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Sir, Deepika ma’am
is getting married. How do you feel about that? Can I sing it to you? You fool! What are you doing?
Come on now. Why do y’all keep troubling my son?
Eh? I’ll beat up each of you, if anyone messes
with my son again. Where did my lehenga go? I kept it here only. Have you seen my lehenga? But Deepika, touch up? How will that help?
Just find my lehenga! Now you look like a dashing young man. Bro, who’s lehenga is this? Deepika’s. You’re not lsitening at all,
this doesn’t suit this at all. Change into something else.
You obviously don’t wear thiis with that. AmitG, AmitG!
Shahenshah! – Sarkar!
– What Shahenshah? What Shahenshah? He’s AmitG.
Amit with a G. – Okay…
– AmitG, we just have a few questions. Of course, go ahead.
I have plenty of time. AmitG, according to Ranvir and Deepika,
y’all are Bollywood’s hottest couple. What would you like
to say to that? Look mister, neither am I Ranvir
Singh, nor am I Deepika Padukone. So, I have no comments
about that statement. I’ve been looking for my lehenga
and you’ve been wearing it? – What is this? Why are you behaving…
– I like it! And these shades… – Oh paji, no…
– Yes, please take it away. I just..I just like it! Okay, just another question, AmitG. Aren’t you afraid of people mistaking
you to be the groom? Look, I’m only afraid of my wife. – And as far as Ranvir goes…
– Ms. Rekha…! Look, look…! Ms. Rekha, will we see AmitG and you
in a film together again? How are you feeling
coming to this wedding. – Hey, baba…
– Make the drink, man. I’m eating peanuts, bro. By the way, Baba,
how much money are you giving? 47. What does that mean, Baba? AKA 47. – Okay…
– Look, look… – Look, that at that a** taking pictures!
– Look at the one behind you, Baba! Hey! You assh*** You’ll get beated by me
by morning, watch it! Stop this, man! Stop taking a video
of someone partying. Please stop it, Go home man. Please, stop it. Virat, sir…Aren’t you awkward about
coming to your ex’s wedding? They didn’t even invite me. I just came to see the decor. Is this 8 feet?
Are you sure? This is 8 feet? Can I get 4 elephants
to stand here? It’s 8 feet! Measure it again! Does this look like Padmavat 2’s set?
Does it? Don’t know where these
idiot’s come from. Alia, I have just one question for you. Like Anushka is Ranvir’s ex
and Deepika his present. Like you share a good friendship with
Deepika and a normal one with Anushka, Ranvir’s father’s son
is Ranvir’s brother. Just like that, what relationship
do you share with Ranbir Kapoor? Ranbir is going to be here,
why don’t you ask him? But arrived long back. He’s also been singing
putting heena in hand. Bloody hell! – Thank you!
– Ma’am…Alia…? Bloody hell these Gol Gappa’s
are not round in shape. We even kept flavoured
water in our wedding. Forget this…
Let’s go eat some momos. They’ll get over. The
groom is from delhi. You go ahead. I’ll have
this and come there. Keep eating..! Don’t throw garbage on the road like that,
okay?! – Pick it up. Pick it up!
– What the– – She’s at it again?
– Pick it up! There!
There it is. No more questions…! No..! No more..!
No more questions…! – Sir, just one last question…The last?
– Okay, go ahead. Sir, you launched Deepika in Bollywood
and she’s getting married today. How do you feel, sir? Deepika… Deepika… Deepika…! How do I say who you are to me? If I close my eyes, I see you. When I open my eyes,
I want to see you. Every time, all the time, my eyes only
look for my Deepika. I’m not saying all this,
Ranvir wants to say all things to Deepika. He tweets about them,
haven’t y’all seen it? – Okay, bye, bye, bye!
– Sir… Who says you need a DJ to dance? Bloody a**! Enough a**hole Friends, we’re even making a sequel
to this filml. A poor guy’s son who makes tea. ‘Mugs of Hindustan’ Hey, look it’s Vin Diesel! That’s not Vin Diesel.
It’s Yogi and Modi. Modiji, don’t you think the poor
would’ve lived happily with the money you used to spend
on that statue? Look, don’t ask me these questions. Seriously, Modiji. I’ve made an entire film based on you. – Which one?
– Thugs of Hindustan. Keeping your height in mind, even I’ve made the world’s biggest statues. – Which one?
– Statue of Unity. I know.
I know. The budget of that statue is much higher
than my movie ‘Dangal’s collection. What’s your name? – Aamir Khan.
– You’ll be called Amar Khanna henceforth. Come on, let’s go
see Shahrukh… Amar Khanna, what would you like to say about
the release of ‘Thugs of Hindustan’? – Tell us, sir? Amar Khanna?
– Kiran! Baba, that’s another white powder,
not our kind. Baba…
Terrorist! Hey, d**khead, Baba, let it go. People will talk,
that’s their job. Baba, you’ve come so late. All the stars
came and left long back. What happened? – Did you get food?
– Yes, Baba. – Did you get alcohol?
– Yes. So idiot will you wait
till thier honeymoon? Baba, don’t misbehave with them. These press guys are our friends. They are called the 4th
pillar of democracy. Salman sir, you didn’t brings Lulia along. I really wanted to have a look at her. Come here, I’ll show you Lulia!
You jacka**! Come here! Come here, come here… – Put the camera’s off! Put it off!
– Let me show you…! – Let it go…
– Baba, blame my driver if anyone asks… Come on… – Did you get food?
– Yes. – Did you get alcohol?
– Yes. So idiot will you wait
till thier honeymoon? Put the camera off! Put the camera off, please!
Okay, sorry… What do you think they’re telling
each other? I promise I’ll never record a video of
you and upload it on Social media. I promise I’ll never lower the car window
and tell anyone anything. I promise I’ll never cuss again. Just sure! – Camera a**hole
– Say, a**hole a**hole This is vegetarian food.
Vegetarian food. Where’s the vegetarian? No, where’s the vegetarian? Vegetarian… – What is this called?
– Mughlai Chicken. It’ll be called ‘Indraprastha’ chicken
henceforth. Understood? Guys, are y’all ready?
It’s selfie time!

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