bestowing such a beautiful gift upon you. Bhajji: Raina, not many know that you are a Kashmiri. Raina: My father is from Kashmir, My Mom is from Himachal. When my Dad was in the Army, he used to stay in Rainawadi, Kashmir. Although I have not been to Kashmir much as the situation there is not safe. My Dad kept our family mostly in Uttar Pradesh When I came to Ghaziabad from Muradnagar, I took admission in Lucknow Sports College and was influenced by the Hostel Culture of that time As I was from a lower Middle class household, it was a big deal to play for India. During those days I used to play in the villages. When i was young we used to watch you playing on TV and get inspired Legend Harbhajan Singh bowling to ricky ponting, Mathew hayden used to inspire us. We grew up seeing you play and were passionate about representing the Nation one day. You have always been a fighting player despite the opposition…. Bhajji: Stop now before you make me emotional (Chuckles) Bhajji: All this praise!! Raina: Don’t get nervous, you are doing a fine job as an anchor. Bhajji: I am actually at a loss of words, as I am playing an Anchor for the first time and now when you are praising me I am confused if I should be looking into the camera or look at you. Raina: Don’t Stress, you are doing great. Bhajji: Are you sure? Raina: I am very comfortable and I am enjoying. It doesn’t feel like one of those Anchor vs Anchor things, in fact it feels like i’m just sitting here chatting to a friend Bhajji: So, Sonu’s(Raina) life has been very interesting like mine My Life is Also interesting!! We both have come from small households with big dreams and ambitions in our hearts to play for India And that ambition was so strong and was achieved by a lot of hard work He’s one on those players who came on to the scene and changed the face of Indian cricket in the department of Fielding. He’s a terrific fielder who has taken some terrific catches many on my bowling as well. Also we are both Punjabi, so thats another similarity. So raina , sing a Punjabi Song for us, I am ready to clap along. Raina: Tell brother which song you want to listen to? Bhajji: Any song that you can Raina: (Starts Singing and loses the tune) Bhajji: Now lets go. Raina starts Singing a Punjabi Song (Singing Together) Bhajji: Very Nice Bhajji: Everyone faces ups and downs in their lives Cricketers also have days that they perform well or when they don’t perform at all. So raina tell us about a life changing Incident in your life or career that changed the course of your life completely Raina: in 2006, I had taken a loan for a house in Ghaziabad for my parents and siblings. Afterwards I got injured and had to undergo surgery in Delhi was a turning point in my life as there were speculations that I won’t be able to play again During those days my parents gave me strength and said that whether or not I am able to play cricket is arbitrary but first ensure I can stand and walk on my feet. What kept me going was my determination to come back into the team and i wanted to show to people that I can make a comeback even after this. At that time I couldn’t afford to get treated abroad like South Africa etc.. During those days I was a player in Challenger trophy and was playing under the captaincy of Virender Sehwag ( Viru) upon my comeback I became ‘Man of the Series’ in the challenger trophy whose final was played in Ahmedabad. This triggered my selection into the national side I got an opportunity to play down under (Australia) in that historic CB series where we defeated Australia in Australia Where you shone with the Bat, and our famous photo together when we were celebrating Symonds dismissal. Bhajji: That series has to be one of the best series I have played because to defeat Australia in Australia used to a near impossible task. Just like the Bollywood Dialogue “Its not just difficult to catch Don, its Impossible” defeating Australia in Australia was impossible during those days. There should be a film made on that. Bhajji: Winning the World Cup was a huge achievement raina we are very lucky that we are “World Cup winners there cannot be anything bigger than that I am getting goosebumps even talking about that Many legendary cricketers have spent their entire careers without winning the World cup. The magnitude of weightage the World Cup carries in our country and how we are a part of that history, how did you feel? Raina: It was a very emotional moment in Wankhede I remember during the League matches phase when I was not getting to play much I had upped my hard work and rigour in fielding & Batting. When i got the opportunity to field I took a few catches like the Tie match we played in Bangalore, when you had bowled to matt prior I caught him. Bhajji: You took a running catch , yeah I remember Raina: I think winning the world cup brought the country together and made them believe in our team again that we can win anywhere, anytime. I’ll tell you an Interesting trivia I wasn’t getting many chances in the league matches I had only gotten to play against West Indies till then. But Bhajji get me going that I will get my chance to perform in the bigger matches. I had already played 100 ODIs till then and I was getting restless to Win the World Cup in our Home ground. Bhajji kept giving me confidence and when we had our quarter final match against Australia, I got my chance. I finished Not out after making some 35-39 runs. Bhajji: That was a very crucial innings if Raina wouldn’t have had that partnership with Yuvi (Yuvraj Singh) then we would’ve been in a very dicey situation Match could have gone either ways! But that was probably one of those moments when we knew if yuvi & raina stay at the crease they will win us the match That was a very very important inning and an unbelievable moment. I wish India that India wins the next world cup as well and you to be a part of the team that Wins it. Bhajji: So raina, this was the World cup. But IPL as a platform has given us a lot of recognition as well as chance to earn big. Life has changed after the IPL But there’s one very interesting aspect about the IPL. Every time a 4 or a 6 is hit, we have cheerleaders dancing in celebration. And Raina here has hit a lot of 4s and 6s making scores of cheerleaders shake a leg. Do you think that it’s unfair to ignore the contribution of cheerleaders/dancers to make IPL a success? We don’t even have an award for them. Raina: Absolutely they need to be felicitated, every time we hit a 4 or a 6 they bring energy into the ground Bhajji: Look carefully, This raina has made many cheerleaders overwork because of his flamboyant batting. Am I Right? (raina Laughs) Raina: We never get time to notice that. Bhajji: Are you sure you have never noticed? (Raina laughs embarrassingly) Bhajji: You field inside the circle that’s why it escaped your notice. But during the later overs you go towards the boundary…. Raina: But that time I focussed on your bowling, what if a catch comes, I cant have anything distract me from my focus. (Bhajji makes Gestures of raina catching a glimpse of Cheerleaders) Raina: Not There, Upwards (laughs) Bhajji: I have prepared a rapid Fire for you. Bhajji: 1st Word: “Unpleasant” Raina: Umpires Bhajji: All umpires?
Raina: All Bhajji: Best Dresser in the team Raina: Virat Kohli Bhajji: Worst Dresser? Raina: Mike Hussey Bhajji: Best hairstyle Raina: Ishant Sharma…….His long Hair Bhajji: I’m Leaving Bhajji: He’s the worst. Raina: Ohh you have asked for the best?……. KL Rahul Bhajji: KL Rahul…Yes Bhajji: ….And Best Gossip Monger? Raina: Hmm…Best Gossiper…Bhajji the great Bhajji: me? Gossiper? Raina: Ohh you mean Gossiper? Raina: Ravindra Jadeja Bhajji: Man, he just called me a tattle tale Raina: (Laughing) : I had thought of something else Bhajji: Best Fighter? Raina: you….Quickheal… Bhajji: Bhajji Blast!! Bhajji: And the Dude in the team? Most Stylish? Raina: There are many worthy of that slot but I think from your generation, you all were Dudes. Bhajji: me? Us? Raina: Ashish Nehra, Zaheer Khan… Bhajji: Ashish Nehra Dude?……He’s very rude……He’s saying it on purpose that Ashish is a dude. Bhajji: Most Confused/Complicated? Raina: Kulcha? Bhajji: Not Kulcha, complicated Raina: confused? Let me think, piyush chawla…….He does anything! Bhajji: Most Sorted? Raina: MS Dhoni Bhajji: This was a very easy question! Bhajji: Most Oversmart? Raina: Everyone knows one smart guy! Rohit sharma Bhajji: Lets make him the oversmart one as well!! Bhajji: Who is the politician of the team? Raina: there are many Raina: there are many Bhajji: Am I one? Raina: No , Not you Bhajji: let’s leave it, lets give him time to think Bhajji: Who’s the Actor in the team? Raina: Harbhajan Singh Bhajji: Virat kohli Bhajji: Virat kohli Bhajji: Kohli is a good actor Bhajji: One who is hungry all the time? Raina: Everyone of them Bhajji: Name One Raina: Yuvi
Bhajji: its True. Bhajji: most Hyperactive? Raina: Dinesh karthik Bhajji: Who farts a lot? Bhajji: Fart King. According to me its Yuvraj Singh. Rest you decide You can’t beat Yuvraj Singh in this department. It’s like starting a motorcycle Raina: Has it ever happened to you when you are bowling and the Umpire rips one out? Bhajji: I’ll tell you a story from England I was playing a county match and the wind was blowing towards the bowlers end. I was was behind the umpire and had taken my stance. He let out a stinky fart. The moment I started taking my run up the wind carried the stink to my nose and I almost lost consciousness. I threw the ball and ran in the other direction. My teammates started laughing and asked me what happened. I was like “This guy is gonna kill me, either you send him to the toilet and get things sorted or else I am not bowling from this end”. Imagine you are fielding in the short leg position and the batsman has an upset stomach will you complete the catch or?… Raina: I will fall down unconscious Bhajji: i won’t be able to complete the catch. Bhajji: What would be your message to the youth? Raina: All youngsters out there just enjoy yourself, do what your heart says Don’t ponder over the outcome just enjoy life and live life with honesty, happiness and keep smiling…Always. Bhajji: Like I am Bhajji: And if you want some intellectuaa…intellectuaal…whats is it Raina: Intellectual Bhajji: If you want some intellectual tips then follow raina on Instagram You will find a lot of Interesting videos there. Sometimes he clicks his photos from this angle, sometimes from above. Bhajji: Nice Videos he puts Bhajji: just now we put up a video Raina: meoooowwww
Bhajji: meoowww Bhajji: Do you think with the rise of social media our interactions with fans have increased and easy is for them Raina: It’s good to be there, it’s not like we have to show something to someone but it’s easier access to see what friends are doing off field and generally. On field we all play together and when you have some off time you try and do a lot of activities like swimming, going out for lunches etc. All the formats and filters on social media are fun it’s good to wind down to making funny faces and seeing yourself. Bhajji: We should all have some fun in life. Raina: Your Shehenshah Video….That was awesome Bhajji: Jaddu (Jadeja) was looking class in that. Bhajji: That Video was made him (raina) By the way if you want to make a good video made please contact Suresh raina. He’s a bit Expensive but will do a decent job. Bhajji: thank you Sonu Raina: thank You Bhajji Brother Bhajji: I have enjoyed it, I hope you have enjoyed it and I am sure all our viewers have enjoyed watching us too. Since you are here and as its a custom that Elder brothers give something to their younger bros I have something for you that hope you will like it. Raina: Thank You Quick Heal Bhajji Blast. They way Bhajji Paaji made us laugh and the way we had fun on the show, it’s not just a gift it’s his love & Affection. Good luck Brother Bhajji: Thank You Very Much, but before we go, we will take a selfie on this Show We’ve got some nice props and we will upload this selfie on Instagram.

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