Rally Sweden 2020 Highlights Day 2

I think the tyres did the job honestly. It
was very challenging for Michelin this weekend to give us tyres working for those much more
gravel and muddy conditions than expected here, and so far I think we had no problems
with tyres. Of course there is a bit of tyre wear every stage, but with the tyre plan we
had to change every stage was good. I felt good in the car but I didn’t enough
yet, and anyway, I think we are still in the position to score good points this weekend
and that is the most important. The feeling was nice already in the morning
but we were a bit too hard on the front tyres, I was not managing them well, and we were
losing a lot of time during the end part of the stages. But then we made some small setup
changes for the second-last stage of today, and there we had a good time. It’s been a really good day for us. Obviously
very happy to still be leading and to be able to extend our lead now going into the final
day tomorrow. But it looks like tomorrow will be a very challenging day, so let’s see.

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