what’s up everybody welcome back excuse
you to the channel right there are you allergic to great content huh-huh-huh-huh we’ve done a few of
these in the past guys we’re doing weird item bowling we’ve got some pretty weird
items you’ve never seen bowling with a guitar have you no you haven’t and we’ve
got all those items on a wheel you want to place a song first but here’s the catch before each round
you’re going to roll the dice if it is an even number roll the dice kind of how
I live my life yeah if it’s even you have to use the real bowling pins if
it’s an odd number you get to use the plastic pins which makes it way easier
because the plastic pins you basically blow on them and they follow either
sneeze earlier and they all fell over so that’s a little bit of a twist which I’m excited
to see Caleb you are up first I feel like you didn’t get my joke about the
dice no I just didn’t think it was funny Oh
roasted I’m gonna roll the dice first okay that means that the real pins okay
and roll the wheel roll the wheel or would you like me to spin the wheel big
money big money big money big money big money big money big money big money soccer kick starting off with your best
sport hey guys really watch the last video I’m actually decent in soccer
I’m actually decent in thought oh okay so I get two kids yeah
so there’s number one I’m actually decent in fact all right Caleb got a
zero first frame and by the way we’re going five frames each so whoever has
the most points at the end of five wins a four which means the real pin did you
bring the loaded dice ooh the one-pound weight this is what Caleb works out with
boom roasted I think this will actually work
probably so no okay eight eight eyes you ready to follow it? good joke. everyone wants to see stop it
football football yes okay that was probably the weirdest ball had never
been bowled okay so you got three lookout who set these up I blame you
for me only getting three that’s terrible
let me guess these three were set up like this you know if you would just hit
the first one it would have knocked more over no I blame you then
this is awful yeah give me some plastic Oh terrible spoon marshmallows I get do
you try spin again no will you be mad if I get more points
with this bag of marshmallows and you did it with football he’s been in a car
for a while so they’re basically one big marshmallow which is to my advantage
right now looks like a tide caleb with his football cuz he separated the pin so
much I’m Way over the football an usual marshmallow just get that straight I said that was a pretty good toss Josh
I’m looking forward to see what you have next well you’re gonna edit this later
so you can see Oh someone there we go someone needed to get the plastic I’m
excited for you really don’t matter what I get cuz I’m about to get a strike
drags down boxing okay there’s any not gonna punch him
nope yep are you ready oh my god that was good oh
she’s gonna be strike yep okay you got ten – ten hey you know the score is tied
now no way yeah 13 13 guys if you like that go ahead give this video a thumbs
up just imagine my thumb going up
oh it’s connected yeah thumbs up here put your hand like this I like this like
a hand like that yeah let’s look down oh do something different Josh you do the
same thing all the time two real pins football I’m gonna show
you how to properly properly do this these are trash yes you were to go yes
we’re to go banana peel old coffee grounds aluminum cans opened male
talking trash I quit you’re not even throwing it and that doesn’t caribou
meringues baby that shouldn’t count that shouldn’t count
Annie miss OH oh that hurts okay seven not bad good
you haven’t subscribed yet and you like why can we not nope you could you
controlled even like three times in a row it’s not it’s not like your fans
don’t like you wanna cheat yeah they hey guys should we talk about
something real quick what he cheats it’s it’s it’s to be funny
it’s beer comical and sometimes the wind but most of the time it’s also he should
never cheat and that’s bad cheating spat don’t cheat come back Caleb cheating
Caleb anything that starts with a see really Caleb sounds like it shooters choice I think it would be
cheating if I went with the bowling ball cuz that’s just too easy
really yeah basketball okay shooting a free throw that’s what I thought that’s good though can Caleb pick up the
spare okay stop it come on all right Josh so
the score right now is Caleb with 23 Josh with 20 but you haven’t gone for
the fourth frame not about a lot cuz you think even if you get a strike someone
do the math on the percentage that we have rolled it’s a 50% no what I’m
saying is we have got evens how many times out of how many times well said
do you want to just spin the wheel please thank you math is always relevant
boxing-glove again all right you had boxing glove on plastic I’ve got
boxing gloves on the real thing there’s no sign more skill no I literally said no and he threw it I
don’t know if I caught any that you dummy hey just remember when you were like I’m
so far ahead of you right now yeah you’re currently losing my one it’s 23
okay it’s 22 okay yep I won I’ve done easy on you
lately because I wanted to make an interesting video come on real pins what
the heck okay oh okay you got stop you gotta stop telling me this Redemption
tour ooh you think you can you gotta let’s do a
quick replay quick quick replay of Caleb’s first attempt of the soccer I’m
actually a decent in fact you have now got one point lead and you’re gonna blow
it right now on a kick I would just go straight here but okay womp womp okay one last kick his last
kick his last turn lightning okay I’m actually thought you maybe had on
the rebound but you didn’t are you joking me right
now yeah tell your brothers to feel better
all right Josh I don’t know how you’re ever gonna beat that one-point deficit I hated that I think whatever I get I’m
gonna get at least one point right no to to win ooh pizza box I like it we didn’t
get to use a guitar but maybe in a future of weird item bowling so leave a
comment and subscribe if you haven’t yet for stop doing that I know so if you
haven’t yet subscribed because we’re probably doing more weird item sports
I might have a chance you just needed one I’m glad you got a
win it’s been a little while huh everyone thanks for watching make sure
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