Raptor Report – MC Baseball Sophomore Ceremony

And welcome back to the Germantown Campus
of Montgomery College and we are all set for a special Sophomore Day recognition ceremony. It’s the final home game of the regular
season. And the Raptors have fifteen Sophomores graduating
this season and they are going to be honored here in a ceremony today and we are just about
set to get underway with our first introduction of the day. And here he comes, number 16 Matt Dow. Matt is a Sophomore pitcher, out of Oakdale
High School in Frederick, Maryland and Matt is six feet one, one ninety. So Matt Dow, recognized for his contributions
to the Raptors over the last couple of seasons. Up next is an infielder, number 19, Josh Sherman. Josh of course is a Sophomore. He went to Millbrook High School in Winchester,
Virginia and Josh is six feet one, two hundred and ten pounds. There’s a good look at Josh Sherman and
his family, hitting .277 on the season so far. Up next a team favorite, number three, Chris
Coakley. And Chris is an infielder and a pitcher and
he went to Mt. Vernon High School in Virginia. Chris is five-eleven, two thirty and he is
currently hitting .222 on the season for the Raptors, so congratulations to Chris Coakley. Next up a multi-talented player, Ryo Fabre. Ryo is an infielder, pitcher, also plays the
outfield. He is from Clarksburg, Maryland and he went
to Clarksburg High School and he is six feet, one seventy five. And Ryo does a lot of things for the Raptors,
congratulations to Ryo on his two years here at Montgomery College. Up next is a pitcher for the Raptors, Toshiki
Aburaki and Toshiki is a pitcher out of Bethesda, Maryland. He went to St. Mary’s International High
School. He is six feet three, two oh five and he’s
been a starter as well as a reliever for the Raptors. Next up, carrying his little sister, along
with his Mom and Dad, number 14 Bill Swanstrom. Bill is a Sophomore pitcher, went to Northwest
High School, hometown is Germantown Maryland. He is six four and one seventy and Bill so
far this year has pitched to a 6.93 ERA and a 2-1 record. Next up Bruce Pattishall. Bruce is also a pitcher and he also plays
some infield for the Raptors. He is a Sophomore, of course, out of Silver
Spring, Maryland, he went to Paint Branch High School. And Bruce is six feet tall and one seventy
five and he will actually be starting game on of today’s doubleheader. Up next, another team favorite and the brother
of one of the Raptors’ Assistant Coaches. This is Brendan, better known as Teddy, Grass. Brendan Teddy Grass. Brendan is a catcher and an infielder. He is out of Olney, Maryland, he went to Good
Counsel, High School. Six feet tall, two hundred and forty pounds. And Brendan is a clutch hitter for the Raptors,
hitting .304 so far on the season. There he gives his brother a hug, picks him
up, his brother Austin Grass, graduated last year for the Raptors. Up next, Will Burgess, number four. Will Burgess is a Sophomore infielder out
of Arlington Virginia, he went to Washington-Lee High School, he is five eight, one seventy
five. Always hits up near the top of the order,
is the second leading hitter on the Raptor’s team with a .321 batting average and has a
lot of power too. Will Burgess. Up next Connor Brady. And Connor Brady is a pitcher for the Raptors
and he will actually be starting the second game of today’s doubleheader. Connor is out of Sherwood High School. And a very reliable pitcher for the Raptors
this season, has a record of 3-2. Up next, one of the Captains of the raptors,
Cole Wykoff. Cole is a catcher, like we said, one of the
Captains for the Raptors. Cole is out of Alexandria, Virginia, went
to Yorktown High School. He’s six feet tall, two hundred and five
pounds, having a great year hitting .294 for the Raptors and of course, provides tremendous
leadership and he’s got a his mom is with him,. And a few other folks. Up next is another pitcher, Fehiber Rosario. And Fehiber is out of Arlington, Virginia,
went to Jeb Stuart High School, he’s a pitcher, five ten one seventy and we congratulate him
on his Raptor’s career here at Montgomery College. Up next, number 12 Ryan Boland. Ryan is an outfielder, out of Bethesda, Maryland. Went to Walter Johnson High School. And he is five ten, one eighty, and a solid
player for the Raptors. Congratulations to Ryan on his career here
at Montgomery College. Up next and unfortunately injured right now,
maybe lost for the season from the looks at that wrist and hand being wrapped is Raptors’
starting shortstop, Payton Schubert. Recently suffered an injury. He’s out of Pensacola Florida where he went
to Booker T. Washington High School. He’s six feet, one seventy and it’s really
a shame he got hurt because he was really starting to sting the ball, hitting .367 before
his injury. So congratulations to Payton and he has had
a fine career here at Montgomery College. And finally, our final Sophomore honoree of
the day, is number 10, Justin Van Steelant. He’s an outfielder out of Olney Maryland,
went to Good Counsel High School and Justin is six two one ninety. Having a really fine year hitting at .297
for the Raptors so Justin Van Steelant congratulations to you on your career here at Montgomery College
and best of luck in the future. And there we get a look at the entire group,
along with their parents and family members and friends who escorted them out to the field. It is a great group of guys who have contributed
so much to Montgomery College and we want to congratulate them on a stellar career here
at the college and for everything they have given. SO once again, congratulations to the graduating
class of the MC Baseball team.

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