Rapid Reaction: Field Hockey 5, Mercy 1 (09/13/19)

We’ve been focusing
a lot on ourselves and making sure that our
team is getting better. So I think we took
strides with that today, so I am happy with
today in what we start. Talk about your offense
so far and how pleased you are there outscoring your
four opponents now, 23 to 5, I believe. It’s– yeah, it’s [INAUDIBLE]
and they work really hard. They are hungry out there. And I think they’re getting
smarter in the circle. They keep us happy, yeah. What do you come on– would say is the
biggest difference at that you weren’t going
offensively last year, but it seems like it’s
kind of taking itself to a new level this year. What’s the difference between
the two years early on here? There’s just been
a lot of growth. I think they’ve just
been working hard. They want it just as much
as the other teams have. But, yeah, they’re just
continuing to work hard. I think it just
have been a process. It wasn’t going to
happen overnight, but I’m working at it. And it’s getting
better; it’s great. Awesome. Thank you, coach. Thank you.

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