Ravi Shastri was the best person for the job

It was some sort of a momentous occasion for me then because I was on the way into the test side and I got a 10-for here and I got a 6-for on the first day. Then, I got onto to get a 10-for on the third day. It brings back a lot of good memories, coming back to the same venue. Playing the 50th test is something that has come about; I’m not able to go and retrace how I did but I am very grateful for having
gotten here. I think playing test matches is a blessing
from here on. If you back in these 49 tests, as of today
I stand on 49 and I will be getting into my 50th test. Until I get out there I will never be sure
that’s how my objective towards the game has been. So, to say, it has been a very enjoyable ride. I haven’t looked back and said, I’ve had a
lot of overseas tour in the initial phases of my career. This has definitely shown me what test cricket
is all about and I have learnt from there. I only got better. I’ve set far higher benchmark and far higher expectations out of me. I think as a cricketer you can really shut
people outside your domain from setting expectations for you and if you can set your own expectations and benchmark life becomes a lot more easier. But for me in my case, it has been a lot more harder for me as a lot out of me. In the first 25 test matches I played, I went
onto a very difficult tour of Australia. For a finger spinner, it was difficult conditions but the one thing that I pride myself upon was when I went the second time, I was a far better bowler and I definitely put into practice what I learnt in the first tour. So, I think I should hold my head high in
those regards and going forward again, home or away it doesn’t matter. I would try and do the same in something I’ve
done over the years and I am sure things will turn around. If it doesn’t, it’s okay. I really thought they will win the game. They did deserve to win the game. The finals of the world cup was extremely
tense. i thought the ladies put out an extraordinary effort last night but it’s quite unfortunate that it didn’t end our way. It’s vey very difficult to put a finger and
say why we lost or we should’ve won but the effort has put women’s cricket right on the map and change the way women’s cricket is being perceived in India and that’s a lot
to look forward too rather than looking at the result. But I thought they put in an outstanding effort
and you can’t really ask for more. It was a fabulous effort. So to say, like some of the individuals have
put their hand up and done exceedingly well. As you know, some excellent and exceedingly
good performances from the individuals; it becomes imperative that it becomes functional
to the side and I think it’s been an effect of that. I mean, so to say you can’t really the constancies
is one of those factors but these individuals standing up on a day to day basis has made
things easier for the team and made that constancy the team that’s here. And, going forward we’ll have to try and repeat
it again and to see if we can get results. I think we’re well pass that moment. I think the decision has been made and the decision is definitely not something I can really comment on but Ravi bhai has been fabulous person to have in the dressing room. Even the last time he was here; I think he
was here in Galle when we lost the test and he picked us up from that low point in our
careers. He is someone who can have a positive influence
on the series. We’re looking forward to working with him
and using some of his experience. Especially in the Indian team I would say,
the amount of pressure you’ve put on not only from within the team but outside and external
factors and also, you have to understand this is an excellent Indian team. In the past I think people..I mean look at
the teams of the world, they do get an extended run. Youngsters do get to play a few more games than what they get to play in India. That’s because of the kind of team we’ve put on the field. We do have some excellent cricketers sitting
outside as well. So, it is a lot of pressure but sustaining
or holding onto a position is not something that will go well an excellent side or a side
that’s thriving for excellence needs to have excellent cricketers to get well past their
previous best. so, that’s how I will like to put it and this
Indian team is quite an excellent side. For starters I am a lot more calmer, I would say that what I was. I was a little bit more like a cat in a hot
tin roof so to say. I was looking forward to performing desperately because sometimes like I have said, my performances need to be that much more better for me to get anywhere in my career. So, I’ve always lived that way. I mean to comeback to that place where you
did really well last time in 2015 is like a dream come true. Looking behind I might have set some targets
but I don’t think I won’t be setting targets because that’s what the past has taught me. You can’t really get ahead of yourself, you
can’t set records for yourself in the future. The most important thing is trying to get
better every single day because International cricket is very cruel. It’s not correct to be sitting on your past
laurels. You can have a cup of coffee and think about
it but it’s very important to go ahead and try take one test match at one time. Preparation time and what I tick as a cricketer
getting into a test match is pretty much the same but I think awareness as a cricketer
and my general experience. I can very well sense even today what sort
of a experience I can go into this test match, what learning I can put into practice and
how much I have become a tough cricketer over the last few years. All these things give me more knowledge and perspective going into a game but really I would say 50 test matches have put me in a better place going forward. I don’t know how many more I have but surely it’s going to be good. In 2015 we were sandwiched in the middle of a leadership takeover between MS and Virat. Virat had just taken over in Australia and
we came here after having played one test in Bangladesh and we’ve set a lot of goals. I would say we’ve achieved it and come out with flying colours over couple of years as group and as a team we’ve produced a lot of good cricketers, some young guys have come and put their hands up and some of them have
excelled really well including Jadeja, Bhajji because Bhajji wasn’t a part of the test squad
we played here but he came in the third test. From then, a lot of people have put their
hands up and we’ve become a very good unit and sometimes I feel good cricketers even loose out in this particular team because of the quality we have in the dressing room.

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