100 thoughts on “Rashid Khan MYSTERY REVEALED !! | Leg Spin vs Googly | Nothing But Cricket

  1. Bro mendis carrom ball podrapa.. Finger ellam vaellila vaarm.. Athavchu easy ya kandupudcahralam……..

    Mendis googly podramari …tha rashid khan poduraaru..
    Mendis is off spinner.. But he can bowl.. Googly…

    Mendis always do this.. Plzzzz bro etha paati viedo podua

    Mendis paati… Oru veduo poduga brooo plzzz..

    Paatha reply pannuga bro plzzz

  2. Back of the arm la irunthu carrom ball pota ball off side dan bro turn agum…epdi leg spin agum…potu parunga.

  3. Bro share some thoughts on how to mark (virtually) goodlength in a match and bowl .I miss maintaining the line because of that .suggest some tips

  4. Bro concentrate panni ball ah face pannnalu 30 yards circle mela ball ah strike panna mudila and ball ah offside, leg side ,straight nu judge panni strike pannalu ball ah 30 yards ku just pinnadi ball viluguthu.ithuku enna practice edukalam

  5. Bro I'm 13 yrs old , I am too tall that I can't face fast yorker . I'm going back foot to play yorker . How to change this

  6. L sivarama krishnan our own leg spinner said about his grip even before the test series. he said this in the star sports tamil in an post match show. don't know how many watched it.

  7. Your way of explaining cricket rules makes me very interested towards cricket wanting to explore more about it .you are really doing an awesome job.can you pls do a video of basics of cricket rite from level 1 should be useful for people who likes to learn cricket from scratch.

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