Rally Sweden 2020 Highlights Day 1

Today was nice. The morning loop we were doing
really well and actually we had a few mistakes, but learning the car all the time more. And
on this last one again I made a mistake and lost a lot of time there. So that’s not
so nice, but hopefully tomorrow we can gain it back. It’s been an OK day. I think the pace was
correct but not as good as I would have liked. I think our team-mates have proved that we
could go faster. Obviously it was maybe not the best to start in front but that’s not
the only reason why we are slower, so we need to be a little bit more committed in some
places, maybe accept to take a bit more risk, and we’ll see. We’ll try to do better
tomorrow. Today’s been overall a very positive day
I feel. It’s been a very good feeling inside the car, things have worked well, with the
new pacenotes, we’ve adapted to the conditions as well as we can and obviously it’s a good
end to this first day. Let’s see what the weather brings. The forecast
for sure says it could be quite changeable but we never know what will happen, so let’s
wait and see what we wake up to in the morning and we have to be ready to adapt.

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